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Monteverde Regatta Limited Edition History

Featuring alternating bands of carbon fiber and other materials, the Monteverde Regatta has been one of our most popular showstopper fountain pens over the last five years. Here's a visual look at the limited editions that have been released: 2021: Regatta Sport Demo/Rainbow 2021: Regatta Mother of Pearl Black and White with Gunmetal and Rose Gold trim 2021: Regatta Carbon Fiber / Abalone 2021: Full Abalone  2020: Regatta Explorers Walnut   2020: Regatta Sport Rosewood 2018: Regatta Flagship Rose Gold 2018: Regatta Sport Northern Lights 2015: Regatta Sport Rose Gold   Do you have a favorite Regatta? Leave a comment [...]

Inside Look: Aurora Fountain Pens

 In October of 2019, Brian and Drew had the opportunity to tour the Aurora Pens' factory in Torino, Italy. Aurora celebrated their 100th anniversary last year and has been a staple in the fountain pen world throughout their history creating unique pen models made with in-house manufacturing. On this trip, they were granted complete access as they toured the facility, museum, and factory. Get a closer look at Aurora's commitment to writing with an amazing museum that celebrates not just Aurora but writing instruments throughout the last century. See what goes into the design process for their amazing pens [...]

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Franklin-Christoph Limited Edition History

Here's a visual look back on the previous yearly limited edition fountain pens we've done in collaboration with Franklin-Christoph! Each pen was a Goulet-exclusive and produced in very small quantities. 2022: Delphinus 2021: Lyra 2020: Model 31 Orion 2019: Model 31 Cosmic Dust Do you have a favorite collaboration we've done with Franklin-Christoph? Let us know in the comments below! To view more of our special edition history blogs, click here. Write On, The Goulet Pen Company Team

Montegrappa Queen and Winter is Here Limited Edition Pens

Montegrappa has never been a brand to shy away from the extravagant and opulent when it comes to fountain pen designs. New to Goulet Pens in 2020 are two new designs that will appeal to fans around the world while showcasing a craftsmanship and attention to detail worthy of the price tag. The Montegrappa Queen: A Night at the Opera celebrates Queen's amazing musical career with a showstopping pen. Each fountain pen features sterling silver and enameled resin body, sterling silver trim, and a crown studded with blue sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. The design is inspired by the album A [...]

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The Hottest Inks of 2019

 Last week, we gave you our list of hottest pens of 2019, this week? We're tackling inks! We wanted to highlight some of the most exciting ones that came out in the last year. "Collections" seemed to be the theme as not a lot of individual inks stood out, rather entire series or lines of ink. Here's our list, sorted chronologically based on when they launched throughout the year: LAMY Crystal inks Launching here in the US in early 2019, the LAMY Crystal inks were a whole new line from LAMY with some real standout colors. Azurite was by [...]

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The Hottest Fountain Pens of 2019

What were the best pens of 2019? It was an amazing year for fountain pens which made narrowing down this list of hottest pens that much more difficult! So many great limited and special edition pens released as well as some awesome new pen models. Watch the video above to see Brian and Drew’s picks for the hottest pens of 2019: Diplomat Magnum Prismatic Purple While the Magnum has been around for decades, the Prismatic Purple color is new and exclusive to Goulet Pens here in the US. Beyond the amazing color, the Magnum is a staple starter pen for [...]

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Fountain Pen Gift Guide: $100-$500

Surprise someone with the grail pen of their dreams! This gift guide takes a look at 7 amazing pens with unique features, classic designs, and vibrant colors; all in the $100 to $500 price range. Check out our recommendations: LAMY 2000 Makrolon - $175.20 An iconic design that has stood the test time for over 50 years, the LAMY 2000 is everything you want in a pen for under $200. The hooded nib is a rhodium plated 14kt gold nib that offers a super smooth writing experience. The durable construction means this pen is built to last. A piston-filling mechanism [...]

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Fountain Pen Gift Guide: $35-$100

Is that fountain pen fanatic in your life ready to take the next step? After collecting the Pilot Metropolitans of the world, what's next? This gift guide offers a few different pen, ink, and accessory options that will upgrade their writing collection without breaking the bank. Take a look: TWSBI 580AL Emerald - $60-$65 Introduced earlier in 2019, the TWSBI 580AL Emerald is a special edition color that makes a perfect holiday addition. Featuring a green aluminum grip section and piston filling mechanism, this pens clear demonstrator barrel allows you to see your ink color/level as you write. At under [...]

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Brian and Rachel React to 10 Years of Goulet Videos

 With over 1500 videos published, over the course of 10 years, there's a lot of fountain pen content on our YouTube channel. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we wanted to show Brian and Rachel some of the videos that may have been forgotten and hear their thoughts! From paper reviews to wacky internet trends and everything in between, each video has a special place in the collection. Watch the video above to see how Brian and Rachel react to each and take a trip down memory lane yourself below: Clairefontaine Triomphe Torture Test (January 2010) Welcome, Joseph! (February 2010) [...]

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Bargain Hunting: Pen, Ink, and Paper for Under $50

 This group is all about the products that are seriously undervalued! This whole set could be worth well over double, but snag it for under $50. Check out our recommendations: Pen: TWSBI GO - $19 Speaking of tremendous value, the TWSBI GO features a super interesting, yet super easy spring piston filling mechanism. This technology is unique to this particular TWSBI model! Just press the button and your pen is filled. Combine that with a smooth-writing JoWo nib and you have a pen worth way more than its $19 price tag. Ink: Organics Studio Henry David Thoreau - $13 [...]

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