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Our 5 Favorite Slim Pens

We love fountain pens of all sizes, but there's something especially elegant about a long slender fountain pen. We've gathered some of our favorite thin pens that are perfect for fitting in tight places like pen loops and small cases. The solid Traveler's Company Brass Fountain Pen is portable and ready to go on an adventure with you. This small pen has a handy snap cap and fills using convenient cartridges. The LAMY CP1 is a stylish example of minimalist design. Available in either platinum or black, this practical pen is barely wider than a traditional No. 2 pencil! The [...]

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Shop Our Winter Favorites

Here in Virginia, we're getting into the heart of winter. While it hasn't been as cool as in previous years, we've got out our coats, and there has been more than one pair of gloves spotted around the office. We've gathered some of our favorite writing tools that remind us of this cold, blue, and grey season. Check out some of our top picks for writing in the winter. Edison Nouveau Premiere Aquarius Noodler's 54th Massachusetts Monteverde Essenza Storm Clouds Robert Oster Thunderstorm Traveler's Notebook Blue LAMY AL-Star Ocean Blue

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8 Tips for Conquering InCoWriMo 2020

Love writing letters? Then InCoWriMo might be for you! International Correspondence Writing Month is a challenge that asks you to write a letter every day for the entire month of February. We asked if you had any special strategies for success and we got some great responses. If you're planning on participating this month, make sure to take notes! Here's some of our favorite advice. 1. Make sure to purchase all of your materials ahead of time. 2. Your letters don't need to be long. 3. Keep track of the letters you've sent. 4. Choose your recipients ahead of time [...]

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How To Participate in InCoWriMo 2020

If you're interested in pens, ink, and paper, you should have heard of InCoWriMo! If you haven't, you're missing a fantastic way to use all of your favorite writing tools. International Correspondence Writing Month is a letter-writing challenge. Throughout all of February, participants will write a letter EACH DAY. For more information, read the official InCoWriMo Website. So how do you participate in this celebration of connection through stationery? 1. Get your writing tools together If you want to impress your pen pals during this mad month of letter writing, you're going to want to bring your stationery A-game. Lucky [...]

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5 All-In-One Gift Sets

Packaged in boxes and ready to be wrapped, our gift sets are an easy way to finish your holiday shopping early. Whether you want to give a selection of inks or a reliable pen, these pre-assembled sets will make this year's shopping a breeze. Monteverde Bottled Ink Sets Being able to choose which ink you want to use is one of our favorite parts of using fountain pens. If you're not sure which color to give someone, why not gift them an entire rainbow of ink colors? Monteverde Bottled Ink Sets include multiple bottles of their wet-flowing ink packaged in [...]

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Introducing the Edison Ascent!

 A collaboration between Goulet Pens and the Edison Pen Company, the Edison Ascent is inspired by our love of music and the different styles of classical composition. Handmade in Milan, Ohio, this exclusive model is available in three lyrical colors and is similar in size and shape to our Nouveau Premiere model but has rounded-off ends. The Edison Ascent Aria is a bright combination of red, fuchsia, and a light cotton candy pink. This vibrant pen has silver trim and a polished #6 JoWo steel nib that's available in EF, F, M, B, and 1.1mm stub. The resin of the Edison Ascent Nocturne reminds us [...]

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6 Gift Ideas for Fountain Pen Collectors

The perfect gift is hard to find, so we've gathered a few products made using skillful artistry and out of rare materials to help inspire your shopping list. These writing tools are ideal for anyone who is passionate about pens and is constantly on the lookout for their next rare find. Visconti Medici IL Magnifico Serpentine The mesmerizing body of the Visconti Medici IL Magnifico Serpentine is made from green solid Italian Levanto marble. This pen is inspired by the Italian Renaissance and will be a centerpiece of your collection with careful attention to detail and the use of precious [...]

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Cake vs. Pie: Introducing Our Retro 51 Exclusive!

 One of the most hotly debated discussions at Goulet Pens, and probably the world, is the ultimate question of dessert superiority: cake vs. pie? We have teamed up with Retro 51 to settle this question once and for all, so we are introducing TWO exclusive Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball pens. Cake is a navy blue rollerball pen that is covered with tasty desserts like pineapple upside down cake, tiramisu, and bundt cake. Pie is a turquoise rollerball pen that features some of the best pies around like key lime, cherry, and pumpkin. Both of these twist-action pens come with [...]

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Which Fountain Pens Fit the Goulet #5 Nibs?

Goulet Pens has recently started carrying #5 size replacement nibs. Are you curious which pens we currently offer with our #5 nibs? Here is our list! DISCLAIMER: Swap nibs at your own risk! Swapping nibs on your pens will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the pen and you will be responsible if anything were to be broken or damaged during the swapping process. Repair from the manufacturer will not be available. Here are the pens we currently offer (As of January 2020): BENU Briolette BENU Chameleon Diplomat Magnum Diplomat Traveller Edison Pearlette Jinhao 51A Wood Jinhao 8802 Shell Kaweco Perkeo [...]

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6 Writers On Why They Use Fountain Pens

All writers used to sit down to write armed with only a pen and paper. This method has changed drastically with the advent of typing and computers and it's becoming more and more rare to see handwriting. So we asked six writers why they prefer to use these analog tools in our digital age. Elizabeth Bear I'm Elizabeth Bear, and I'm an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer with dozens of novels and short stories in print. I grew up using fountain pens--my family is old school, I guess--and in my career and daily life I still use them for [...]

2022-01-14T18:37:10-05:00September 5th, 2018|Fountain Pen Education, Tips & Tricks|5 Comments
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