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5 Fountain Pens for Spring

Any pen is the right pen no matter what time of year. But sometimes it's a little fun to let the season inspire your writing. Here are a few of our current favorites that we think should be on everyone's wishlist! TWSBI ECO Yellow This color of the beloved ECO is bright, cheery, and perfect for warmer weather. The ECO is our most popular fountain pen because of its clear barrel, piston filler, and affordable price tag. You really can't go wrong. LAMY AL-Star Turmaline This year's special edition color, Turmaline, is perfectly suited for this time of year. Reminding [...]

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The Platinum Prefounte!

 The Platinum Prefounte is a new affordable starter pen that is reliable, colorful, and easy to use! It is a model designed more for adults while retaining the basic functions of the Preppy fountain pen. It's available in several colors including Vermilion Orange, Crimson Red, Dark Emerald, Night Sea, and Graphite Blue. The Prefounte fountain pen is equipped with Platinum's “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out in the pen with the cap on for one year. It accepts proprietary Platinum ink cartridges (one blue-black cartridge is included) or a Platinum converter (sold separately) to fill [...]

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Fountain Pens Under $100

With so many options out there, sometimes it helps when your list is narrowed down just a bit. There is a fountain pen out there at every budget, and here we've rounded up a few of our suggestions if you're looking for a fountain pen under $100. This list definitely isn't exhaustive, so if you have other recommendations, drop those in the comments on this post! The Monteverde Innova is a carbon fiber pen that has gleaming rose gold trim. This classic pen comes with TWO bottles of ink! (As of 2021, this special offer with two bottles of ink [...]

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S.T. Dupont Fountain Pens

It's always exciting anytime we can offer a new brand at Goulet Pens. S.T. Dupont joined our lineup back in December 2019 and it is a company located in Faverges, France near the French Alps that makes simply stunning and classy fountain pens. Their pens are world famous and many are chosen and used by Royals and celebrities. Their classic Line D collection shows their close attention to detail and knowledge of precise engineering. The Line D writes with a smooth 14kt gold nib and is crafted from brass and then finished with expertly applied urushi lacquer. They are available [...]

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5 Reasons To Pick Up Your Fountain Pen Again

It happens to all of us. Life gets busy and our pens get buried and put away, going without use for weeks or months. So if you're finding yourself in need of some inspiration to change that this year, here are 5 reasons to pick up your fountain pen again. Write and mail a thank you letter Who doesn't love coming home to a happy piece of mail! In today's world, seeing someone's handwriting and knowing they took time to stop and think of you will mean the world. Drop a line to your parents, cousins, or college roommate. Try [...]

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Platinum Curidas

We've got exciting fountain pen news, the Platinum Curidas is now available! The Platinum Curidas offers all the convenience of a click rollerball but with the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen! It comes with a steel nib available in extra-fine, fine, and medium. You'll be able to use Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter (both included) and something else that's unique is that it comes with a clip removal tool if you want to remove the silver clip.      The Curidas comes in five colors including Prism Crystal, Graphite Smoke, Urban Green, Abyss Blue, and Gran Red. [...]

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Tiny Paintings by Crystal from Goulet Nation

Crystal is a member of our Goulet Nation Facebook group and has shared her amazing work in the group. We asked her to contribute a guest blog post sharing more about her technique so we all could be inspired! We invite you to join our group as well for conversation and inspiration related to all things fountain pens. My journey into “Inksploration” (to borrow a Goulet Pens phrase), started with a drop of ink remaining in a Goulet sample vial. One of my other hobbies is doll photography and diorama making, so I have a number of small canvases at [...]

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Happy Holidays from Brian & Rachel Goulet

Hey pen friends, Thank you so much to all of you who've supported us in 2019. As the year is coming to a close, we're feeling such tremendous gratitude for you and the pen community as a whole. Our whole team is able to work at a place they enjoy serving people like you who appreciate what they do. We are able to feel satisfaction in our work and grow our careers and support our families because of you. We all thank you and wish you a happy and peaceful holiday. Write On Brian & Rachel Goulet Brian used Robert [...]

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New Limited Edition Visconti Opera Masters

In 2019, Visconti released two new Visconti Opera Master fountain pens, Turtle (no longer available) and Oceanic. These oversized pens feature an 18kt gold nib and Visconti's double reservoir power filler. This unique filling system allows a massive ink capacity and safe usage during air flights. Similar in operation to vacuum-filling pens (such as the larger Visconti Homo Sapiens), the Opera Master fills with a 3.4ml ink capacity in the sealed ink reservoir. Unique to this design, there is a second reservoir in between the vacuum seal and the pen’s feed that holds about 0.6ml, the size of a typical [...]

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Sneak Peek: 2020 Special Edition LAMY AL-Star Turmaline

 The 2020 Special Edition LAMY AL-Star is Turmaline! This aluminum pen is a go-to among both fountain pen beginners and collectors and this beautiful teal blue color is going to be a favorite. It comes with an interchangeable steel nib and a blue cartridge so you're off and writing as soon as your pen arrives. Be sure to sign up for our email list so we can let you know as soon as Turmaline becomes available at GouletPens.com. What do you think of this year's special edition color, Turmaline? Write on, The Goulet Pen Company

2022-01-14T21:03:42-05:00December 17th, 2019|Pen News, Pen Reviews, Product Reviews|2 Comments
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