If you’re anything like us, the dazzle and excitement of finding the perfect new pen and ink is almost as exciting as beholding a rare jewel. If you’re looking for some inspiration to entice you in your next pen purchase, we’ve got just the thing. Did you know your birth month has its own unique gemstone associated with it? We’ve collected a list of these stones and chosen our top picks for pen and ink pairings to match each birthstone. These 12 duos gleam with the promise of a dazzling writing experience and sparkling inspiration.

January- Garnet

Favored among the likes of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Roman statesmen, the garnet is one of the most common and colorful gemstones on this list and boasts a long history of admirers. Although it can be found in a variety of hues, such as green, orange, pinkish orange, and even blue, the deep, rich red variety is the most beloved and treasured. You’ll be the envy of your fellow fountain pen lovers when you reveal this January birthstone-inspired pairing. The deep rich color of Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red (75ml bottle, $30) perfectly captures the luscious hue of this glittering gem, especially when flowing from the nib of the perfectly coordinated Kaweco Classic Sport in Bordeaux ($25-$27).

February- Amethyst

February’s purple gemstone is associated with Bacchus, the god of wine, as well as rumored to adorn a ring worn by St. Valentine, namesake of the holiday of love and affection. The rich purple hue was also favored by royalty. Amethyst is a brilliant, vibrant stone that you’ll instantly love. The combination of Monteverde Amethyst ink (90ml bottle, $15) and a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Purple fountain pen ($18.50) will reign supreme in any February baby’s heart.

March- Aquamarine

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, is a blue beauty whose name is directly taken from the words for water and the sea. Once thought to protect sailors and keep them safe on the open waters, aquamarine is steeped in nautical significance and themes. The aquamarine-influenced matchup of a Pilot Plumix fountain pen in Light Blue ($9.25) filled with Robert Oster Australian Sky Blue (50ml bottle, $17) will surely inspire the waves of inspiration to churn up a sea of passionate prose.

April- Diamond

Marilyn Monroe sang “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” about these gorgeous glittering jewels. Once you feast your eyes on the TWSBI Diamond 580 ($50-$55) and Diamine Moon Dust (50ml bottle, $20), you’ll surely be singing their praises too. The clear body of the pen and shimmer particles in the ink will glimmer and shine as bright as the clearest diamond out there. A diamond may be the hardest material on Earth, but this gorgeous pen and ink will surely soften even the toughest writer’s block!

May- Emerald

Greener than new blooms and growing grass and so captivating even the Queen of the Nile couldn’t resist them, the emerald is the perfect gemstone to represent May. It’s the month that signals the height of spring and the unofficial start of summer, full of life and greenery. J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor (50ml bottle, $28) has become a cherished gem in the fountain pen world since its introduction as part of the J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary inks collection, so it was a natural choice for this gemstone representation. The crisp italic nib on the Aurora Ipsilon Green fountain pen ($120) will do this phenomenal ink justice and the green color mirrors the sought-after emerald perfectly.

June- Alexandrite

Called an “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is definitely the most unconventional of the birthstones in this list. This color changing mineral was originally discovered in Russia and appears to be a green shade in sunlight and fluorescent light, but turns to a dusky purple-red by candle or lamplight. As such, we simply had to showcase both possibilities in our pen and ink choice. The Lamy Al-Star Purple fountain pen ($37.60) and Robert Oster Peppermint (50ml bottle, $17) perfectly fit that bill. You can write a masterpiece with this gem-quality pen and ink pairing.

July- Ruby

Rubies have a long-standing place in history as the gems of royalty, as well as offering such powers as guaranteed health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love to the wearer. This deep, rich red jewel inspires a whole host of feelings and serves as a muse for many. Convey its power by picking up the Pilot Stargazer fountain pen in Ruby Red ($152) filled with Monteverde Ruby ink (90ml bottle, $15). The heavenly golden sheen and gorgeous shading of the ink will gleam when using the smooth 14kt nib of the Stargazer. Your writing will outshine all the rest!

August- Peridot

This green gem is hot! The gemstone variety of the mineral olivine, peridot is primarily found encased inside of lava flows and molten rock. It gets its signature green from its iron-rich chemical composition. Not only is the gem a gorgeous sight to behold, but it provides the perfect inspiration for a pen and ink pairing to write away the last golden summer days in August. The rich golden-green of Monteverde Olivine (90ml bottle, $15) plays perfectly against the swirled body of the Delta Journal in Olive (No Longer Available), highlighting the olive green tones.

September- Sapphire

Nobility. Truth. Sincerity. Faithfulness. The precious blue gemstone known as sapphire is, by far, one of the most recognizable jewels out there. Sapphires have adorned some of the most famous pieces of jewelry in recent history and have historically been worn by royalty and clergy for its perceived protection powers. The sapphire-inspired pen and ink pairing we have chosen is fit for a king or queen. The Edison Beaumont Sapphire Flake ($169) and Robert Oster Midnight Sapphire (50ml bottle, $17) both offer depth and dimension that rivals the facets of the best and brightest sapphire.

October- Opal

Opal is definitely one of the more intriguing gems on this list and finding a pen and ink to match took some imagination. It is often described as kaleidoscopic and features a rainbow of colors, thanks to the stacked silica molecules that diffract light. This stone is heavily surrounded by superstition, fitting for the birthstone of the month that includes Halloween! The Romans believed it was the most precious and powerful of all gems and, to this day, some consider it unlucky for anyone not born in October to wear opal. To capture this stone’s multicolored appearance, the Visconti Van Gogh Self Portrait ($299 MSRP, Log into your Goulet Pens account to see our best available price) with its swirled colorful body seems to resemble the beauty of the opal. Diamine Pink Glitz (50ml bottle, $20) in all its rich pink shimmery glory was the perfect ink to top off the comparison!

November- Topaz

It takes a seriously stunning pen and ink to replicate the beauty of topaz. The name “Topaz” originates from the Sanskrit word for fire. This stone was also regarded by the ancient Greeks as a source of strength. Arm yourself for some strong writing adventures and fan the flames of your inspiration with the Conklin Duragraph fountain pen in Amber ($52), inked with Monteverde Topaz (90ml bottle, $15). This pen is a much-loved part of many fountain pen collections, sturdy and iconic for anytime inspiration strikes. The coordinating Monteverde ink pairs perfectly for a dazzling duo worthy of the gemstone name.

December- Turquoise

Not only is turquoise a gorgeous color for fountain pen ink, but the stone for which it is named has been a sought after adornment for centuries. A harbinger of good health, good fortune, and protection from evil, turquoise has spanned the centuries, from ancient Egyptian tombs to modern Native American jewelry. It’s easy to see why it is such a desirable hue to replicate. To capture the cool blue beauty of this stone, we’ve chosen the eye-catching Edison Nouveau Premiere Caribbean Sea fountain pen ($169) and Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise ink (3oz bottle, $12.50) as the complement. Grab this tranquil pen and ink and write your way to a happy, healthy, prosperous year!

To learn more fun facts about these head-turning gemstones, check out the Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Encyclopedia.

How do you feel about your birthstone pairing?

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