Rohrer and Klingner, the German ink maker, is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year (est. 1892). To commemorate this, they’re making 1,000 bottles of a new blue-black ink, Blau-Schwarz, in a special box.

Rohrer and Klingner Blau-Schwarz commemorative box
Rohrer and Klingner Blau-Schwarz, 50ml bottle (just like their regularly offered inks)


The ink is a dark blue-black, a new color in their lineup. Go here to see my reviews of all of the other 18 Rohrer and Klingner colors. The other color that’s sort of blue-black is Verdigris, but it has a strong green component to it. Salix could also be considered a blue-black, it is not quite as dark as Blau-Schwartz. Salix is iron gall and you may or may not find that appealing. Blau-Schwarz is a conventional ink that is a true, deep blue-black.
Rohrer and Klingner Blau-Schwarz, a deep blue-black


The ink performs well, actually drying quicker than most other Rohrer and Klingner inks. It cleans pretty easily out of pens (especially because inks this dark can be stubborn sometimes), shades well, and is pretty well saturated with a wet flow. Basically no water resistance though, like all of the other RnK inks (except the iron galls). Here’s my review:
This ink is only going to be made into 1,000 bottles worldwide, and we’re getting a small cut of that. Because of the limited nature of it, we’re not planning to offer it in samples at, only¬†full bottles. They’ll be released to the world in June, we aren’t exactly sure when we’re going to get our supply, sometime June or July. The price will be a little higher than the regular RnK inks, we don’t have an exact price yet but it’ll be in the $20-25 range for the 50ml bottle.

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Update: This ink has sold out and is no longer available.