Tiny Paintings by Crystal from Goulet Nation

Crystal is a member of our Goulet Nation Facebook group and has shared her amazing work in the group. We asked her to contribute a guest blog post sharing more about her technique so we all could be inspired! We invite you to join our group as well for conversation and inspiration related to all things fountain pens. My journey into “Inksploration” (to borrow a Goulet Pens phrase), started with a drop of ink remaining in a Goulet sample vial. One of my other hobbies is doll photography and diorama making, so I have a number of small canvases at [...]

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Happy Holidays from Brian & Rachel Goulet

Hey pen friends, Thank you so much to all of you who've supported us in 2019. As the year is coming to a close, we're feeling such tremendous gratitude for you and the pen community as a whole. Our whole team is able to work at a place they enjoy serving people like you who appreciate what they do. We are able to feel satisfaction in our work and grow our careers and support our families because of you. We all thank you and wish you a happy and peaceful holiday. Write On Brian & Rachel Goulet Brian used Robert [...]

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Brian and Rachel React to 10 Years of Goulet Videos

 With over 1500 videos published, over the course of 10 years, there's a lot of fountain pen content on our YouTube channel. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we wanted to show Brian and Rachel some of the videos that may have been forgotten and hear their thoughts! From paper reviews to wacky internet trends and everything in between, each video has a special place in the collection. Watch the video above to see how Brian and Rachel react to each and take a trip down memory lane yourself below: Clairefontaine Triomphe Torture Test (January 2010) Welcome, Joseph! (February 2010) [...]

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Will It Write? Halloween Edition

 It's Halloween, and disaster strikes! You have no ink in your favorite fountain pen! How are you going to write down your scores for the Goulet costume contest? Have no fear, Drew and Micah are here. They are ready to put the most vile, creepy, and bizarre liquids to the test to get you writing again. On this episode of "Will It Write", the devilish duo have procured the following mysterious ingredients: Monster Blood (fake blood) Clown Tears (facepaint) Alien Snot (glowstick guts) Watch the video above to see how each of these fair in a TWSBI ECO and [...]

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Will It Write? Coffee, Tea, and Red Wine

 When disaster strikes and you find yourself out of ink entirely, what can you do? In "Will It Write?", we're here to answer that question and see what else you could use to start writing! Drew (Customer Care Team Manager) and Micah (Receiving Specialist) will be your guides as we navigate the waters of potential fountain pen ink alternatives. In our first episode, we’re exploring some of the more common liquids we’ve been asked about as potential inks: Tea, Coffee, and Red Wine. Both coffee and red wine bring a real rich tone that could work as a fountain [...]

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Goulet Thank You Note Changes

For over 9 years now, we’ve included a handwritten thank you note as a core element to what you receive in your orders. We’ve done this as an expression of our value “Express Gratitude”, and we’ve really enjoyed being able to write them, and we know you’ve enjoyed them, too. It’s bittersweet to say that we’ve going to change this, and I wanted to take the time to explain why. Goulet Thank You Note History The first notes we ever wrote were all done by me, Brian Goulet, in a full A5 sheet of Clairefontaine Triomphe paper, personalized to each [...]

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7 Fun Things Happening in Our Facebook Group, Goulet Nation

Photo Credit: Ishmael S. Since its creation almost 1 year ago, our Facebook group, Goulet Nation, has grown into a large, diverse, fun group of fountain pen fans from all over the globe. It's been quite thrilling to see how this community of people has developed its own identity and rhythm that is unique to the Nation. With its population nearing 11,000 members, we thought it would be fun to share some of the entertaining things that have happened in the group over the past year so that more of our audience could feel inspired to become a [...]

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Our Team’s Proudest Moments of 2018

A new year brings with it the promise of some exciting new moments and the hope for resolutions come true. But in this exciting time, we often forget to look back at all the previous year had to offer. The Goulet Pens team took a moment to reflect on the good things from 2018 and share their proudest moments as 2019 dawns on us in the coming days. Read on to discover the reflections our team members shared about what made them feel most proud in the past year. Crystal (Quality and Production Specialist) - I'm proud that I kept [...]

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The Goulet Nation’s 7 Favorite Words to Write with Fountain Pens

Are their certain words you just love writing more than any other? We polled the community on our Facebook group, Goulet Nation, and asked them to share their favorite words to write with their pens. We chose the 7 most popular words and had some of our team members take turns writing them with their favorite pens and inks. The words chosen by many of you were: Always Dear Giggle Hello Minimum Serendipity Yesterday Thanks to our team members who participated. Check out the list below to see who they were and what pen and ink combo they used. Adrianne: [...]

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