Stipula Ventidue Limited Edition History

A visual look back at the limited edition pens in the Stipula Ventidue (Tocco Ferro) collection. All of these pens are handmade in Florence, Italy and feature a translucent ink window. The metal used for the body and cap of most of these pens is specially formulated with a heavy component of iron. "Tocco Ferro" is an Italian phrase that translates to "iron touch", which is an equivalent to the "knock on wood" expression, like a gesture of good luck. March 2021: Stipula Ventidue Copper Touch Limited Edition   November 2020 - Stipula Ventidue Silver Touch Limited Edition   November [...]

Monteverde Regatta Limited Edition History

Featuring alternating bands of carbon fiber and other materials, the Monteverde Regatta has been one of our most popular showstopper fountain pens over the last five years. Here's a visual look at the limited editions that have been released: 2021: Regatta Sport Demo/Rainbow 2021: Regatta Mother of Pearl Black and White with Gunmetal and Rose Gold trim 2021: Regatta Carbon Fiber / Abalone 2021: Full Abalone  2020: Regatta Explorers Walnut   2020: Regatta Sport Rosewood 2018: Regatta Flagship Rose Gold 2018: Regatta Sport Northern Lights 2015: Regatta Sport Rose Gold   Do you have a favorite Regatta? Leave a comment [...]

TWSBI ECO Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual special edition TWSBI ECO (and ECO-T!) fountain pens that have been available in the United States. December 2021: Jade May 2021: Lilac   August 2020: Cement Grey   March 2020: Yellow   January 2020: White RoseGold   December 2019: Mint Blue ECO-T   Septemer 2019: Transparent Purple ECO   July 2019: Coral ECO-T   April 2019: Transparent Orange ECO   December 2018: Transparent Green ECO & Transparent Blossom Red ECO   December 2018: Pastel Blue & Pastel Pink ECO (were originally exclusives to Asia before they hit the US)   September [...]

Lamy Safari Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual special edition LAMY Safari fountain pens that have been available in the United States, at least as long as we've been around. :) 2022: Coming Soon! Check back in early 2022 for the announcement. 2021: Terra Red and Savannah Green  2020: Candy collection -- Aquamarine, Mango, Violet   2019: Pastel collection -- Blue Macaron, Mint Glaze, Powder Rose   2018: All Black   2017: Petrol   2016: Dark Lilac   2015: NeonLime   2014: Neon Coral   2013: Neon Yellow   2012: Apple Green   2011: Aquamarine   Have a favorite [...]

LAMY AL-Star Special Edition History

Every year, LAMY releases a special edition color of the popular AL-Star fountain pen. Each is produced for a limited time, and is sought after by collectors. Here we'll give you a visual look back at all of the annual special edition LAMY AL-Star fountain pens that have been available in the United States, at least as of 2011 when we first began carrying LAMY fountain pens. 2022: WhiteSilver (Coming in February)  WhiteSilver is a bright, glossy silver color, complemented by chrome trim and a silver nib. 2021: Azure and Cosmic LAMY released two different colors of the AL-Star special [...]

Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year (& Pen!) History

Every year since its inception in 2012, Pelikan releases a special edition Edelstein Ink of the Year, available in limited quantities. Here we'll take a visual look back at all of these annual special edition ink colors that have been released. As an added bonus, Pelikan also released a limited edition M200 or M205 fountain pen to match, beginning in 2015. Enjoy!   2022: Apatite Coming in March 2022! 2021: Golden Beryl This golden yellow color was the first shimmering ink for Pelikan Edelstein, and was accompanied by a matching M200 Golden Beryl fountain pen - a translucent white with [...]

JoWo OmniFlex Nib Introduction

https://youtu.be/yboHUNJsK0E   In early 2018, the OmniFlex nib was first introduced on brands like Conklin and Monteverde. This is a stainless steel #6 size nib with a distinct shape and design to allow for increased softness, flexibility in the tines, and variation in line width based on your writing pressure. After going through iterative changes for the first several years and looking to increase their supply and quality of these nibs, the parent company Yafa embarked on a lengthy process involving significant investment of time and resources to get their nibs manufactured by the German nib company JoWo. JoWo [...]

How to Clean a Fountain Pen: Cartridge/Converter

 Cleaning your fountain pen doesn't have to be hard! In this video, we walk you through the steps to clean your cartridge/converter pen using either running water or a cup of water. Here are the steps: Gather supplies Remove cap & body of pen Remove cartridge or converter Run water through back of grip section until the water runs clear Hold paper towel on the nib to wick away excess water Fill & flush the converter until water runs clear If using a cup of water, use a bulb syringe to flush clean water through the grip and then [...]

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How to Clean a Fountain Pen: Piston-Filler

One of the best things you can do for your fountain pens is clean them regularly! In this video, we walk you through the steps to properly clean your piston-filling fountain pen.  Steps to follow here: Remove cap of your pen Dispel excess ink into a sink or cup Draw clean water into the pen from a cup (If your water is hard, we recommend using distilled water) Dispel that water back into the sink Repeat this process until water is clear (You could also draw water into the pen running water instead of a cup) Shake your pen [...]

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How to Start a Gratitude Journal

Ever been told you should start a gratitude journal? Rachel here, and I've battled generalized anxiety disorder for the last six years. As I've shared my struggles, multiple people have given me the advice to start a gratitude journal, but I just never knew how to start. Why a gratitude journal? Well, when your heart is filled with thankfulness, it's hard to simultaneously also feel worried. When you take the time to reflect on the good things in your life, you'll feel much better about everything! Anxiety disorder or not, we're all feeling a bit off these days. Things just [...]

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