Retiring Ink Drop

We'll cut right to the chase - we have decided to retire our Ink Drop ink sample subscription program. It's been a wonderful 5 1/2 years, but we are unable to continue. It's very bittersweet for us, as Ink Drop has been a part of our business for almost as long as we've been around. History of Ink Drop A bit of history.... Ink Drop started as an idea from some folks on the Fountain Pen Network in mid-2010. We were one of two retailers at the time selling ink samples, and we jumped on this opportunity to set up [...]

April Ink Drop Reveal: Forest Foray

Sunlight streams through boughs of leafy trees, rising like towering turrets. Squirrels scurry and birds chirp beneath the canopy of riotous green. The path lays before you, inviting exploration of wooded depths and sun soaked glades. Fill your fountain pens and go on a Forest Foray with this month's Ink Drop! Forest Foray by Pira Urosevic Fox in the Forest by S.Jane Mills The ink in this month's Ink Drop are: Diamine Magical Forest Diamine Sherwood Green Diamine Terracotta Noodler's Forest Green Platinum Mix-Free Earth Brown   Diamine Magical Forest Diamine Magical Forest Tree by Pira Urosevic   Diamine Sherwood [...]

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March Ink Drop Reveal: Monarch Madness

Are you a member of our Ink Drop Club? It's a monthly subscription to receive five curated inks picked by the Goulet Team! We choose a theme and base our ink selection off of it. It's a great way to add to your ink collection without having to make a monthly order. The cost of shipping is bundled into the price, making it that much more of a deal. Additionally, Ink Drop members receive a discount on select items on the Ink Drop Members page. We did our own play on March Madness this month and we hope you enjoy [...]

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February Ink Drop Reveal: Treat Yo’ Self

Are you familiar with our Ink Drop club? It's a monthly subscription where you receive five 2ml ink samples based around a certain theme. This month we have three words for you: Treat. Yo. Self. Instead of Valentine's day, why not celebrate you with a little luxury? A fine red wine? Treat yo' self. A gemstone? Treat yo' self. Flowers and chocolate? Treat yo' self! This month's Ink Drop is all about you enjoying some lovely luxurious ink. Go ahead, you deserve it. This month's Ink Drop included the following inks: Montegrappa Bordeaux Monteverde Burgundy Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire Pilot Iroshizuku [...]

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January Ink Drop Reveal: Get Cozy

January blows in blustery providing the perfect opportunity tot stay indoors. Why not spend your month with the classics, sipping a nice warm cup of coffee, and snuggled up in a blanket? This month's Ink Drop invites you to put on your favorite old sweater, your warmest socks, and get cozy!   Ink Drop Doodle by S. Jane Mills The colors for this month are: De Atramentis Jane Austen De Atramentis Edgar Allan Poe De Atrementis William Shakespeare  J. Herbin Café des Îles Private Reserve Gray Flannel De Atrementis Jane Austen Tree by Pira Urosevic   De Atrementis Edgar Allan [...]

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International Ink Drop Updates

As a follow-up to our blog post on shipping increases earlier this week, we have another small announcement. Because of the increase in price to USPS First-Class International rates this weekend, we have to raise our price for our international Ink Drop membership from $15 to $20 per month. We've been absorbing the increases over the last few years, but we just can't anymore. We're really sorry to our international friends! All current international Ink Drop members have been personally reached out to, and the new price is now effective on our website for new subscribers going forward. Ink Drop [...]

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December Ink Drop Reveal: Merry & Bright

Bing Crosby sang about a White Christmas, filled with glistening treetops, sleigh bells, and plenty of snow. While a white Christmas might not always be in the forecast, we hope that this month's Ink Drop makes every Christmas card you write Merry and Bright! Christmas Lights with all of this month's ink done by Pira Urosevic   Shadow box art done by S.Jane Mills using this month's colors. The colors for this month are: Caran D'Ache Vibrant Green De Atramentis Gold  De Atramentis Frankincense De Atramentis Myrrh Pelikan Brilliant Red Caran d'Ache Vibrant Green tree done by Pira Urosevic   [...]

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November Ink Drop Reveal: The North Wind

In Aesop's fable, the North Wind challenges the Sun to a contest of strength. Gusting with all its might, the chilly Wind cannot remove a traveler's coat. The sun gently shines and the coat is quickly shed. The North Wind did not win that contest, but this collection of windy inks is certain to win you over! Art done by s.Jane Mills using this month's Ink Drop colors The colors for this month are: Aurora Blue Diamine Autumn Oak Diamine Misty Blue Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-same Private Reserve Burgundy Mist   Aurora Blue Tree by Pira Urosevic   Diamine Autumn Oak [...]

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October Ink Drop Reveal: Witching Hour

Clouds scuttle across the full moon as night creeps into the corners of the room. It's that mysterious time of night when witches, ghouls, and phantoms come out to play and anything seems possible. Bring some of that magical mystery to your writing with our selection of Witching Hour inks!   Art created by s.Jane Mills using this month's ink Art created by Wolf Benjamin The colors for this month are: De Atramentis Fog Grey Noodler's Heart of Darkness Noodler's Nightshade Private Reserve Black Magic Blue Waterman Mysterious Blue De Atramentis Fog Grey Tree by Pira Urosevic Noodler's Heart of [...]

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September Ink Drop Reveal: Cavern Expedition

This month's Ink Drop theme is Cavern Expedition. We selected five fantastic inks with hues that reflect a journey deep into the shadows. What will you find if you take your writing to new depths? "Tatzelwurm" done with this month's Ink Drop by Pira Urosevic   The colors for this month are: Diamine Amazing Amethyst Diamine Onyx Black Faber-Castell Garnet Red Pelikan Edelstein Jade Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Diamine Amazing Amethyst Tree by Pira Urosevic Diamine Onyx Black Tree by Pira Urosevic Faber-Castell Garnet Red Tree by Pira Urosevic Pelikan Edelstein Jade Tree by Pira Urosevic   Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Tree [...]

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