10 Fountain Pen Holiday Gifts Under $35

'Tis the season! In this blog post, we're highlighting our top 10 picks for fountain pen holiday gifts in our budget category: Gifts Under $35. In no particular order, here are ten of our favorite fountain pen-related gifts under $35! TWSBI Eco Our best-selling fountain pen of 2019, it has held strong through this year too. Available in more colors than ever, this fountain pen appeals to both beginners and collectors. With a piston filler and a variety of nib size choices, the TWSBI Eco boasts an incredible value at $30.99.   Platinum Prefounte The "grown up" version of the [...]

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2020 Holiday Order Deadlines

We've updated our shipping timelines as of 12/7/2020. We're seeing unprecedented disruptions with all our shipping carriers and encourage you to order early and hold on loosely to all expectations of delivery timelines during this historic holiday season. The holiday season is upon us! Wait, is that right? What month is it again? (Checks calendar) Oh yeah, okay, guess it is that time...whew, okay. Well, with that in mind, we wanted to make this blog post which outlines our order deadlines to help you receive your holiday orders in plenty of time (probably, I mean, it's 2020 so who knows). [...]

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Tips For Starting an Ink Journal

Hi all! Adrianne here from the Customer Relationship team. While we are working remotely I decided to start an ink journal.  I wanted to catalogue my ink collection and keep a record of the inks I used in my pens.  To branch out and use inks I’d forgotten about. To see what special properties the ink had. And, most importantly, I wanted to use my pens daily!  Once I started doing this, it became a really fun way to unwind. I put some music or a movie on, ink up a pen or two, and write a little to clear [...]

Journal in June with Goulet Pens

June is here and we thought it would be worthwhile to have a reason to get out our fountain pens and notebook to journal our way through the new month ahead of us. We're sharing 30 prompts to last the entire month of June and hope you'll join us in inking up your pens and writing with us. Some prompts are playful and others more reflective, but hopefully all of them inspire you to think, process, and write. If you do, be sure to let us know across social media by using the hashtag #JournalWithGoulet. June 1: Write about the [...]

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New Wishlist at Goulet Pens

We've been working on this for a few months now, and are so happy to announce that our new wishlist functionality at Goulet Pens is now here! While our existing wishlist worked okay, there were definitely a few recurring bugs we couldn't resolve. Some deleted items kept reappearing... the "zombie wishlist" as we liked to call it, and it didn't have the ability to break out your list into sublists. We completely switched software and our new wishlist solves these issues and more your experience better. If you had an existing wishlist on our site, we migrated it over to the new database [...]

A Message to Our Loyal Customers (from the homes of the Goulet Pens Team)

 While we are fully remote and unable to ship due to the COVID-19 crisis, we've been paying our team in full to stay home and stay safe. Out of gratitude, they wanted to make this video to personally say thank you for your support, especially during this time. Write on, The Goulet Pen Company Team

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Affirm Financing Now at Goulet Pens

Hey pen friends! We're pleased to announce that we now offer financing on select orders at GouletPens.com, through a partnership with Affirm. Affirm is a third-party service that allows you to split your order into monthly installments, with no money down up front. It's only available for the US at this time. For orders between $50-250, you'll see an option for a 3-month payment plan, at 0% APR. For orders over $250, you'll see options for 3, 6, and 12-month payment plans, with varying interest rates. It's quick and easy to get qualified, and once you're approved and check out, [...]

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5 Ways to Use Your Fountain Pens at Home

Many of us are finding ourselves with more time at home right now. If you want to find ways to fill your time and use your fountain pens at the same time, we've got 5 things you can do while staying home. 1. Clean your pens This is the perfect time to clean your collection of pens! Take an evening or afternoon and clean them out so you're ready to refill. We've got tons of resources to walk you through it like our Pen Cleaning Cartridge / Converter Video here and Fountain Pen 101 cleaning tips here. 2. Catalog your [...]

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5 Fountain Pens for Spring

Any pen is the right pen no matter what time of year. But sometimes it's a little fun to let the season inspire your writing. Here are a few of our current favorites that we think should be on everyone's wishlist! TWSBI ECO Yellow This color of the beloved ECO is bright, cheery, and perfect for warmer weather. The ECO is our most popular fountain pen because of its clear barrel, piston filler, and affordable price tag. You really can't go wrong. LAMY AL-Star Turmaline This year's special edition color, Turmaline, is perfectly suited for this time of year. Reminding [...]

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COVID-19 Update 3/18/20

Hey pen friends, Three announcements here, some mixed news.... 1) We gave you an update a few days ago on what we're doing to address the COVID-19 virus. Due to the ever-changing situation and out of an over-abundance of caution for the safety of our warehouse and receiving teams as well as for you as our customers.... starting next Monday March 23 we will be transitioning to fully remote working. We are still keeping our website open and working remotely to continue to serve you. However, our warehouse will no longer be shipping orders, and physical returns will be paused [...]

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