Galen Leather Co. Products Available at Goulet Pens

The Galen Leather Company's line of handcrafted, thoughtfully designed goods has taken the fountain pen world by storm over the past few years. Fountain pen fans across the globe, our team included, can't get enough of the rich leather pen cases and notebook covers, as well as the astonishing wooden Writing Box. We are very excited to announce that we're now carrying these wonderful items. Be sure to read on to hear more about this company's history and the products you can now find at GouletPens.com. This family company, based in Turkey, blossomed out of tough circumstances and a need [...]

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Introducing the Pineider Pen Filler!

 We're excited to start offering something totally new at Goulet Pens! This Pineider Pen Filler accessory allows you to carry your ink with you on the go, while also allowing you to have an easy way to refill your pens at your desk. It holds a max ink capacity of 10ml. Check out our video above to see the Pineider Pen Filler in action so you can follow the steps to use it yourself. The Pen Filler is made of plastic, so no worrying about if it will break. You'll want to save the box because the side of [...]

Goulet Polishing Cloth: Quick Look

I wanted to share with you the same type of cloth I’ve been using to keep my pens looking clean for years. Originally, I bought a polishing cloth at a jeweler’s store, and I really liked the way it cleaned both the metals and resins of my pens. In sourcing one out for offering on GouletPens.com, I wanted something a little smaller for portability, and that had the two-cloth system that jeweler's cloths have. That's exactly what I have for you here in the Goulet Polishing Cloth, and I wanted to share with you how it works:  Whether you have [...]

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Introducing Girologio Pen Cases!

Pen storage is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of fountain pens. Keep your most prized writing instruments safe and sound while you're on the go with a new case from Girologio! Now available, these cases are non-chemically tanned and non-reactive. They feature incredibly durable materials and are lined with benign fabrics to assure no harm will fall upon your fountain pens. The name itself comes from the combination of two Italian words; giro and orologio. They mean 'to turn' and 'watch' respectively as Girologio began in the watch business with watchwinders, cases, and straps. Girologio brings high-quality products at [...]

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Quick Look: Nock Brasstown

A while ago, we did a Goulet Guest that featured Nock Co. to get the background of the company. But in this Quick Look, I wanted to dive into one of their specific pen cases, the Brasstown. It's available in 3 different colors: Coffee/Amethyst Peacock/Coal Raven/Aqua These are just the current colors we have, Nock sells others directly and we may see other colors come out over time apart from these.  The Brasstown is a combination zippered pouch and pen roll. It's a very functional design. The pen sleeve rolls out and holds 6 pens of basically any size. Just [...]

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Nock Sinclair: Quick Look

A while ago, we did a Goulet Guest that featured Nock Co. to get the background of the company. But in this Quick Look, I wanted to dive into one of their specific pen cases, the Sinclair. The Sinclair is a combination of pen & notebook holder. It comes in 3 different colors: Coffee/Amethyst Peacock/Coal Raven/Aqua These are current colors we have available. Nock sells others directly and we may see more colors come out over time. The Sinclair can hold 3 pens of basically any practical size and also a 3.5" x 5.5" notebook (similar to Field Notes size). [...]

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Signed, sealed, delivered…. Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax!

Atelier Gargoyle closed for business in late 2019 and their products are no longer available at Gouletpens.com Wax sealing letters is a tradition that began centuries ago. To verify that the contents of letter had not be opened and read, senders would seal and stamp their correspondence. Because it is very easy to see if a wax seal has been tampered with, the receiver would immediately be able to tell if the secrets imparted in the letter had been read by prying eyes. Obviously, times have changed and the necessity of signet rings and wax seals to secure the contents [...]

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New to Goulet Pens! Visconti Dreamtouch Pen Holder

As many of you are aware, Goulet Pens recently started carrying the brand, Visconti! Visconti is an Italian brand with Italian made products. So far, the products we've seen from this company demonstrate incredibly thoughtful design, astute attention to detail, and unmatched workmanship. The Visconti Dreamtouch Pen Holders are no exception! They use Florentine leather-working techniques to create their leather. This technique allows for the leather to maintain some of the original features, including small blemishes that add to the appeal. The leather is soft and supple, stretching over the hard-bodied pen case beautifully. The hard structure of the inner [...]

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Lamy Gift Set: Quick Look

  The Lamy Gift Set is a great starter set for anyone getting into fountain pens. It comes with everything you need to get going: a Lamy Safari or Al-Star with a medium nib, a pack of black cartridges, a Z24 converter, and a 50ml bottle of black ink. The Lamy fountain pens are known as true workhorses, and are a great introduction into the fountain pen world. Their no-nonense design is functional, reliable, and looks really cool with different color options available. Another huge plus about the Lamy pens is that you can expand your writing experience by getting [...]

Monteverde 36-Slot Pen Case: Quick Look

I know how it starts, you get a pen and think it’s cool. Then you get another, maybe something a little different. The obsession takes hold and before you know it, you have pens in their cases, your drawer,  in your briefcase or backback, your purse, your bathroom sink, and you think to yourself, “I have to find a way to store all these pens!”. I’ve been there, and I struggle to manage my pens to this day.  However, one thing I’ve found that has helped a lot is this new Monteverde 36-slot pen case. It’s pretty straight-forward, it’s a [...]

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