Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks: Perfect for the Avid Artist and Busy Bullet Journaler

Leuchtturm1917 Soft Cover B5 Composition Notebook Our line of Leuchtturm1917 appeals to a wide array of writers with their colorful covers, fountain pen friendly paper, and perfect portability. They are especially beloved among bullet journaling fans. We're excited to expand our Leuchturrm1917 line and introduce the Soft Cover B5 Composition Notebooks and the Medium A5 Sketchbooks to our collection. The Leuchtturm1917 Soft Cover B5 Composition Notebook Rejoice, all of you who wished for a Leuchtturm notebook that was a perfect in-between size to the Master Notebooks and the A5. Behold, the B5 notebook, at 7 inches wide by 10 inches [...]

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Goulet Notebooks with Tomoe River Paper!

The quest for the perfect notebook to compliment your fountain pens has been arduous. Years of feathering, bleed-through, and ghosting have frustrated fountain pen fans. Here at Goulet Pens, we've grown our collection of fountain pen friendly notebooks from Rhodia to Clairefontaine to Leuchtturm1917. These are all fantastic for different reasons, but we wanted something that offered portability paired with fantastic ink resistant paper, at a reasonable price. The Goulet Notebook was born! Each Goulet Notebook features 68gsm Tomoe River paper, a bit thicker than the paper of the loose sheets and tablets we carry, and with good reason. The [...]

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Understanding Common Paper Sizes

A4, A5, A6, what do all of these paper sizes really mean? Writing with a fountain pen is an enjoyable experience all on its own. But what makes for a significantly smoother writing session is using fountain pen friendly paper! It's true, paper can make all of the difference. When you first look into fountain pen friendly paper and notebooks, it can be a bit overwhelming to understand all of the sizes and options available. Goulet Pens always lists the product dimensions and technical specs on our product pages, so you can be informed about the products you're interested in. [...]

Introducing Rhodiarama Webnotebooks!

The Rhodia brand is widely known for their range of paper rulings and notebook sizes, all full of exceptional paper. The entire line includes notebooks that are a fountain pen fanatic's friend, since the paper is ideal for writing in a variety of nib sizes and inks with minimal feathering or ghosting. Traditionally, their notebooks have only come in iconic black or orange. If you aren't a particular fan of those colors, or would just like to add an extra pop to your notebook while still enjoying the paper you've come to love, we have just the thing! We're excited [...]

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Introducing Filofax Large Notebooks!

Sometimes working with a traditional notebook can be frustrating. Taking notes, to-dos, and action steps as you go from one meeting to another, or from work to home, makes for a disorganized notebook full of ideas out of context. The Filofax notebooks solve that problem with removable pages and dividers all wrapped up in a fun but professional cover. We've been carrying Filofax notebooks since the Spring, and we're now excited to add their large size notebooks to our lineup at GouletPens.com. These are the same notebooks with the features that make Filofax unique, except in a larger size. These [...]

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Write Bright! Rhodia ColoR Notepads in 7 Happy Hues

We're so excited to see Rhodia expand their collection of No. 16 Notepads! These are some of the most popular notepads around the office because of their practical size, their fantastic paper, and useful design attributes. Each A5 notepad features a 'soft touch' fold back cover and microperforated paper but the new ColoR collection adds a bit of pop to the normal orange or black selection. The notepads feature 70 sheets of lined ivory paper. The paper is 90g, acid-free, and pH neutral making it ideal for fountain pen use. Want to match your favorite fountain pen and ink to [...]

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Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook Overview

 We're pretty picky when it comes to paper around here at GouletPens.com, so when we pick up a new line of notebooks it has to be pretty exciting for us to go for it. Maruman Mnemosyne fits that bill for us. Maruman is a Japanese paper company that has several lines of notebooks, one of which is this Mnemosyne, named after the Greek goddess of memory. What's usually the big hangup with notebooks is the paper quality, because if you are primarily a fountain pen user like we are here, you need something fairly ink-resistant so you don't end [...]

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LAMY Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Package Set Overview

Whether you're shopping for grads, dads or yourself, there is no denying the sweet shades and tremendous value packed into our exclusive new LAMY Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Package Sets. Available in orange, purple, black, and blue, these matched sets are a great fountain pen and notebook tandem to pack in your bag just in time for vacation season, too. We don't tend to get in the weeds when talking to our customers about price and value, but we'll make an exception here. If you do the math, you'll find you're getting the Filofax Pocket Notebook, which costs $13.95 on GouletPens.com, [...]

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Tomoe River Paper: First Impressions

Our customers have been asking for a while now whether we would ever be carrying Tomoe River paper products. And finally, we can answer in the affirmative: yes! Imported from Japan, Tomoe River combines two qualities that many are seeking out in prospective paper -- it's both fountain pen friendly and remarkably thin at 52gsm. When our Goulet Pen Company team members took it for a test drive, they also discovered a number of other qualities about the paper, from its sleekness and smoothness to its transparent look and lightweight feel. We're currently carrying Tomoe River as tablets and loose [...]

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Filofax Notebooks Review

Video Timestamps: Backstory - (0:10) Sizes and Cost – (1:25) Color Options - (1:55) Features - (2:11) Extra Features - (3:23) Refills - (6:07) Writing Test – (7:46) Notebook Comparisons - (12:35) Filofax is a brand that's been on my radar for a while because they're distributed in the United States by the same company that distributes Lamy. Filofax is really known with those who are big into planners, which isn't really my scene so much. However, they've come out with a brand-new (non-planner) notebook that I think is pretty exciting. It has some features that are really unique, and [...]

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