Thursday Things: Clandestine Green

If you're looking for a magical new pen or ink to add to your collection of clever writing instruments, you're in luck. Thursday Things: Clandestine Green is teeming with terrific products for the most resourceful and determined of writers. These pens, inks, and accessories will carry your writing through your day-to-day activities and onward to wherever your adventurous mind may venture. If you're looking for a new writing tool for your winter endeavors, be sure to peruse this amazing assortment. Featured products from left to right: Stipula Etruria Fountain Pen- Green Ebonite Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen- Olivine Benu Briolette Fountain [...]

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Thursday Things: Writing Accessories

This week's Thursday Things is dedicated to all the little doodads and thingamabobs that float around in our desk drawers and make our fountain pen hobby even more exciting. From nibs, to wax seals, to ink samples, and more, Thursday Things: Writing Accessories is chock-a-block full of great products that every fountain pen lover should try. How do you organize your non-pen parts of your collection, like nibs, ink samples, and wax seals and sticks? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below! Featured products from left to right: Edison Nib Unit- $20- $150 Ink Samples- $1.25- $2.70 Conklin [...]

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Thursday Things: Spooky Good Time

Are you ready for a spooky good time writing with some great pens and inks? This week's Thursday Things collection is sure to offer some hauntingly good deals for your next writing adventure. We've picked frighteningly fine writing pens and inks so smooth flowing, it's eerie. If you're looking for a boo-tiful new pen or ink, let Thursday Things: Spooky Good Time cast its spell and you may just find the perfect enchantment. Featured products from left to right: LAMY Al-Star Fountain Pen- Purple Online Slope Fountain Pen- Midnight Blue LAMY Safari Fountain Pen- All Black Noodler’s Nightshade (3oz. Bottle) [...]

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Thursday Things: BENU

The BENU pens have arrived at Goulet Pens! If you are looking for a pen with pizzazz, these are a must see. Whether it's the sparkling Briolettes or color-shifting Chameleons that catch your eye, these showstopping pens will grab your attention. Despite the lack of clip, you'll never have to worry about these pens rolling away thanks to the faceted shape. You can also pick up a pen holder to keep your beautiful pen safe. To learn more, be sure to check out Brian and Rachel's Write Now episode in the blog below. Featured products from left to right: BENU [...]

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Thursday Things: Nostalgia

We're taking a trip back to yesteryear in today's Thursday Things. Inspired by the reintroduced Esterbrook line of pens, Thursday Things: Nostalgia features an assortment of modern products with that unique vintage appeal that transcends time. Put on a vinyl record, settle down at your roll top desk, and write your way back in time with the classic designs featured in Thursday Things: Nostalgia. Featured products from left to right: Traveler's Notebook- Brown, Passport Diamine Sepia (80ml bottle) 3 Oysters Gogung (38ml bottle) Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen- Tortoise/ Gold Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen- Crossed Lines Diplomat Excellence A2 Fountain [...]

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Thursday Things: Silver State

This week's Thursday Things came right from a wonderful suggestion for a customer!  They explained to us "while many people only think of the big city lights when they think of Nevada and Las Vegas, we are the Silver State and we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets over our purple mountains. We live in a desert full of life, like rattlesnakes!" Keeping this in mind, Sarah grabbed a great selection of products for this arrangement. Can you see the mountain ranges against the purple sky that she created as the backdrop? Take a trip to Nevada from the comfort of [...]

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Thursday Things: It’s Fall Ya’ll

Cool air, crisp falling leaves, and a warm cup of something tasty; the first signs of autumn are all around us as we await the arrival of October. Thursday Things: It's Fall Y'all features a variety of seasonally-appropriate pens and inks perfect for writing away the autumn days. Fresh up your writing line up with a new fall-inspired pen or ink! Featured products from left to right: Noodler's Kiowa Pecan (3oz bottle) Diamine Pumpkin (80ml bottle) Colorverse Gingko Trees and Golden Leaves (65ml + 15ml bottle set) Traveler's Notebook- Brown, Regular Visconti Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen- Bronze Swirls Diplomat Aero [...]

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Thursday Things: Rubik’s Cube

It's not challenging to see why a good stationery helps improve your writing game. But if you're puzzled as to which pen or notebook to pick, you need to sneak a peek at this Thursday Things assortment. Finding the right tools for you can be a few rounds of trial and error, but finding the perfect fit is like everything matching up perfectly in line. Thursday Things: Rubik's Cube features some of our favorite nifty notebooks and playful pens with a lovely pop of color and quality construction. Our own Brian Goulet is a fan of challenges and solving of [...]

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Thursday Things: Fountain Pens on a Budget

You don't have to break the bank to get a good fountain pen. This week's Thursday Things is solid proof! Featuring pens all priced below $30, this assortment of writing tools is low on cost and high on performance. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive pen with a little pizzazz, like the Jinhao 993 Shark pen, or a pen befitting of the boardroom, like the LAMY Safari Charcoal, you can have the ease of fountain pen writing for a cost that's easy on your bank account. Take a look! Featured products from left to right: TWSBI GO Fountain Pen- [...]

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Thursday Things: Royal Flush

Goulet Pens is showing our hands and it's full of ace products! If you're looking to add some fun and games to your pen case, we've got a river of products for you. Inspired by the whimsy and chance of a good card game, Thursday Things: Royal Flush is a collection of products that are a sure bet for good writing. Whether you need a new pen, ink, or notebook, you'll have good odds with this crowd. Cash in on a good time and have a look! Featured products from left to right: Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen- Red [...]

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