Left Out Vol. 2- Flex and Stub Nib Fountain Pen Tips for Lefties

 Hi there, fountain pen friends, Lydia back again with the highly anticipated video about flex pens and stub nibs for lefties. I mentioned in the last episode of Left Out that every lefty has their own writing style and comforts. As such, these tips and tricks may not work for everyone. The information mentioned is purely my opinion and expereinces, but I hope it proves useful to all of my fellow Southpaws looking to get into the world of flex writing! This is probably the most polarizing issue for lefties using fountain pens. We all see those beautiful writing [...]

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Left Out: Tips for Lefties Using Fountain Pens

 Hey there, Fountain Pen Friends! My name is Lydia and I am a Community Coordinator here at Goulet Pens. You've probably seen me here on the blog and on Facebook as well. I am excited to bring you a project close to my heart, specifically for lefty fountain pen lovers like me! Brian made a great Fountain Pen 101 video for those of us southpaw pen people, but I thought it might be helpful to see some of these tips from an actual lefty. In this series, I hope to provide you with some helpful tips that will enhance [...]

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5 Ways to Give Small Notebooks Big Purpose

Have you ever had your eye on a particularly attractive tiny notebook, only to be stuck trying to figure out how to use it? We can relate. Aside from their presence in our Notebook Sampler Package Set, small notebooks don't often get their moment in the spotlight. These genius little books certainly don't deserve to be overlooked though. To help them fulfill their big destinies, we’ve gathered our favorite uses for tiny notebooks. Do you have additional ideas? Let us know in the comments below! For Record or Reference Small notebooks are perfectly portable and not at all cumbersome. If you [...]

17 Hints for Fountain Pen Newbies, Chosen By You!

It can be difficult when you first start out using fountain pens. There's such a variety of inks, pens, papers; it's easy to see how it could be confusing. We asked our Instagram followers for their best newbie tips and they delivered! From those comments, we've put together 17 pieces of advice that you told us every newbie should hear. 1. Buy ink samples before committing to a whole bottle, it's a great way to try out lots of different inks. 2. Better doesn't always mean more expensive. 3. Use your pen! Don't just leave it in a box or on [...]

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12 Artists and How They Use Fountain Pens

We love seeing the amazing art people create using fountain pens. It's absolutely mind-blowing to see what people can make with a blank piece of paper and a pen. Here we've gathered 12 artists who use pens to create art and asked them what makes fountain pens such a great tool. @PensiveCandy My name is Candace and I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm a long-time fountain pen user, having been introduced to fountain pens at the age of 8 or 9, but I only just started using them for art and drawing last year. I share my creations on Instagram [...]

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10 Fountain Pen Hacks You Need To Try!

Looking to 'level up' your fountain pen experience? From filling to writing to cleaning, there's a few ways to make things easier. Check out our 10 Fountain Pen Hacks You Need To Try: 1. Using a Bulb syringe for cleaning a Cartridge/Converter pen Take off the grip, flush it from the back Holds enough water to equal 50 flushes with a converter in a single syringe This saves time, not really taxing, and is kind of fun! 2. Flipping the nib over when writing on cheap paper Flipping your nib over to write with can get it at least two [...]

5 Tips to Improve Your Handwriting with Fountain Pens

 The Goulet Pens team often gets questions about how to improve one's handwriting and steps that can be taken to use fountain pens to make your written communication prettier. We compiled this video to help express some of our tips for overhauling your handwriting using fountain pens. Check out the video above and tips below! 1) Take Time To Discover What Works For You Tools are just as important as technique. You have to find your perfect page to really crack the beautiful writing enigma. What works for one person, may not be your perfect pen.  Some choices are: [...]

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12 Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Organize Your Year

Bullet Journaling is an organizational system that has become extremely popular over the past few years. For more information on what it is and how it works, check out this guest blog written by Kara Benz of Boho Berry or this video made by Ryder Carroll (the inventor of this system). If you've been bullet journaling for a while and feel like you're in a bit of a rut, here are some layouts to provide you with inspiration! We've asked a few fantastic planners to send us their favorite spreads and what they love about them. @BulletJournal "Note-taking and traditional journaling [...]

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How to Recycle Your Goulet Packing Materials

In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15th, the Goulet Team was inspired to research the recyclability of our packing materials. We'll share with you our findings in hopes you'll be inspired to think twice before throwing them out! 1) Packing Tape This piece of the packing process serves its purpose and does its job. Unfortunately, once the tape has successfully bound your boxes together, it cannot be reused. It becomes fuel for the incinerator once removed from the package. It does not have a really easy recycling option but certainly performs a necessary and important job. 2) USPS [...]

Presents from the Heart: 5 Simple DIY Gift Ideas

Hey there, friends! Lydia here. If you're anything like me, holidays and special occasions always present an exciting challenge in creativity. I come from a large family and buying Christmas presents for everyone is quite a challenge. I quickly found that making my own gifts was a much easier way to give everyone a personalized gift that they loved and that I enjoyed making. Here are some fun ideas I am planning to use this year for loved ones that will hopefully inspire you. Framed Handwritten Poem Supplies needed: Rhodia No. 18 Notepad Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle Water Brush Pen- [...]

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