In this video, I review and compare the 5 most popular Clairefontaine side staplebound notebooks. These include C3586, C63596, C3606, C381 (Séyès/French ruled!), and C63125. I do a writing test comparison between a small Mead Composition notebook and the C3586 (3″x4″), and there really is no comparison! The 90g smooth Clairefontaine paper in these staplebound notebooks is really some of the best writing paper in the world, especially for use with fountain pens.

I briefly introduce Séyès ruling, otherwise known as ‘French Ruling’, on the C381 (6 3/4″ x 8 5/8″). I don’t go into great detail about this ruling, but I promise to do so on a future episode. Enjoy this video, as it gives you a good size comparison of the different notebooks, as well as details about the rulings and colors available.

An extensive selection of Clairefontaine Staplebound notebooks is available from The Goulet Pen Company, as well as other fine retailers.

Write On,
Brian Goulet