Hello, fountain pen friends! It’s Lydia, bringing you some exciting news. Welcome to our new monthly feature, Inksploration!

Many of you have been asking when or if our beloved weekly Monday Matchup giveaways would be coming back after our holiday hiatus. We are happy to announce that we have brought the concept back, but in a fresh and fun new way. Thus, the concept of Inksploration was born!

Inksploration will be a new monthly feature centered around one ink we feel deserves some love and attention. Each month, we will feature the ink in a drawing and a written quote, plus you will also get the chance to read a quick ink review and meet some inks that are similar in color or properties. The month will culminate with a giveaway that feels very similar to the Monday Matchup giveaways, but will run for an entire week! Our hope is that this new blog will help shed more light on some great inks and provide a more comprehensive overview of what they can do.

Are you ready to join us on an adventure of inksploration?

Suite of drawings, ink tests, and write samples showcasing Colorverse Morning Star ink.

Our first inksploration showcases Colorverse Morning Star, a gorgeous, wet turquoise ink that I fell in love with. It defintiely lived up to the hype I have for the wet and vibrant Colorverse line as a whole. It flowed well from the TWSBI feed and had a surprise sheen that I was delighted to see in the swabs and on paper.

Drawing Inspiration and Technique

A drawing of a flower with word "bloom" made using Colorverse Morning Star fountain pen ink and a TWSBI ECO fountain pen.

This flower drawing is something I’ve done since high school whenever I was bored, or stressed, or fidgety. I can remember sitting in lecture classes, doodling a bouquet of these flowers on my notebook pages in an attempt to remain alert and attentive. I am not even sure what flower it’s supposed to mimic, but there is something so soothing about drawing it. You legitimately start out with a small dot and just keep drawing petals off that one spot. It’s up to you how small or large it ends up being. Just keep drawing until you feel done.

This was probably the easiest drawing I’ve ever done for a Goulet project. I started by drawing out my flower with a TWSBI Eco– Medium, then did a simple filigree border. I used a Maruman Mnemosyne N181 A4 Imagination Notepad- Blank. To fill the drawing in and give it more color, I used a water brush pen and filled the cap of a sample vial with some ink. I dipped the brush in the ink and dabbed the excess off until I got the shade I was hoping for. I alternated and moved around the flower so the colors would be diverse and give the drawing depth. Colorverse Morning Star is such a great ink for ink washes because you can get a great variety of shades. I went back in when the ink wash was dry and redrew the lines around the flower again to darken them. I finished by writing the word “bloom” beneath the flower. It feels very simple and inspirational and happy.

Ink Review

An overhead view of Ink Review components for Colorverse Morning Star fountain pen ink.

  • Flow- Wet
    • Not a great choice for lefties, I almost smudged it, but flowed beautifully, even from the EF TWSBI
  • Dry Time- 30+ Seconds
    • Very long dry time, over 30 seconds on Rhodia paper
  • Water Resistance- Low
    • Not at all water resistant, be careful using it around liquids
  • Shading- Low
    • Not much difference between swabs 1, 2, and 3
  • How did the ink behave on other papers?
    • The ink behaved very well on all types of paper. I used Leuchtturm1917, Rhodia, and Tomoe River for this test. There was no bleedthrough on the LT1917 paper, even with the q-tip swab. I can even see a bit of sheen on all of the papers.
  • Special Features Worth Noting?
    • Dual Packaging– 65ml bottle is great for home use and the 15ml bottle can be left at the office or given as a gift to penable a friend!
    • Sheen!- With a wet feed and broad nib that lays down a lot of ink, you could probably get it to show up in your writing

A scanned Ink Test sheet for Colorverse Morning Star Ink Review

Comparable Inks

Some inks that resemble the color of Morning Star are:

A quote from Peter Pan made using Colorverse Morning Star ink and a TWSBI ECO fountain pen.


Colorverse Morning Star is truly a wet and wondrous ink.

What is your favorite blue-green ink?

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