Diamine Autumn Oak: Ink Review
Orange you glad this week’s ink review is here!
Hey guys – Jenni here and I am thrilled to be reviewing Diamine Autumn Oak for this week’s ink review. Orange is just the best color. It’s beautiful, it’s bright and the vibrancy and variation of hues that orange can create make it my favorite color by far.  As ink, orange can show as vibrant and bright, muted and somber, or a million other shades in between.  The great thing about this week’s ink, Diamine Autumn Oak, is that you get a little of everything each time you write.
Diamine Autumn Oak: Ink Review
Diamine Autumn Oak: Ink Review
Diamine Autumn Oak: Ink Review
Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • Slow: I was really surprised that this ink took over 30 seconds to dry. I found that the ink was still wet as I moved down to the next line to write which caused me to be very careful not to smear as I wrote. This ink could be troublesome for lefties or righties if you are a fast writer.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low: This ink cannot stand up against water droplets, which gives this ink a low water resistance. You can see that the ink is displaced by the droplets of water in the grid and that the color bleeds out over the grid lines making them almost disappear. All that is left is a slight halo of orange from where they water was applied.


  • Medium: You can see that there is a slight difference in color between swabs 1 and 2, but the difference is almost indiscernible between swabs 2 and 3.  The color is rich and will get darker the more you put on the page. Your nib size with definitely affect the saturation of your color, the broader the nib the darker the color.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Medium: This ink took little effort to clean off the nib of my pen, but sometimes the bright vibrant color of the orange can stain the inside of converters making it a little harder to clean.


  • High: Shading galore with this ink! You will see shading with this ink regardless of the nib size used. You can see that even with an extra fine nib you still get a good bit of shading when using this ink. If you want a high amount of shading try using a broader nib to really push the shading of this ink.


  • Medium: Personally, I tend to write large and super fast. I found that the flow kept up pretty well with this ink. The combination of the medium flow and the slower dry time worked well with my style of handwriting . I felt like there was a consistent amount of ink flowing from the pen at all times.

Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • 80ml bottle, 30ml bottle, and 2ml ink samples available!
  • The 80ml bottle is great for filling, there is plenty of room for your nib even when ink gets low.
  • The 30ml bottle is thinner then the larger 80ml bottles which can cause some issues when filling the pen with a low ink level. The opening of the bottle is also smaller and larger pens might have an issue fitting inside.
Diamine Autumn Oak: Ink ReviewDiamine Autumn Oak: Ink Review

Diamine Autumn Oak: Ink ReviewDiamine Autumn Oak: Ink Review

Orange inks always make me smile and this one was no different. Diamine Autumn Oak is the perfect mixture of bright orange hues and muted rich tones. This ink screams Autumn not only in the name but in color as well. The shading you can produce with this ink will be reminiscent of the falling leaves from the trees throughout the season. As a lover of all things orange, this ink is definitely in my top 10 orange inks. I love that regardless of nib size I will always see slight variation between the color of the letters in my writing. Who wouldn’t love that!

You can find a 80ml bottle of Diamine Autumn Oak at Gouletpens.com for $14.95. We have 30ml bottles for $7.50 which are great to use if you travel quite a bit or a 2ml sample for $1.25. We also have an orange ink sample package available that includes samples of some of the orange inks we have, including Diamine Autumn Oak. Who wouldn’t want to try an ink that can produce such amazing and varying results?!

Have you ever tried an ink that surprised you?

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