I have to premise this review by saying that I’m a huge fan of Diamine Majestic Blue!! I’m biased as I love this color, though it does have its quirks. It’s an extremely saturated color, I mean extremely. It’s a deep, dark blue with a unique red overtone to it.

Bottle Shape/Size:
Diamine’s 80ml bottle (the type I tested from) is nearly 3 ounces of ink, and has an opening of 3/4″. It’s a nice solid bottle with the most solid feeling cap of any of the ink brands I’ve used. The opening is wide enough for most pens, and the usability of the bottle is overall pretty good.

Ink on Paper:
I tested the ink on 4 different papers, and due to popular requests, 2 different nib sizes:

Water Resistance: Low
The extremely high level of saturation of this ink means that there is a lot of ink that actually sits on top of the paper as it dries. This makes it more prone to smearing, smudging, or washing away. The color is gorgeous, but not without a tradeoff!

Comparable Colors:
Private Reserve Electric DC Blue
This was the only really close comparable color I could find, and it is pretty close. The PR even has a red sheen to it like Majestic Blue! It does show up a little darker in the swab, but written in a pen the two are nearly identical.

Deep, saturated color
Unique red sheen
Writes wet, great flow
Good ink economy

Low water resistance
Prone to smearing/smudging
Harder to clean from your pens (and your hands!)

Brian’s Bottom Line:
This is actually one of my favorite colors, and I’ve used it extensively in a variety of pens (all performing well). It takes some work to flush it out of your pens, though I haven’t experienced any problems with staining plastic parts like you will with other highly saturated inks (not to say it can’t happen, though). This is one of the most popular Diamine inks, and one of the most popular blue inks we sell, and for good reason. Despite it’s ‘quirks’, the color is so captivating that its worth the trouble!

Diamine Majestic Blue is available in 2ml samples for $1.25 and 80ml bottles for $12.75 from GouletPens.com.

***I do make my living from selling ink like Diamine, so take that into account for this review. Though my main purpose for the review is not to sell ink, I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope for it as a consequence! I’m not paid at all to blog, so this review is a labor of love for me. I hope you enjoyed it.