Diamine Pumpkin was another ink we chose for our October 2010 Ink Drop. It was our #1 pick for this month’s drop….in fact, when we originally planned to do Halloween colors for October (then changed our minds), it was still a color we were going to use!

Not only does it have a fitting name, but it’s really a fabulous ink. It puts you in such an Autumn mood, and performs really well. I must have a disclaimer, this ink is pretty close to impossible to get accurate on a computer screen!! I must have adjusted these images for 2 hours, but the laws of physics prevent you from seeing the depth and brightness of this particular color through a backlit screen. The scans are pretty close, but not nearly as mind-blowing as the real thing!




Not the most water resistant ink, for sure. But it’s a gorgeous color, don’t let the lack of water resistance stop you from using it!

Comparable Colors:
Diamine Blaze Orange
J. Herbin Orange Indien
Caran d’Ache Saffron
Noodler’s Cayenne
Diamine Orange

Now, I don’t want you to completely freak out, there is something going on with this ink that I want to bring to your attention. This ink is one that does tend to ‘settle out’. What I mean by that is that some of the pigments (dyes, whatever they are, I don’t know) that create this awesome color do tend to settle down to the bottom of the bottle. This happens with a variety of ink colors across virtually every ink brand. You just have to simply swirl the bottle around a bit before you ink up your pen to get the colorant back into suspension, and you’re good to go. Here’s a pick of some settling (in the top corner there):

Good value ($12.50 for 80ml)
Amazing shading (much better than shows in pictures!)
Vibrant color
Wet writing, great performance
Well-tamed on absorbent paper

Impossible to photograph accurately!!
Color not really suitable for daily use
Settling pigment might freak you out

I hear all the time from people about the wonderful orange colors like Pumpkin that they ‘wish they had a use for it because it’s such a great color’. I feel the same way. It’s an awesome color, but how often can you really use a bright orange ink? In Autumn you can!! It’s a great fall color, so enjoy it while the season lasts. You likely won’t be using this color past Thanksgiving….or maybe you just might!

Diamine Pumpkin is available in 2ml ink samples for $1.25 and 80ml bottles for $12.75 from GouletPens.com.

***I do make my living from selling ink like Diamine, so take that into account for this review. Though my main purpose for the review is not to sell ink, I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope for it as a consequence! I’m not paid at all to blog, so this review is a labor of love for me. I hope you enjoyed it.