If you plan to get your friend, coworker, or significant other into fountain pens, we’ve got you covered and you don’t have to have a large budget to share the joy of writing with someone else. Below, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite gifts priced under $35 and you can shop all of our best gift deals under $35 here.

Platinum Preppy – $4.50-$5

The Platinum Preppy is a great place to start when gifting fountain pens. The same price as a latte, this is easy to gift to anyone in your life. It’s available in several colors and it comes with an ink cartridge so your recipient is ready to start writing as soon as they open your gift!

Diplomat Magnum – $21.60

This is a favorite around the Goulet Pens office. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and it comes in multiple nib options. It would make the perfect first gift. The Prismatic Purple color is one of our favorites, and it’s only available at Goulet Pens.

Monteverde Monza Sets – $24

If you’re unsure what kind of writing experience to choose for someone else, consider getting them a set with multiple options! This Monza set comes with three different nibs – fine, medium, and Omniflex – each with their own nib unit, grip, and converter for ease of swapping!

TWSBI ECO – $28.99

If you like showing off your ink, get your friend a pen that will let them see their ink too! The TWSBI ECO is a favorite among fountain pen users for its smoothing writing experience and fun color options.

Endless Works Notebooks – $22.95

High quality paper makes writing with a fountain pen even more enjoyable. These notebooks feature dot grid Tomoe River paper and with virtually zero bleed-through, the Recorder ensures your ideas stay only on the page you use. These are the perfect companion to a new fountain pen.

What’s your go-to entry-level fountain pen gift? See all of our favorites from $0-$35 in our gift guide.

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