With so many options out there, sometimes it helps when your list is narrowed down just a bit. There is a fountain pen out there at every budget, and here we’ve rounded up a few of our suggestions if you’re looking for a fountain pen under $100. This list definitely isn’t exhaustive, so if you have other recommendations, drop those in the comments on this post!

The Monteverde Innova is a carbon fiber pen that has gleaming rose gold trim. This classic pen comes with TWO bottles of ink! (As of 2021, this special offer with two bottles of ink is no longer available.) With each pen, you get both a bottle of unique 30ml anniversary Innova ink and a 30ml bottle of Monteverde ink in your choice from select colors. At only $52, this is a deal you won’t want to miss.

The TWSBI ECO is a pen that’s perfectly named because it’s so economical. This piston-filling pen is under $30 and comes in a rainbow of colors.

The most affordable pen by Diplomat at $21.60, the Magnum features a unique JoWo nib that is slightly bouncy. If you love fun colors, take a look at the Prismatic Purple option (pictured above), this fascinating color is exclusive to Goulet Pens in the U.S.

Built for adventure, the Traveler’s Company Brass Pen has a solid construction and is adorably small. This tiny metal pen is $56 and is a favorite here among the Goulet Pens team.

LAMY Studio Aquamarine


The minimalist design of the LAMY Studio makes it really turn heads. Most colors of this sleek pen are $79.20 and feature LAMY’s popular interchangeable nib.
If your greatest fear is a boring pen collection, the BENU Briolette is here to save the day. This glittering faceted pen ranges in price from $74-$80. Some of them even glow in the dark!

You can always search GouletPens.com and use our filters to search by your preferred color, price, or nib size.

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