There are several filling mechanisms used in fountain pens today. Here I show you how to fill each of 4 types, as well as the pros/cons of each one:

  • Cartridge (:28)/Converter (1:20)
  • Eyedropper (2:30)
  • Piston (4:08)
  • Vacuum (5:28)
There are certainly some other filling mechanisms like bulb, lever, crescent, blow, and button fillers, but those are mainly in vintage pens and not my area of expertise. This video should cover about 95% of pens you’ll see, especially newer ones.Check out some Wikipedia filling mechanisms here.Check out my other FP101 video on pen maintenance here.

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Photos of common Filling Mechanisms and how they work. Showcasing Kaweco, Lamy, TWSBI, Noodler's, and Pilot.

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