There is a lot of basic terminology that I’m going to be using in future Fountain Pen 101 videos. It will be much more helpful for you to have the foundation of understanding what all the parts of a pen are called and how they work before you learn the more subjective aspects of the use of a fountain pen.

All of these terms (and many others) can be found in the Fountain of Knowledge on under the Glossary of Terms, as well as Common Online Abbreviations to make it easier for new fountain penners cruising forums and blogs to understand the slang.

In this video, I’m focusing on the parts of a fountain pen. Here I cover the following terms (with time markers for the video, for easy reference):

  • Nib (0:31)
  • Tip/tipping material (1:06)
  • Slit (1:30)
  • Tines (1:49)
  • Breather hole (2:15)
  • Wings (2:45)
  • Feed (3:03)
  • Feed Channel (3:23)
  • Fins (3:50)
  • Filler hole (4:34)
  • Body/barrel (5:15)
  • Grip Section (5:31)
  • Reservoir (5:54)
  • Threads (6:22)
  • Cap (6:51)
  • Finial (7:15)
  • Clip (7:37)
  • Trim/hardware (7:54)
There are a lot more terms, for sure, but this will help to give you a solid foundation for the parts of a fountain pen as I continue to talk about them ongoing. Next week I’ll be covering FP101 Terminology 2, Fountain Pen Use Terms. These will include terms such as shading, dry time, bleed through, flow, nib creep, and a lot more terms that involve fountain pens, ink, and paper as they all interact with each other.

A picture of a pen with labels describing all of the parts of a fountain pen

Let me know what you think in the comments! I’d love to know what terms you’d like me to clarify in future videos.¬†See the other Fountain Pen 101 videos¬†here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet