Following up on last week’s Fountain Pen 101 on Parts of a Fountain Pen, I’m going to explain a lot of the terms that involve pens, ink, and paper, and the interactions you get when you put them all together.

Here are all the terms I cover (with time markers for the video):

  • Feathering (0:53)
  • Bleedthrough (1:24)
  • Ghosting/Show-through/Echo (1:41)
  • Spread (1:53)
  • Dry Time (2:40)
  • Feedback/Tooth (3:18)
  • G/GSM (paper weight) (4:18)
  • Sizing (paper coating) (5:11)
  • Absorbency (5:53)
  • Nib Creep (6:29)
  • Saturation (6:51)
  • Shading (7:42)
  • Flow (8:23)
  • Skipping (8:36)
  • Starting (9:17)
  • Flex/Spring/Softness (9:45)
  • (Nib) Grind (9:50)
The video is a little longer than I like to shoot for with most FP101’s, but the terminology is so important to understanding future topics I plan to cover, I thought it was important to include as much as I could. Now of course this doesn’t include everything, there are a lot of other terms I left out. For anything you still don’t understand, I recommend you check out the Glossary of Terms in the Fountain of Knowledge.
My goal with the Fountain Pen 101 series is to educate new fountain pen users the way that I wish I had when I first started out. If you’re new or have friends you want to introduce to fountain pens, I recommend you start out at the beginning of the series and watch them in order, here.
See the other Fountain Pen 101 videosĀ here.Write On,
Brian Goulet