You’ve been asking us for this for some time now, and we’ve finally delivered. We’ve been working diligently for months now to source out and develop the most useful nib tuning supplies that we could for the fountain pen enthusiast. These are tools that you can use to smooth and clean your nib to get it operating to your liking.

DISCLAIMER: Of course, I have to have a disclaimer here…doing anything to modify/smooth your nib will pretty much void all pen manufacturer’s warranties, so make sure you understand what you are doing and you must be willing to accept responsibility for any wrongdoing during your smoothing process. You’re basically going ‘rogue’ for most pen companies here, so make sure that you’re only smoothing nibs on pens that are either out of warranty or that you feel confident enough that you’ll never need to use the warranty. Don’t blame me if you screw up your nib :) 

Okay, all that said, the stuff we have here isn’t really all that scary, if you are cautious and study up the correct way to use them. I will be posting videos showing how to use each one of these over the next week or so, to help you understand just that. But I wanted to make this post for those of you who already know how to use these, to let you know you can now get them all at

So here are the new nib tuning supplies we have available:

Carton 10x Loupe, $19.50

This LED-lit 10x loupe is just the tool to help you get to know your nib better. So often a scratchy fountain pen nib is simply a matter of having the tines misaligned, and a loupe will make your life much easier when it comes time to try to align them.


Goulet MicroMesh, $5

This 12,000 grit abrasive is the most aggressive approach you should take towards smoothing your nib, and you’ll want to be really careful when you use it. It’s used for smoothing out a scratchy nib. Basically, don’t use it unless you know what you’re doing. I’ll definitely put out a video on this one.

Goulet Mylar Paper, $5

This is a less aggressive approach to nib smoothing than Micromesh. There are two grits, 1-micron and 0.3 Micron, and they’re used to take a nib from pretty smooth to super-smooth, if you’re so inclined.

Goulet Brass Sheets, $4

These are really more of a cleaning/maintenance tool, used to floss your nib to keep it clear and flowing smoothly.

These products have been a huge effort of mine in recent months, and I really feel that they are great tools for the avid fountain pen enthusiast to keep their pens at optimal performance. I will be posting in-depth video tutorials on how to use each of these products. They are also all available as a nib tuning package set for $31.95.

I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me a comment below and we’ll chat.

Write On,
Brian Goulet