Ever since August of 2013, Brian Goulet has been answering your fountain pen related questions in his weekly Goulet Q&A. With over 1,000 questions answered so far, we thought it’d be great to slice them up and serve them to you individually. Here are some of our favorite questions he’s been able to answer for you, organized by topic.

Intro: What are Goulet Q&A Slices?

After Flushing the Pen is it Ok to Fill it up with Ink Immediately?
Which Noodler’s Models do not have the Smell?
What is the Dollar Threshold For Pens and Writing Performance?
What’s the Best Way to Get Non-FP Users into the Way of Life?
Can You Use Ink Syringes to Fill TWSBI Pens?
Can the Brush Pens be Filled with Water and Used as a Watercolor Brush?
What Can You Tell Us About Eye Dropper Pens and Unexpected Blobs of Ink?
Which Pens are Best for Lefties?
What Flex Pen is the Best for Beginners?
Tips on Pen/Nib Positioning While Using a Stub or Italic Nib?
What Approach Would You Recommend for Trying to Improve One’s Handwriting?
Do You Advise Any Special Care For Pens During Extremely Hot Weather?
When Cleaning A Pen, When Is It Clean “Enough?”
What Are Some Examples Of Decent Eyedropper Pens?
Do You Know Why Noodler’s Doesn’t Sell The Non-Flex Nib Creapers Anymore?
Can You Tell Me Which Pens You Carry That Fit The Goulet Nibs?
What Fountain Pen Would You Recommend For Drawing That Is Under $100?
Do You Find That The Noodler’s Pens Dry Out REALLY FAST Even When Capped and Stored?
What Are Your Thoughts On Collecting Fountain Pens? Brands, Models, Etc?
What Are The Differences Between The Materials That Are Used To Create Pens?
Is It Ever Worth Violating The Warranty Of A Pen To Do Some Extra Cleaning? 
Why Do Eyedroppers Have A Tendency To Blurp Out Ink But Piston Fillers Don’t?
Is It Safe To Send A Fountain Pen In The Mail If It’s Inked?
What Makes One Pen A Hard Starter and One An Always Reliable Starter?
What Are Some  Good Options For The Next Step Up From Beginner Pens, Under $100?
What Pens Need To Be Pre-washed/Flushed Before Filling To Avoid Skipping?
Why Do Many Fountain Pen Aficionados Prefer Resin Over Metal?
What’s The Big Deal About Mold?  How Easy Is It To Have A Pen Infected?
What Are The Common Causes Of Inconsistent Flow?
Which Is More Expensive To Own and Use: A Fountain Pen Or A RollerBall Pen?
Which Pens Have Ebonite Feeds And How Does One Differentiate Ebonite To Others?
At What Point Should I Fill My Pilot Metropolitan?
What Would You Recommend For A Fountain Pen To Be Used As A Highlighter For Students?
Are The Sections or Nibs Swappable Between The Pilot Falcon And The Metal Falcon?
What Are Your Top Three Mini/Portable Pens?
Which Starter Pen Would You Recommend In The ~$100 Category?
Is It Possible To Tighten A Screw Cap Too Much?
What Are Some Good Pens, Paper, and Inks For Drawing and Such For My Kids?
What Precautions Should Be Taken When Carrying Around An Eyedropper Pen?
Are There Any Rules For Traveling To Very Cold Regions Or High Altitudes?
What Are Some Purse-Friendly And Travel-Friendly Pens?
What Are Some Ways To Use My Pens?
How Do You Hold A Fountain Pen?
What Does A $1,000 Pen Have To Offer Versus A $150 Pen Versus A $25 Pen?
Do You Have Any Tips For Filling A Piston Filler From A Sample Vial?
What Are Some Cheap Pens That Are Not Mentioned In The Top 5 List But Are Top Worthy?
Why Does A Pen Need Tipping Material?
What Could Be Some Contributing Factors To A Pens Flow Reducing?
Does A Fountain Pen Perform Any Better With An Ink From The Pen Manufacturer?
Once A Pen Leaks Will It Always Leak?
Why Don’t Modern Pen Companies Make Flex Pens The Way That They Used To?
What Tools And Techniques Do You Use To Shade Your Ink Drawings?
Do You Have Any Recommendations For A Gold Nib Pen In The $150 Price Range?
Why Are Pens With Metal Bodies Not Recommended for Converting To Eyedropper Use?
How Do The Glass Pens You Carry Differ In Feel And Grip?
My TWSBI Eco Won’t Post Anymore. Did I Do Something Wrong?
Can The Pilot Falcon (Resin) Be Converted Into An Eyedropper?
How Do You Suggest Buying A Pen Online Without Trying It Out First?
What Are Your Favorite Demonstrator Pens?
Do You Have Any Pen Suggestions For People With Oily Hands?
Why Is A Fountain Pen Called A Fountain Pen?
Why Are The Materials For A Fountain Pen So Pricey?
How Do You Rotate Through All Your Pens?
What Pens Are Under $50 And Will Stay Capped When Pocketed?
Can You Convert A Jinhao Into A Flex Pen Using A Dip Calligraphy Nib?
What Are The Pros & Cons Of An Eyedropper Pen?
What Are Your Recommendations For People Who Prefer Lightweight Pens?
What Would Explain The Line Variation Between TWSBI Pens?
How Durable Is The Kaweco AL Sport?
Do You Need To Write Faster With A Fountain Pen?
What Are Some Recommendations For Someone Who Wants More Feedback In Their Writing?
What Are Your Favorite ‘Frankenpen’ Combos?
What Are The Challenges Of Pairing The Right Ink With The Right Pen/Nib?
What Pens “Age” Over Time?
Which Pens Have The Highest Resell Value?
Does Baby’s Bottom Happen More On Gold Nibs Or Steel Nibs?
How Does The Performance Of A Dipped Nib Compare To An Inked Pen?
What Is The Benefit Of An Oblique Nib Holder?
What Fountain Pens Would Be Most Ergonomic For A Lot Of Writing?
Does Nib Creep Hinder Ink Flow?
Is It Safe To Use A Gold Nib As A Flex Pen?
Can The Feed Affect A Pen’s Writing Performance?
Which Pens Are Both Fine And Smooth?
Is It OK to Write With A Fountain Pen While Flying?
What Non-Flex Nibs Fit Noodler’s Ebonite Pens?
What Makes An Ebonite Feed So Desirable?
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Snap Caps vs. Screw Caps?
How Do You Feel About Fountain Pens Designed For Kids?
What Affordable Pen Could Be Used For Both Daily Writing And Calligraphy?
Can Writing With A Straight Edge Damage The Nib?
Can You Wear Out A Nib By Flexing It?
What Modern Pens Are Going To Be Future Vintage Classics?
Can You Separate The Nib From The Feed On The Pilot Vanishing Point?
What Do You Recommend As A First Demonstrator Fountain Pen?
What Are Some Pens Without Threads and Step-Ups?
Which Non-Plastic Fountain Pens Would Be Good For Beginners?
What Are Your Thoughts On The New Parker Urban?
Do Fountain Pens Work In Space?
How Do You Fill From An Ink Sample Using A Vacuum Filler?
What’s A Good Pen To Use To Try Out New Inks?
At The Beginning, Is It Better To Have A Variety Of Inks Or Pens?
Do Some Pens Perform Better With Certain Inks?
What Are The Best Pens To Use With Iron Gall Inks?
What Makes A Fountain Pen Worth The Money?
Which Pens With Fine Nibs Write Really Wet?
What Are Your Thoughts On The Aurora Flex Nibs?
What Are Some Pens Beyond ‘Next Level’?
What Is Capillary Action?
Which Filling Mechanism Is Best If You Like To Change Inks Frequently?
What Are Some Recommendations For Thin Fountain Pens?
What Is The Point Of An Extra Ink Reservoir?
What Shapes Do Fountain Pens Come In?
What Are Some Recommendations For Clipless Pens?
What Are Some Tips When Using Fountain Pens On Cheap Paper?
How Can You Tell When You’re Running Low On Ink?
Can Reverse Writing Ruin The Nib?
What Are The Best Fountain Pens For Artists?
How Can You Tell If A Nib Is Friction-Fit?
Do more people write in cursive or print with fountain pens?
Should You Spring For a Grail Pen or Try a Diverse Grouping of Less Expensive Pens?
What is the Best Starter ‘Fancy’ Fountain Pen? 

Pen Comparisons
How Does the ‘Flex’ of the New Platinum Cool Compare to the Noodler’s Ahab Nibs?
What Is The Difference Between The TWSBI 580 And The TWSBI Vac 700?
How Does The Pilot Custom 912 FA Nib Compare To The Omas Extra-Flessible Nib?
How Does the Pilot Custom 74 Compare To The Delta Serena?
Could You Compare/Contrast the Lamy 2000 And The Pilot Custom Heritage 92?
Can You Discuss The Different Models Of The Pelikan Souveran?
What Are The Major Differences Between A Lamy Studio And A 2000?
Please Compare The Ink Capacity Of The TWSBI 580 To The Vac 700
Can You Explain The Differences Between All Of The Higher End Pilot Models?
Which Should A Student Invest In: A Pilot Metropolitan Or A TWSBI Mini?
How Would The Omas Cocktail Blue Angel Compare With The Pilot Custom 74?
My TWSBI Classic And 580 Have Fine Nibs But Have Different Size Lines. Why?
How Does The Platinum Cool Nib Compare To The Nib On The Plaisir And The Balance?
How Do The Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Platinum Preppy (EF) Compare In Line Variation?
How Does The Pilot Vanishing Point Fine Nib Compare To The Metropolitan Fine?
How Do The Karas Kustoms Pens Compare To Other Metal Pens?
Does The Noodler’s Konrad Have More Issues Than The Ahab?
Which Pilot Pen Is Better, The VP Or Custom 74?
Which Copper Fountain Pen Do You Prefer?
What’s The Difference Between A TWSBI Eco & 580?
What’s The Difference Between the TWSBI Vac700 And Vac700R?

Do the Pilot Parallel Cartridges Fit in the Metropolitan?
How Long is the Life Expectancy of the Lamy Converter Cartridge?
How Many Times Can You Refill A Disposable Cartridge Before You Have To Toss It?
Can You Compare The Features Of Different Converters/Filling Mechanisms?
Can You fill A Converter By Dipping It In The Ink Bottle?
Are There Lamy Converters With A Larger Ink Capacity Than The Z24 and Z26?
Can You Demonstrate How To Fill Cartridge-Converter Pens From Ink Sample Bottles?
Are There Any Advantages To Using A Converter Over Cartridges?
In General, Will Ink Cartridges From Ink Manufacturers Work With All Fountain Pens?
Is It Possible To Completely Disassemble A Lamy Z24 Converter?
Can You Disassemble the Lamy Z26 Converter?
For Converters, Would A Wider Mouth Opening Result In Better Ink Flow?
Is It Feasible To Swap Ink Cartridges In And Out Of Pens After They’ve Been Punctured?
Are “Universal” Cartridges/Converters Truly Universal?
How Do You Take The Air Pressure Out Of A Cartridge Converter?
What Are Your Thoughts On The Newly Designed Pilot Con-40?
Will Pulling The Converter Off Of The Nib Unit Eventually Weaken the Connection?
When Using A Cartridge, What Options Do I Have For Getting The Ink To The Nib?
Who Invented Standard International Cartridges?
How To Remove Air Bubbles When Filling The Pen
How Can You Tell If An Ink Cartridge Is Standard International?
How Standard Are The Standard International Cartridges?
Will Using Old Ink Cartridges Harm The Pen?
What’s The Point Of An Agitator In A Converter?
How Long Does It Take For A New Cartridge To Start Writing?

Should You Dispose of Ink After Use or Put it Back in the Bottle?
Do You Recommend Shaking the Ink Bottle Each Time Before Use?
What is the Difference Between the Noodlers Black Inks?
What are some Fountain Pen Inks for Students?
What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Baystate Blue Stains?
What are Your Thoughts on Ink Mixing/Dilution in General?
What’s a Good Ratio of Water Dilution to Reduce the Feathering?
What’s The Best Type of Ink to Use with Extra Fine Nibs?
Is There a Reason that Pen Ink and Stamping Ink are Different Things?
Are There Differences Between Cartridges and Bottled Ink?
What is the Difference Between Shading and Saturation?
Are There Any Huge No No’s to be Aware of With Ink Mixing?
Any Good Suggestions for a Quick Drying Permanent Ink?
Should my Noodler’s Dragon’s Napalm Have Metallic-looking Chunks in it? 
What’s the Difference Between Bulletproof and Eternal Inks?
Which Non-Black Inks Fade Less Over Time When Used in Journals?
Can You Use Bottled Ink With Brush Pens Or Strictly Cartridges?
What Would Be a Great Christmas Red and Green Ink to Use for Christmas Cards?
Is There a Way to Seal or Protect Fountain Pen Ink on an Envelope?
Are There Inks Suitable for Writing on Slightly Glossy Paper?
Can Hi-Lighter Ink Be Used In A Fountain Pen?
What Are Some Inks That Are Not Necessarily “Workplace Friendly?” 
What Qualities Make Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng Difficult?
Are Some Inks More Prone To Clogging Fountain Pens Than Others?
What Is Your Take On Iron Gall Inks? 
Which Inks Require More Maintenance, and Will Harm the Nib, Feed Or Body Itself?
What is An Offensively Bright Blue That Is Wet, And Low Maintenance?
Is It Possible To Mix Noodler’s Blue Ghost with Other Inks?
What’s The Best Method For Filling Pens Without Getting Your Fingers Inky?
What Is A Good Low Maintenance Noodler’s Ink For A Noob?
Does Whiteness Of The Whale Write Legibly On Black Paper?
Which Of The Noodler’s 4.5 oz Bottles Come With A Preppy Or Noodler’s Pen?
Do De Atramentis Document Inks Have the Most Spread On Paper? Can You Minimize It?
Can Mold Infect An Entire Bottle Of Ink? Is There Anything You Can Do To Prevent It?
What Are The Most Popular Basic Ink Colors For Everyday Writing?
Can I Still Order Ink In Freezing Temperatures?
What One Ink Would You Recommend For Each Color Category On Gouletpens.com?
Can You Give Us A List Of The Most and Least Lubricated Inks?
I’m Looking For A Blood Red Ink? Any Recommendations?
Do You Have A Recommendation For A Good Everyday Blue Ink?
How Do You Wipe Off The Ink On The Surface Of The Nib?
Is The pH Of Ink In Modern Formulations Something I Should Consider?
Can You Discuss “Fast Dry” Inks?
What Makes X-Feather Different From Noodler’s Black and Black Eel?
What Bottle Inks Match Each Pen Color Of The Preppy Highlighter?
When I Erase Noodler’s Bulletproof Black The Ink Turns Very Light. Is That Ok?
Which Popular Inks Are Easy To Clean?
What Methods Do You Suggest For “Hard Starting” Pens? And What Is “Baby’s Bottom”?
Should Inks Be Stored In The Refrigerator?
What Could I Buy At Goulet Pens That Resembles India Ink?
Should You Shake The Ink, Gently Stir, Or Just Take It As It Sits?
Do You Have Any Ink And Pen Suggestions For Editors?
What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Shading Inks Within The Noodler’s Family?
What Makes One Ink “Wet” And Another “Dry”?
How Nervous Should I Be About Keeping Ink Bottles Out? How Long Before Fading?
Does Freezing Damage Ink In Any Way?
Could You Recommend A Pen For Me To Use As An ‘Ink Sampler’?
Does Increased Wetness Increase Line Width?
Does The Price Of A Bottle Of Ink Reflect On Its Quality?
How Do I Open A Stuck Ink Bottle?
Is There Anything That You Would Recommend To Take The Ink Out Of Clothes?
How Can Ink Color Vary From The Color On The Bottle To Darker Shades Of The Same Color?
What Are Some Inks That Dry Quickly On Smooth Paper?
How Much Ink Evaporation Is “Normal?”
How Does One Get Noodler’s Inks Off One’s Hands?
What Are Some Colorful Inks That Perform Well On School Quality Paper And Shade Well?
Any Ink/Paper Recommendations For A Sheen With The OMAS Extra Flex Nibs As A Lefty?
What Is The Difference Between “Iron Gall” And “Bulletproof”/”Eternal” Inks?
Is 10 Year Old Ink Still Safe To Use? What Would You Do To Test It?
Which Type of Ink Bottle Is Best?
Does Writing Pressure Affect The Shading On All Inks?
Is There Anything To Be Aware Of When Using Inkwells?
Which Modern Inks Contain Biocides?
Can You Use A Highlighter To Highlight Something That Was Written In Fountain Pen Ink?
At What Temperature Does Ink Freeze?
What Are Your “Must-Have” Inks?
What’s The Best Way To Switch Inks?
What Are Some Underrated Inks?
Can You Use Any Light Colored Ink As A Highlighter Ink?
Is There A Universal Definition For Sheen?
How Do You Fill A Pen From Your Ink Vials?
How Long Will A 3oz Bottle of Noodler’s Last Me?
Do You Have Any Tricks To Open A Stuck Bottle Cap?
Which Inks Are Exclusive To Goulet Pens And How They Came To Be?
What Ink Bottle Says “I Use Fountain Pens!”? 
How Long Do Ink Manufacturers Keep Making A Particular Ink?
Is It Better To Get Ink Samples Or To Buy Bottles Of Ink?
What Causes Particles To Stay In The Feed And Not Flow Out With The Ink?
Can You Make Non-Permanent Inks Permanent?
Are The J. Herbin 1670 Inks Easier To Clean Than The Diamine Shimmertastic Inks?
How Much Impact Does Ink Choice Have On The Writing Experience?
Does Saturation Of An Ink Affect Its Fade Resistance?
Should You Do Anything Special When Shipping Ink Bottles?
How Much Quality Control Goes Into Making Fountain Pen Inks?
Do Waterproof Inks Dry Out In Pens Faster Than Non-Waterproof Inks?
What Inks Do You Recommend If I Want To Mix My Own Colors?
What Are Your Favorite Unusual Ink Colors?
What Inks Look Great In Demonstrator Pens?
Can The Same Ink Differ Between A Cartridge And Bottle?
What’s The Difference Between Pigmented & Non-Pigmented Inks?
What’s The Best Way To Shake Up The Shimmer Particles In a Pen?
What Do All The Special Properties Of Noodler’s Inks Mean?
Why Is The Ink In My Flex Nib Feathering?
What Is The Darkest Ink that GPC Carries?
Which Ink Bottles Are Best For Low Level Filling?
What Properties Make Noodler’s Baystate Blue Appealing?
What’s The Difference Between A Wet And Dry Ink?
What Are Your Thoughts On Older Inks Like Parker Quink & Sheaffer Skrip?
What Are The Strangest Inks That GPC Carries?
If You Could Design the Perfect Ink Bottle, What Would it Look Like?

What Notebook or Loose Leaf Paper is Good for High School and College Students?
Notebooks for Left-Handed Writers? 
What is a Good Correspondence/Letter Paper Set for Beginners?
Which Papers Could be Considered “Archive” Quality?
Do You Know Of Any Steno Pads That Are Fountain Pen Compatible?
Can Coarser Paper From Books Damage The Nib On A Fountain Pen?
What is GSM? What Does It Mean? What Does It Have To Do With Anything?
Which Paper Is More Fountain Pen Friendly, The Quo Vadis Habana or the Leuchtturm1917?
What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tomoe River Paper?
What Are The Differences Between Rhodia And Clairefontaine?
Do You Have Any Idea Why The US And European Paper Sizes Are Different?
Why Does Paper Affect Fountain Pens More So Than Rollerballs?
What Paper Is Best For Wetter Pens/Inks In Order To Have Less Bleed?
Compare Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Paper To The G. Lalo Vergé De France Paper?
Can You Use The Passport Size Midori Traveler’s Notebook As A Wallet?
Does It Matter If Paper Is Acid-Free? How Can We Tell If It Is?
What Is the Best Ink and Paper Combination To Make Something Last Forever?
If Ink Spreads When You Write, Is That More The Ink Or Paper?
What Notebooks Are Good Alternatives To Field Notes?
What Paper Is Best To Use For Beginners?
What’s The Best Way To Store Notebooks Long-Term?
What’s The Best Ink/Paper Combo To Write On Both Sides Of The Paper?
What Fountain Pens Are The Most Pen Loop Friendly?
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Various Notebook Bindings?
How Does Hotter Weather Impact Paper?

Paper Comparisons
How Does The Maruman Mnemosyne Paper Compare To The Rhodia Premium Paper?
What Is The Difference Between The Clairefontaine 1951, Classic And Basic Notebooks?

Do Certain Nib Manufacturers Consistently Run Larger or Smaller?
Could You Give Us a List of Pens that Use a #6 Nib?
Is There a Way to Stop Nib Creep Other Than Changing Pens and Ink?
What Are Your Opinions on Left Handed Nibs?
What Are Your Thoughts on Pros and Cons of Different Nib Sizes?
What’s The Best Way to Store Spare Nibs?
Are There Any Brands that Offer a Stub Nib With Tipping Material?
Is An Inlaid Nib When the Nib Section is Fused Together as a Single Unit?
Is It Possible To Grind/Smooth A Nib Too Much? If So, Can Anything Be Done About It?
Are The Nibs Between The Faber-Castell Basic, Loom, and E-motion Interchangeable?
Do I Have To Worry About Material From Thicker Textured Paper Getting Into The Nib?
Does The Cap On The VP Damage The Nib When Clicking It Open?
How Do You Tell What Size A Nib Is If It Doesn’t Have Any Markings?
Which Material For Fountain Pen Nibs Would You Describe As The Nicest To Use?
What Is The Difference Between A Stub Nib And A Double Broad Nib?
Do Edison’s Gold Nibs Add Significantly To The Writing Experience Over The SS Nibs?
Are The Goulet Nibs Made And Smoothed To A Specific Specification?
Are The Noodler’s Replacement Flex Nibs Proprietary To Noodler’s Pens?
Why Are Gold Nibs Softer To Write With Than Steel Nibs?
What Is The Purpose Of A Music Nib?
How Soft Is The Falcon Nib Compared To The Nib Creaper Under Normal Writing Pressure?
Is There Such A Thing As Breaking-in The Nib/Pen?
How Long Do Nibs Typically Last? Are There Any Signs?
Is There Any Easy Way To Clean Ink Off The Nib?
What Is The Nib Size Of A Noodler’s Konrad Flex?
What Is The Best Nib Size/Ink Combo To Travel With!?
What Kind Of Nib Is Best When Writing Chinese Characters?
What Is The Difference Between A Stub And An Italic?
What Is A Cheap Way To Try Different Nib Sizes?
Would You Say That Japanese Nibs Are Ground With More Feedback Than European Nibs?
What Is The Difference Between Toothiness, Feedback, And Scratchiness?
Do All Pilot Stainless Steel Nib Pens Start And Write The Same?
What Is The Standard Practice For Tipping On Stub/Italic Pens?
Why Do Nib Sizes Vary Between Manufacturers?
Why Are Nibs With Less Gold Softer Than Those With More Gold?
Can You Compare Writing With A Palladium Nib Vs A Gold Or Steel Nib?
Can A Fountain Pen Nib Be Too Smooth?
Why Do I See Less Shading In Finer Nib Pens?
If I Wanted The Smoothest Nib Available In An EF What Should I Be Looking At?
Can The Nib On The Conklin Be Replaced With A #6 Goulet Nib, And If So, How?
How Can You Tell If There’s An Issue With New Nibs?
Can You Put A Noodler’s Flex Nib On A Jinhao 159?
Could You Explain Tipping Material?
How Do You Know If Your Nib Is Defective?
Why Does Pilot Only Sell Extra Nib Units For The Vanishing Point?
Can You Recommend An Italic Or Stub Nib For $100 Or Less?
How Do You Repair A Bent Nib?
Do You Have Any Recommendations For Hard Nibs?
What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages Of Titanium Nibs?
Can You Describe Edison Nibs?
Is The Feed Or The Nib More Important In A Smooth Fountain Pen?
How Do I Stop A Nib From Singing?
What Do You Recommend As A Good First Italic Nib?
Does Coating On The Nib Affect Line Variation?
What Might Cause My Nib To Become Misaligned?
Are There Any Advantages Of Using #6 Nib vs. #5/#4?
What’s The Highest Karat Gold A Nib Can Be?
Can Nibs Be Made Of Anything Other Than Metal?
Should You Be Concerned With a Squeaky Nib?
Can You Smooth Out An Extra-Fine Nib?
Why Does My Lamy Nib Shift Out Of Place Overtime?
What Are Some Pens That Feature A Two-Tone Nib?
What Is The Point Of A Waverly Nib?
Will The Fit Of A Friction-Fit Nib Wear Down Over Time?
Which Pilot Nibs Are Swappable?
What Is The Purpose Of A Hooded Nib?
Which Fountain Pens Fit The Goulet #6 Nibs?
Why Might Your Pen Make A Scratching Noise When Writing?
Are There Any Japanese Nib Sellers?
How Similar Are Steel Nibs to Gold Nibs Within the Same Brand?
Do You Need to Break In Flex Nibs?
Should You Upgrade Your LAMY With a Gold Nib?

Sealing Wax
Approximately How Many Seals Would 1 Sample Stick Make?
What Are The Advantages Of Using Sealing Wax?
Do You Have Any Ideas For Getting A Clean Release From A Wax Seal?
What Are The Differences Between Atelier Gargoyle And J. Herbin Sealing Waxes?
How Can I Use Wax Seals For Gift Wrapping?

Pen Cleaning/Maintenance
What is your Recommendation on Cleaning a Con-70 Converter?
What About Maintaining Your Maintenance Tools?
If I Inked Up a Large Capacity Pen Do I Still Need to Clean My Pen Regularly?
How Do I Clean the Insides of a Translucent Pen Stained by Ink?
Is There an Easy Way to Clean the Feeder Tube in my Noodler’s Ahab?
How Do You Maintain The Outside Of A Fountain Pen?
Is There An Easy Way To Clean Squeeze Converters?
What Is Recommended For Cleaning Pens That Have Had Iron Gall Ink In Them?
What Is Your Advice on Maintenance/Cleaning If You Swap The Nib Units Often?
Any Tips On How To Loosen Pen Parts To Make It Easier To Disassemble The Pen?
What Is The Best Way to Clean And Refill A Piston Filled Pen?
How Do You Polish Minor Scratches From Your Fountain Pen’s Body?
What Is The Best Way To Clean The Translucent Grip Section Of The Al-Star?
How Do You Remove The Feed On An Al-Star?
What Is The Best Way To Clean Inside The Top Portion of A Vanishing Point?
How Often Should I Re-grease A Piston Filler?
What Is The Easiest Way To Clean The Threads On A Pen?
How Often Should You Reapply Silicone Grease To The Threads Of An Eyedropper Pen?
When I Do My Pen Maintenance, Should I Use Hot Or Cold Water?
How Can I Clean A Pen To Ensure That There Isn’t Any Dried Ink Left?
Do You Have Any Tips On How To Get Pens That Don’t Disassemble To Dry Out Quick?
How Can I Get Ink Out Of My Pilot Custom 74 Cap Insert?
What Is Pen Maintenance Like When Using Inks With Glitter?
Which Feed Materials Are Sensitive To Which Reagents?
Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean My Pens?
Which Pens Have The Easiest Nib Units To Clean?
How Do You Clean The TWSBI Vac Mini?
What Kind of Water Should I Use To Clean My Pens?
How Do You Maintain A Visconti Homo Sapiens Pen?
Can You Use Compressed Air To Clean Out A Fountain Pen?
What Is The Best Way To Clean A Visconti Homo Sapiens?
Can I Leave My Visconti Homo Sapiens In Water Overnight?
How Do You Dry Out A TWSBI Eco After Cleaning?
How Do You Clean Silicone Grease Out Of A Pen?
What’s The Best Way To Clean Out An Eyedropper Pen?
Can You Use A Toothbrush To Clean A Removable Feed?
How Do You De-Eyedropper A Fountain Pen?
Why Might Condensation Form In The Cap?
How To Clean The Body & Cap Of A Fountain Pen?
How Do You Maintain The Finish On The Lamy 2000?
How Do You Keep A Nib Shiny?
How Can You Prevent Ink From Getting Past The Piston Seal?
Should You Remove The Nib/Feed Every Time You Clean Your Pens?

Pen Tuning
What Should I Avoid When Using Mylar Paper or Micro-mesh?
Do You Consider The Ink Being Used Before Reaching For Smoothing Materials On A Nib?
Can You Smooth A Stub Nib With Micro-Mesh?
What Is The Process For Tuning A Pen?

Pen Storage
What Are Ways To Keep Our Pens Safe? 
Do You Carry Any Non-Leather Pen Case Options?
How Do You Safely Store Your Glass Pens?
What Pen Carry/Storage Solutions Do You Recommend For Students?
Can Pens In A Pen Case Cause Problems At Airport Security?
How Do You Carry Your Pens With You?
What Is The Best Way To Store Pens On My Desk?

How Much Research/Preparation Do You Do For The Q&As?
Do You Ever Get The Urge To Make A Change In The Direction/Scope Of Your Company? 
How Was Monday Matchup Created? Who Gets the Final Say on Pens and Ink?
How Exactly Do You Make Your Swabs?
Where Do You Each See Potential Growth For Your Companies?
Would You By Any Chance Be Privy To Why Nathan Named His Company Noodler’s?
Does It Hurt Your Business That Sellers Are Undercutting Your Prices?
How Do You Keep Your Employees Motivated To Work So Hard?
Why Has Goulet Been Selling More Higher End Pens Recently?
What Is “The Bottom Shelf”, And How Often Is It Updated?
How Did You Develop Your Packaging Method?
Does Goulet Have Any Plans For New Limited Edition Pens?
What Are Brian’s Thoughts On Knockoff Fountain Pen Designs?
How Much Input Does GPC Have On International Shipping Rates?
What Pen Brand Have You Wanted To Sell But Couldn’t?
Why Does GPC Stop Carrying Certain Products?
Is The Fountain Pen Business Growing Or Shrinking?
Can GPC Carry Non-US Distributed Products?
Will There Ever Be a Goulet Gold Or Flex Nib?
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