Welcome to my review of Herbin Bleu Pervenche! I’ve seen other ink reviews, and I wanted to put my own little spin on it. I started out with the idea of doing a comparison with dry times, saturation, flow, bleedthrough, blah blah blah. Bottom line is that ink is subjective, based on the pen you use, the paper you write on, and your personal writing style. Not to mention the fact that the lighting, picture editing, and your individual computer monitor settings will affect the color you see. So I took some nice pictures and will let them speak for themselves. ;)

The paper I used was Clairefontaine Triomphe Stationery tablets, which is 90g and oh, so smooth (and white!), and G. Lalo VergĂ© de France in ivory, which is 100g with a more textured feel. I also did a ‘watercolor’ picture, using a q-tip to swab the ink (and a J. Herbin Creapen to draw the outline) on a Clairefontaine Grafit sketchpad.

I tested with three pens, a 1.5mm Pelikan Script Calligraphy Pen, my own Goulet fine nib pen (why not?), and a J. Herbin glass pen. These 3 pens all write very differently and show the variation in shading the ink has.

Write on,
Brian Goulet