On Herbin’s literature, they state 7 seals per stick of supple wax, but I noticed I was getting more than that. I’m using a Herbin brass letter “G” (for Goulet!), which is probably average-small for all of the seals out there.I had a bunch of letters I was writing and I thought I’d grab the camera and time lapse the sealing I was doing to prove how many I could do. Well…I did 17 and only got through about half a stick. I used the Herbin supple gold wax, to match the seal on the front of the new 1670 anniversary ink I just got in! Since I was writing with the ink, it was very complementary!

Doing that many seals in a row, it was helpful (and kinda critical) to use an ice pack to keep the brass seal cool. I gave this tip before in my other post about the seals.

This is a new stick next to the stick after 17 seals:

In the end, it took me 33 (close to 34) seals to finish out that stick! With 4 sticks in a pack, that’s over 120 seals (at least the way I do it!). Not bad! Of course it’ll vary, but since my experience is so much different than what the literature claims, I thought it was worth sharing!


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Brian Goulet