In my post yesterday, I introduced you to the Kaweco Sport pens. In that post I mentioned that these pens are ideal for eyedropper conversion. I can go on and on about it all, but I cover it pretty well in the video. I did mention in the video that you can refill your standard international cartridges (as an alternative to doing this eyedropper conversion), and I show you how to do that in this other video (at around 3 minutes in).

One thing I have been told since making this video is that there is a converter out there (made by Monteverde) that can fit the Kaweco Sport. I don’t know how readily available they are. They’re not ‘Kaweco’ official converters (there is no such thing), they just happen to fit the pens, so I’m told. I’m working on getting one of these Monteverde converters in my hands for use in a future video. Once you see how easy the eyedropper conversion is, though, I doubt you’ll feel you need a converter for these pens.

Pretty cool, huh?