If you’ve never used ink syringes or seen them used before, then you’re missing one of the essential tools in your fountain pen toolbox. They serve a multitude of uses, including:

  • Filling empty ink cartridges/converters
  • Cleaning empty ink cartridges
  • Filling/emptying ink sample vials
  • Getting the last of the ink out of a glass bottle
  • Filling an eyedropper pen
  • Measuring ink for mixing
  • Filling pens with ‘feed saturation’ (like I do in this post)
Goulet Ink Syringe Set
Goulet Ink Syringe Set – Includes two 5ml syringes and two 20ga needles
Though ink syringes can essentially be any syringe you find (unused), it’s really best if it has a blunt-tip, so you don’t hurt yourself or your ink cartridges. The ones I use in the video (and the pictures) are my own syringes I’ve sourced out specifically for the purpose of using them for fountain pens. Mine have more than a 5ml capacity, which is enough to fill even the largest of eyedropper pens. The 1.5″ long needle is long enough to reach into the deepest ink bottles, even to the bottom of a 4.5 ounce Noodler’s bottle!
Ink syringes are also ideal for refilling ink cartridges or converters. If you refill your ink cartridges, it means you don’t have to necessarily buy a converter, but you can still use bottled ink. That, and some ink cartridges hold more ink than their matching converters do.


Ink Syringe Refill Converter
Easily refill your cartridges/converters with an ink syringe

There are a few retailers out there that have their own ink syringes, and most of them should work in a very similar fashion. Though I’ve used my own syringes for the video and the details will be specific to Goulet syringes, the basic concepts are the same with any syringe. If you’re interested in the Goulet ones, you can the set of two syringes for $5 here.

Have you ever used any? What other interesting uses have you found for them?

Write on, 
Brian Goulet