Monteverde has been working hard in the last two years to establish itself as an ink brand as well as a pen brand, and the latest Noir collection is certainly helping them to do so. These ten new inks bring their total offerings up to a whopping 41 different colors that we offer at

Monteverde first reimagined their Core collection in October 2016 with 21 brand new colors, followed by their Gemstone collection in February 2017 with 10 new jewel tone-inspired colors.

So let’s take a look at the Noir collection!

The Noir collection was inspired by the Blue/Black ink color concept – mixing a standard color with black to achieve a darker, muted tone.

The collection consists of:

  • Azure Noir (more of a true navy blue/black)
  • Coal Noir (dark grey)
  • Copper Noir (high-shading rich orange)
  • Jade Noir (dark green)
  • Mercury Noir (red/burgundy)
  • Mulberry Noir (purple)
  • Ocean Noir (royal blue – very Goulet!)
  • Raven Noir (deep black)
  • Rose Noir (deep pink/black)
  • Smoke Noir (lighter grey)

Just like all other Monteverde inks, these Noir inks are lubricated for optimal flow and performance in your fountain pens.

The Monteverde Noir collection is only available in the smaller 30ml glass bottles for $8 each. You can also purchase all ten as a boxed set for $72, or in our individual 2ml samples for $1.25 each. We also put together a package set of all ten ink samples for $11.25.

We’d love to know what you think of the new Monteverde Noir collection! Leave a comment below with which colors you’re most intrigued by, or if you’ve already tried them, let us know what your thoughts are.

Write On,
Rachel Goulet