In the autumn of 2019, Nathan of Noodler’s announced a new pen model, which debuted at the Commonwealth Pen Show in Massachusetts. We knew this new Noodler’s model was sure to be an exciting addition to an already intriguing brand. The Noodler’s Triple Tail offers a three-tined music nib on a body style that is quite familiar to a few already beloved models. Read on to learn more or check out Brian and Drew’s video below!

The Triple Tail, named for a type of fish, sports a three-tined music nib and a cigar-shaped body style that is reminiscent of the Noodler’s Ahab. The Triple Tail also has a similar slide piston filling mechanism like the Ahab. But the size and girth are closer to Noodler’s other three-tined music nib pen, the Neponset. Like all other Noodler’s Pens, the Triple Tail is designed to be disassembled without tools and is a true “tinkerer’s pen” for those that like to adjust and fix their pens themselves.

The Triple Tail is the first Noodler’s pen to feature a threaded nib housing. Within this new housing, you will find a new design of the Music nib and feed as well. The new nib features a more streamlined look without the previous wings seen on the side of the nib. The feed appears to also be a better fit in the pen to help the pen have a more consistent flow. The Triple Tail is also fashioned from a new material that is free of “The Smell” that is noted with other Noodler’s pens. The cotton butyrate mix material is both sturdy and odor-free for the most part.

The Triple Tail is not a standard #6 nib, so swap nibs at your own risk. The pen should be compatible with the nibs from the Neponset, Ahab, and Konrad. The feed is designed to keep up with the three-tined construction so we would not recommend trying to swap this nib onto other pens as it would be a tight fit and other feeds likely could not keep up with the flow demands of the music nib.

Upon launch, the Triple Tail is only available in Clear, but we hope to see additional colors in the future.

Will you be getting a new Noodler’s Triple Tail fountain pen?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team