We’re excited to start offering something totally new at Goulet Pens! This Pineider Pen Filler accessory allows you to carry your ink with you on the go, while also allowing you to have an easy way to refill your pens at your desk. It holds a max ink capacity of 10ml. Check out our video above to see the Pineider Pen Filler in action so you can follow the steps to use it yourself.

The Pen Filler is made of plastic, so no worrying about if it will break. You’ll want to save the box because the side of the box it has holes cut out to help you test which pens will fit and work with the Pen Filler. The Pineider Pen Filler will accept pens with grips that are between 9.5mm and 13.5mm.

The Pineider Pen Filler is now available for $25 at Goulet Pens and makes the perfect gift for any fountain pen enthusiast, including yourself!

What are your thoughts on this new must-have accessory?

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