(Updated August 2019)

The unique structured design of the Visconti Limited Edition Watermark fountain pen combines the best qualities of a demonstrator pen with the strength of sterling silver. The cut outs on the pen are reminiscent of the Visconti logo, hence the name Watermark. The overlay on the pen is made from 925 sterling silver, however it has a plating that will prevent the pen from tarnishing. Each pen is individually numbered and are limited to 888 pieces worldwide. Currently it’s offered in Rainbow Iridescent and Blue Moon.

The intricate design of the sterling silver overlay is a testament to Visconti’s artisan roots, as well as their degree of technical mastery. Each pen is cut from a solid tube of sterling silver and requires a number of manual operations to complete.  While the design may look sharp, the smooth silver gives a pleasant tactile sensation while in your hand. You can watch your ink swish and swirl through the clear acrylic barrel. The entire design is breathtaking to behold, especially if you are an ink enthusiast.

Each pen features a double reservoir power filler, perfect for watching your ink of choice flow through the clear acrylic body. The double reservoir power filler allows for an exceptionally large fill of ink and makes the pens safe for air travel. You’ll find the finial on each pen bears the Visconti logo.

Historically this pen model has been offered with a 23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib; however, Visconti is now (as of August 2019) transitioning to 18kt gold nibs made by Bock in Germany. We’ve indicated in the nib size drop whether the 23kt palladium or 18kt gold nib is currently being offered at Goulet Pens.

The no longer available Silver Watermark.

You can find our current offerings of the Visconti Watermark at GouletPens.com. These are limited edition pens so they will not be around forever.

What do you think of the Visconti Limited Edition Watermark? Is this a grail pen for you?

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