The Pilot Falcon (in yellow gold trim) has long been a staple in the fountain pen world for its soft nib. Pilot has knocked one out of the park this time by introducing the same pen in a rhodium trim version, as well as expanding the nib offering to include a soft extra-fine!

Here are some time markers for the video:

  • Pilot/Namiki rebranding explanation (0:32)
  • Similarities between (original) Namiki gold trim and new Pilot rhodium trim (2:04)
  • Metal Falcon video reference (3:16)
  • Differences between Namiki gold trim and Pilot rhodium trim (3:40)
  • Box changes (5:22)
  • Filling the pen (5:58)

The new Pilot Falcon has a couple of slight cosmetic changes from the Namiki Falcon, namely the trim color (rhodium instead of gold), “Pilot” branding on the centerband instead of “Namiki”, a metal finial inlay, and a slightly larger trim ring near the threads on the grip. The most important difference (in my mind) is that the Pilot Falcon is available with a soft extra-fine nib, something that you could previously get only by paying out $240 for a Pilot Metal Falcon, or by getting a custom grind on the $152 resin Pilot Falcon.

Now though, you can get that amazingly thin extra-fine nib from the factory on a $152 Pilot Falcon, and get an impressive amount of flex.

Pilot Falcon Black Rhodium Fountain Pen
Pilot Falcon Nib Pilot Falcon Nib

Also check out my newer video on filling the Pilot Falcon.

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Brian Goulet