The Jinhao 159 is one of the largest, heaviest and most affordable fountain pens we offer at While we’ve had the pen in black for some time, the orange and yellow are brand new in the United States — and arrived just in time for spring.

The 50g pen comes with a #6 medium stainless steel nib that’s swappable with most nibs, including Goulet and Edison nibs. However, we recommend against trying a Noodler’s flex nib as the Jinhao 159 simply isn’t built to support the needed ink flow.

A Jinhao converter is included with the 159, which also accepts a standard international converter. Additionally, the fountain pen accepts standard international short and long cartridges.

Similarly styled and named to the Montblanc 149, the Jinhao 159 doesn’t match the performance of this more expensive pen, but it writes fairly smooth and offers tremendous value. If you set reasonable expectations based on the $12.50 price tag, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s why we like to call the Jinhao 159 the “fake it till you make it” fountain pen.

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The Goulet Pen Company Team