The Lamy Logo is a pen that doesn’t normally get a whole lot of
attention, and that is surprising to me because it is fairly unique. It is straight all the way down, and kind of futuristic in its design. It’s pretty thin like the CP1, so those of you who are into thin pens will dig it. It also has a pretty flexible spring clip that’s inset into the cap a bit, I don’t know why I think that’s cool but I do. It has a snap cap, and pushes to post.

Even though it’s made of metal, it’s aluminum so it’s still pretty light (18g), about the weight of a Lamy Safari. Its nibs are interchangeable with all of the stainless steel Lamy nibs. It only comes available from Lamy with fine or medium, but it’ll also fits the Lamy extra-fine, broad, 1.1, 1.5, and 1.9mm stubs. The matte stainless steel version starts around $35, and the brushed around $40. They’re cartridge converter pens that take Lamy proprietary cartridges or the black and silver Lamy Z27 converter which is NOT included with these pens, so you’ll need to pick one of those up separately.

LAMY Logo in brushed Stainless Steel

The Safari and Al-Star get so much attention in the Lamy brand, but the Logo should definitely be on your radar if you’re shopping for a $40ish Lamy. For more details and up-to-date specs on the Logo be sure to check it out on

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Brian Goulet