Oh sunny day!

We’re excited to offer the wildly popular Jacques Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey, a part of the Jacques Herbin 1670 series! Jacques Herbin has been around since the year 1670, hence the name for their premium ink line. The 1670 line launched in 2010 at their 340th anniversary with the ink Rouge Hematite, the first in the 1670 ink series. That ink is a deep red with a gold sheen, and still sells today. They followed up with Bleu Ocean in 2012, and Stormy Grey in 2014, and Emerald of Chivor in 2015, and Caroube de Chypre¬† in 2016.

All the 1670 inks come in a 50ml bottle with a decorative wax seal on the bottle, and a supple wax cap.

Stormy Grey has attracted a number of fans for its unique gold sheen that shines through bold strokes of gray. Stormy Grey is an ink that dries a bit on the quick side, but isn’t a dry writing ink. As with any shimmering ink you will want to make sure to clean your pen a little more regularly, but you’ll be writing so much with this ink that will be easy to do!

Be sure to pick up a bottle (or three) today at GouletPens.com. The 50ml bottle is $29.95.