I know how it starts, you get a pen and think it’s cool.
Then you get another, maybe something a little different. The obsession takes
hold and before you know it, you have pens in their cases, your drawer,  in
your briefcase or backback, your purse, your bathroom sink, and you think to
yourself, “I have to find a way to store all these pens!”. I’ve been there, and
I struggle to manage my pens to this day. 
However, one thing I’ve found that has helped a lot is this
new Monteverde 36-slot pen case. It’s pretty straight-forward, it’s a pen
case that holds pen, I don’t know how to jazz it up any more than that. It has
a nylon cover with faux-leather binding, the stitching is pretty solid.

you have a faux-velvet interior which keeps the finish of the pen from
getting scratched. The single-loop elastic band holds the pens in place,
and it holds everything from the skinny Lamy CP1 to the fat Jinhao 159. The divider folds over one side of the pens to keep the two
sides separated and safe each other.

The one thing that I can see as a drawback to this
particular case is the fact there isn’t a double-loop, so theoretically
pens can bump into each other side-to-side. However, my experience has been
that this really is not an issue, except perhaps if you know you’re going to be
seriously tossing around and abusing your case on a regular basis, in which
case you’d probably want a hard case instead of a soft one like this anyway.

The Monteverde 36-slot pen case isn’t what I’d consider to
be a premium product, but then it isn’t a premium price, either. If you’re like
me, then you know that every dollar spent on pen storage is one dollar less to
spend on a new pen (or ink). For $40 (or $1.11 per pen) it’s going to be really
tough to find a more affordable pen storage option, especially something
portable like this. I personally am using a couple of these to store my own
pens. A word of caution though, putting your pens in a case increases the likelihood of acquiring more pens, so use with caution ;) 
Write On,
Brian Goulet