Hi guys, Adrianne here! I’m the Customer Care Team Lead and I’m excited to share my first Inksploration with you. I had the exciting opportunity to try out the delightfully dimensional Monteverde Citrine. Read on to hear how I created my Jellyfish sketch and what my takeaways were about this ink.

Drawing Inspiration and Technique

Since it’s November, I could have definitely done a Thanksgiving theme, but I decided to do something completely different to change things up. I really like jellyfish and I felt like tackling the challenge of drawing one.

I started by googling some images of a jellyfish and asking myself “could I draw them?” Once I found a few images I liked, I just went for it (a first for me!). I played around with the ink and shading. I started with the outlines of my jellyfish using the EF, F, and 1.1mm Stub ECO to get all different line widths. I used a cotton swab dipped in ink to make nice circular bubbles. Then, using a brush pen, I was able to get a good deal of shades from this ink to fill in the drawing. Depending on whether I used water to spread the ink, dipped the brush tip in the ink for a lighter diluted hue, or used a heavily saturated brush tip with a high ink concentration, I was able to get the colors I hoped to see. For my background, I started with water as a base, then I tested the ink in a diluted form, and finally layered on mostly ink in its undiluted form. I really wanted to give the ink an opportunity to show what it could do.

I hoped for this piece to look very free-flowing and organic because that is what jellyfish are to me. I had a lot of fun playing with the shading properties of the ink, and how well it diluted with water and the brush pen. I had to tell myself to stop adding to it and not overdo it; I just wanted to keep playing with the ink and seeing what else it could do.

Ink Review

  • Flow- Wet
    • Definitely a wetter flowing ink
    • Came out pretty quickly and stayed wet on the page for a while
    • High potential for smearing depending on paper or writing style
  • Dry Time- 30+ Seconds
    •  Not great for journaling unless you used an absorbent paper
    • Keeps its color nicely as it dries though
  • Water Resistance- Low
    • Not really water-resistant
  • Shading- High
    • Wonderful shading
    • Great for art
  • How did the ink behave on other papers?
    • This ink looks beautiful with the cream Leuchtturm1917 paper
    • Behaved well on Tomoe River paper
  • Special Features Worth Noting?
    • The shading is this ink’s best feature. It’s stunning, especially with a Stub nib TWSBI.
    • The ink, in general, was a pretty smooth flowing ink, even in the EF TWSBI

Comparable Inks


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