Pilot has just released some new designs of their Metropolitan pen, in animal prints!

Five new designs of the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen are coming this fall, each with an ‘animal’ pattern accent. The black/silver/gold plain models will remain in the regular line as well. The Metropolitan is one of my all-time favorite pens for many reasons, but especially because it’s such a high quality fountain pen at an incredibly reasonable price.

In the video above, I really aimed to show the similarities and differences between these new colors and the existing ones.

I have to admit, I’m not wild (pun!) about these new colors. Some are okay, but I’m not jumping up and down about the fact they’re replacing some of the existing dot and zig-zag patterns. Such is life, these are still great pens, and I am glad to see some different colors come in. My personal favorites are the Leopard and White Tiger.

Here are the five new designs:

Black Crocodile:

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Black Crocodile


Violet Leopard:

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Violet Leopard


White Tiger:

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen White Tiger


Bronze Lizard:

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Bronze Lizard


Silver Python:

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Silver Python


These Pilot Metropolitan animal print designs will be released sometime this fall. I want to hear what you think of these new colors. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Write on,
Brian Goulet