Noodler's Apache Sunset Ink Splatter

Hi everyone, Margaret here. This week’s ink review features one of my all time favorite inks, Noodler’s Apache Sunset. I was already a fan of this orange ink, and then I got to put it to the test with my Monday Matchup. The drastic range of color that you’re able to achieve with this ink sets it apart from all other colors! You can already tell I love it, but let’s dive deeper so I can show you more of Apache Sunset.

Noodler's Apache Sunset Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Apache Sunset Fountain Pen Ink on Tomoe River and Moleskine Paper
Noodler's Apache Sunset Ink Review on Tomoe River Paper
Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • Slow – This ink took some time to dry, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Just be careful to note that it could smear, so give it some time.


Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Low -If you want a waterproof ink, I wouldn’t recommend this one. Since it’s already so light in color, water really made the ink disappear. However, I had great success using this ink with a brush pen and some water, so I’d recommend it for sketching or drawing because the different shades you’re able to get are beautiful.


  • Medium/High– There’s a slight change in color between swabs 1 and 3.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Easy- No trouble cleaning this one of my pen. I think you could leave it inked up in a pen for a while, and have little to no trouble.


  • High -One of the best qualities of this ink is the incredible range of color! The shading is so gorgeous, and you can see the yellow to orange to red color in almost every letter you write.


  • Medium – This ink is super easy to write with because the flow really keeps up. It worked great with all of the different Lamy nibs that I used it with. (EF, F, M, B and 1.1mm)

Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • 3oz glass or plastic bottle (stock is mixed for now)
  • Bottle is pretty easy to fill from, especially if you try using an Ink Miser Intra-Bottle inkwell to help you use every last drop of ink!

Inks similar in color:

It’s no secret that I love this ink. I think everyone should own at least a sample, if not a full bottle! What’s amazing is that it looks awesome even in an extra fine nib, as well as a broad and flex nib too. Brian agrees and even included this ink in his top 7 shading inks! It may not be super practical for work, but I can see it being great for letter writing, sketching or note taking. Try it with different nibs and paper to see the different levels of shading that it offers.

Noodler's Apache Sunset Fountain Pen Ink
Noodler's Apache Sunset Fountain Pen Ink

You can find a 3oz bottle of Noodler’s Apache Sunset available for $12.50 and a 2ml ink sample available for $1.25. You can also find it available in our most popular shading inks sample package set for $9.00

What do you think? Are you a fan of Noodler’s Apache Sunset like I am?

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