Noodler’s Beaver is the last color we chose for the October 2010 Ink Drop. It was sort of a last-minute change, but we’re glad we chose it. It’s a nice solid brown color, leaning just a bit towards the red.

Bottle Shape/Size:
Noodler’s bottles are nothing unique, in fact they’re intentionally that way. They, like Private Reserve, put far more emphasis on cost effectiveness and ink performance than the design of the bottle, it’s simply to transport ink. They are 3-ounce bottles (about 89ml), some of the biggest out there. This gives a good ink economy with a 3-ounce bottle listing for $12.50. The neck is large, so it’s easy to fill big pens, and the bottles is also quite tall. The thing to watch out for is the bottles are filled to the brim, and that’s no joke.

Ink on Paper:
I tested the ink on 4 different premium papers, including a water test.

Water Resistance: Low
Even with just mild water exposure, I could tell this ink was washing right away. It’s a great color, but not for its water resistance. Then again, it’s not advertised as such, so that’s okay.
Comparable Colors:
Diamine Rustic Brown- somewhat close, but more red and a bit darker
J. Herbin Terre de Feu- close in color, but not at all in saturation. It’s about 50% weaker than Beaver.
Good value 
Nice shading
Controlled on absorbent paper
Unique color
Easy to fill from bottle
Low water resistance
Brian’s Bottom Line:
This is an overlooked ink, much like many of the standard Noodler’s colors. The brand attracts a lot of attention with the really flashy and waterproof inks, but their standard line of colors are actually quite nice with really good shading. Beaver is a unique color that I think many of you might enjoy if you’re looking for a dark brown with a slight red hint.

Noodler’s Beaver is available at in 2ml ink samples for $1.25 as well as 3-ounce bottles for $12.00.

***I do make my living from selling ink like Noodler’s, so take that into account for this review. Though my main purpose for the review is not to sell ink, I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope for it as a consequence! I’m not paid at all to blog, so this review is a labor of love for me. I hope you enjoyed it.