Noodler’s Red is another of the colors we chose for the October 2010 Ink Drop. It’s a nice, bright red with solid performance and all around good characteristics.

This is one of the inks I’ve found that is closest to Sheaffer Skrip Red, which is known in the fountain pen world as one of the ‘purest’ red inks. I tested it on 4 types of paper:



Noodler’s Red is not incredibly saturated, so it does allow for some nice shading. I know when some people think ‘Noodler’s’, they think crazy saturation, but that’s not necessarily true. They certainly have inks that are highly saturated, but Red is not one of them. It dries in a long but reasonable time, but does not smear or smudge when dry, even on very slick paper.

The water resistance of this ink is, well, not really there. Noodler’s makes a whole slew of tamper-proof and water-resistance inks, but this one is a part of their ‘basic’ line of inks. If you want a water-resistant red very close to this one, I would check out Noodler’s Fox instead.

Comparable colors:
Diamine Ruby
Sheaffer Skrip Red
Noodler’s Fox
Diamine Classic Red
J. Herbin Rouge Opéra

Cost effective
Good shading
Wide mouth, deep bottles- easy to fill your pen
Pretty easy to flush
pH neutral

Not very water resistant
Can feather on cheap paper
Long (but reasonable) dry time

If you have some spare time, I recommend checking out the Noodler’s website. There’s a lot of very interesting background and info about this rather ‘unique’ brand of inks.

Noodler’s Red lists for $12.50 for an 3-ounce (90ml) bottle. We do sell them at for $1.25 for a 2ml ink sample, as well as the 3-ounce bottle for $12.00.

***I do make my living from selling ink like Noodler’s, so take that into account for this review. Though my main purpose for the review is not to sell ink, I’d be lying if I said I don’t hope for it as a consequence! I’m not paid at all to blog, so this review is a labor of love for me. I hope you enjoyed it.