What to Get The Experienced Fountain Pen Fan Who Has It All

A true fountain pen lover will never say no to a new fountain pen, but at some point, you may feel as though you’ve run out of gifting options that are new and exciting. In an effort to keep your holiday shopping and gift-giving exciting, we’ve assembled a list of the perfect gifts to give the fountain pen enthusiast in your life this holiday season. This collection of limited editions, innovative materials, and exciting accessories will be delightful to wrap and receive. Below we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites. To see the full list, click here.

Galen Leather Writing Box

This wooden lap desk/ storage box has taken the fountain pen world by storm. Each unique box is handcrafted from solid walnut wood and vegetable-tanned leather. It can be purchased with or without a custom-fit leather carrying strap. Beneath the cover, there are multiple slots for securing pens and accessories in transit, plus two sturdy feet to prop up the lid, transforming the box into a perfectly angled writing surface while traveling. The quality construction and sheer usefulness of this box make it the perfect gift that’s sure to get frequent use.

Rickshaw Bagworks Pen Roll

Once you’ve got the perfect pen, you’ve got to have the perfect way to protect your treasured tools. The Rickshaw Bagworks Pen Rolls are a fun and functional way to carry up to 8 pens everywhere you go. The interior is lined with a soft plush lining to protect pens from scratches and the exterior is decorated with fun designs, such as ink splatters and dragons. The roll is held closed by a strong elastic band. Give your loved one a gift that both expresses their unique style and secures their unique choice of pens easily.

Bottled Ink Set

Contrary to what some may assert, there’s no such thing as enough fountain pen ink. This holiday season, give the gift of great ink in a stunning presentation. Goulet Pens offers a selection of ink sets that are sure to please any writer. Sets like the Colorverse The Standard Model set, which features 17 unique inks themed around the theory of particle physics classifying all known elementary particles, or the Pineider Ink Alchemy Set, which allows the user to mix their own custom color combinations and store them in the included bottles. You can see our full selection of Boxed Ink Sets here.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza Fountain Pen

If you’re looking for a beautiful pen to gift this year, you definitely need to check out the La Grande Bellezza models. These stunning pens are crafted from marble-infused swirled resin, creating a brilliant glimmering look that is both eye-catching and durable. Even the packaging looks highly giftable, the pen comes packaged in a gorgeous green box with a design that resembles a writing desk.

Handwriting Workbook

If your loved one is all set for pens and inks, help them put them to good use and develop more polished handwriting. Goulet Pens offers a selection of handwriting and handlettering workbooks for writers of all ages and experience levels who are looking to brush up on their form. Take a page from Master Penman Michael Sull’s book and follow his thorough guidelines in “The Art of Cursive Penmanship” or add new fun and whimsy to your handlettering with the “Mastering Handlettering” book.

Esterbrook Bookmark And Paper Clip Set

The perfect fountain pen stocking stuffer! This adorable set comes with 5 fun fountain pen themed paperclips and a bookmark. The stationery accessories are a classy way to keep your fountain pen love close to your heart even when you can’t be using your pens.

What is the best fountain pen-related gift you’ve received?

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5 Ideal Gifts for Fountain Pen Newbies

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to spread the joy of fountain pens. Chase away the cold-weather blues and spark the fires of writing passion within the heart of someone you love. If you want to gift the joy of fountain pens, but don’t know where to start, you’ll want to see our list! Below you will find 5 picks for great newbies gifts. For additional ideas, be sure to check out our Gifts for Newbies shopping guide!

Fountain Pen First Timer Package Set


This set has everything someone needs to achieve the ideal writing experience with the trifecta of a good pen, ink, and paper. Each set includes a beloved Pilot Metropolitan, a box of black cartridges, and a Rhodia No. 16 Notepad. The Metropolitan is the top choice of many for a first fountain pen for its ease of use and durable construction. Pair it with the classic Namiki Black cartridges for a mess-free, ready to write duo. The nib will glide easily across the Rhodia paper, leaving the writer stunned by the smoothness. Gift a truly memorable experience this holiday season with the Fountain Pen First Timer set.

Pilot Varsity Assorted Fountain Pen Set

For the loved one that loves color, you can’t pass up this set! The Pilot Varsity is the handiest fountain pen, it comes preloaded with a well behaved, colorful ink. The set features 7 of this workhorse pens with seven distinct colors, some of which are only available in these pens! Fountain pen fans, young and old, swear by these pens as constant performers and a perennial favorite.

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen

The sheer variety of available ink colors is one of the top things new fountain pen users note when asked what made them switch to these great writing tools. Help your new convert fall in love by giving them a pen that puts that gorgeous ink on full display in a clear barrel. The TWSBI ECO writes like a dream and the clear demonstrator barrel showcases the magic of moving ink within the pen as you write. It’s one of our top picks for a great beginner pen.

Notebook Sampler Set

If your recipient has already been bestowed with a pen, the paper is a necessary next frontier. When they’re still stuck in the newbie mindset that all paper is created equal, you may need some reinforcements to show them otherwise. Our Notebook Sampler Set includes a variety of pocket-sized notebooks from our most popular brands and offers a chance to try different paper weights, textures, and ruling types. Help them find their paper brand of choice and dive into the next level of their fountain pen journey.

Best Sellers Ink Sample Set

Finding a great ink can be daunting with the hundreds of choices available on the market. We’ve removed the guesswork, grab this ink sample set full of trustworthy, reliable inks that are oft-chosen favorites of the fountain pen community. The Best Sellers ink sample set is comprised of 8 inks that continually frequent the packing slips and order invoices at Goulet Pens. There’s a great color variety too. Pair this set with an affordable pen and converter (like the Jinhao x750) for an inexpensive yet exciting gift.

What do you like to gift potential new fountain pen users?

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Introducing the Herbert Church Hill Libby Sunrise, A Goulet Exclusive LE

It’s the dawning of another glorious fountain pen! We are pleased to introduce our third collaboration between The Goulet Pen Company and The Herbert Pen Company, the Church Hill Libby Sunrise. This glimmering swirled resin pen is stunning and unique. The aptly-chosen name is inspired by the golden rays peeking over the hillside at historic Libby Hill Park in Richmond, home to both Goulet Pens and Herbert Pens.

Each hand-turned pen is made of a custom resin that features swirls of dark blue, brown, and orange. No two pens are exactly alike. The Church Hill model features a threaded cap that secures the nib and uncaps in 2.5 rotations. Due to their tapered cigar shape, the Church Hill model is not postable. It comes with a standard international converter and two blue short standard international cartridges and can be converted to eyedropper fill. It is completed with a smooth-writing silver #6 JoWo nib and silver clip. Each pen is individually numbered out of 300. It comes with a Rickshaw Bagworks single pen slip designed to match the pen.

The full product specs and dimensions can be found on the product page on GouletPens.com, but here are some important dimensions to notice.

  • Body Diameter- 14.3mm
  • Grip Diameter- 10.2mm
  • Body Length (unposted)- 134.2mm
  • Body Weight- 13g
  • Closed Length- 153mm
  • Total Weight- 24g

If you are a lover of larger pens or are looking for a thick pen that still lightweight in the hand, the Church Hill Libby Sunrise is the top choice for you!

Make your way to GouletPens.com to learn more about the gorgeous Herbert Church Hill Libby Sunrise and the story behind it. You won’t want to miss this one!

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Santa Jaws: Retro 51 Limited Edition Fountain Pen!

Celebrate this holiday season with a fountain pen that will get everyone talking! The Retro 51 Fountain Pen Santa Jaws is exclusive to Goulet Pens and depicts a festive shark in a bright red sweater showing off his sharp teeth. This design was inspired by our own Brian Goulet’s festive holiday sweater depicting the same design, and all pens will come with an included matching sticker design!

The Retro 51 Santa Jaws comes equipped with a smooth Retro 51 branded #6 JoWo nib. The combination of this fun design and the smooth nib means this pen will be the star of your collection. It’s available in extra-fine, fine, medium, and 1.1mm stub.

It comes packaged in a themed tube that doubles as a pen stand, along with a converter and two black short standard international ink cartridges. These pens are limited to 300, so when they’re gone, they are gone for good. Grab yours now to add some holiday festivity to your writing!

What do you think of the Santa Jaws pen?

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Goulet Q&A Episode 275: Grail Pen Goals, Discontinued Ink Swabs, and Tattooing with Pen Ink

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about grail pen goals, discontinued inks in the Swab Shop, and tattooing with fountain pen ink.

This week:


1) henry.slocombe- Instagram (9:54)

Do you think investing in my grail pen (Homo Sapiens) before a mid level pen is ok?

  • that’s totally up to you, based on your funds and level of interest
  • I personally had to work my way up over years to get to grail level
  • others can dive right in, your experience and funds will dictate practicality
  • there’s something to be said to having something to look forward to
  • even when you get your grail, there’s likely a new grail that will come about!
  • appreciate the journey, set a realistic goal or timeline to get your grail, make yourself wait longer than you want, because then when you do get it, it’s that much sweeter!

2) heidisnell- Instagram (16:38)

If my pen freezes this winter will it get damaged? (bonus: what about freezing ink, kelli.marie on IG)

  • theoretically yes, though I seldom hear of that actually happening
  • use your best judgment, try to avoid freezing your pen
  • ice is STRONG, and could damage the guts of a pen
  • Noodler’s makes the best freeze-resistant ink (Polar series), that’s a safe bet
  • we had a scientist customer of ours take Polar ink to Antarctica, and it did great!

3) Elizabeth H.- Facebook (22:07)

I saw a new Goulet exclusive Edison Ascent is coming soon. Would you do a side by side comparison with the Premiere? I’m particularly curious about the grip as it doesn’t seem contoured like the Premiere. Thanks.

  • yep! We’ll have a full video on that with lots of details and close ups
  • it is sort of similar to the Premiere, but with different ends, more secure post, and a different grip and colors
  • it wasn’t meant to be a huge diversion from the Premiere (a popular model) but rather a variant of it


4) fiyrscooby- Instagram (27:00)

I feel like the best thing about fountain pens is how much you can personalize your writing through nib size and ink color. What color is really your signature ink that people know “Oh those are Brian’s notes on that page!” and what inks would Rachel, Drew and the rest of the team say are their signature colors?

  • c’mon, really? 😉 Blue
  • honestly, I don’t think people would recognize my writing just from the ink color, I do use different inks regularly
  • Robert Oster Blue Water ice has been my go to for a while, Liberty’s, Kon Peki, Diamine Marine, all staples for me
  • Rachel loves her some Yama Budo!
  • Drew- Noodler’s El Lawrence
  • I didn’t ask everyone else, but I get the sense that many of them change colors on the regular (we give free samples to the whole team)

5) Elizabeth C.- Facebook (30:06)

Would it be feasible to include ink swabs of inks you no longer carry/are no longer available in the swab shop so we can find, say, the closest thing to Lamy Dark Lilac? I realize this could be a lot more complicated than it sounds!

  • We used to do that, and we debate it internally whether that would be helpful net positive
  • On one hand, yeah it’d be helpful to see, but in the past, it confused people a lot because they expected it to be available on the site and would ask us why we had it listed if we didn’t carry it anymore
  • it also opened up Pandora’s Box:
    • older inks we never carried that were discontinued, which required new work for us (and sourcing the ink, even)
    • about other brands we don’t even carry that are currently available (just not on our site)
    • batch variations, reformulations, etc that would duplicate or create multiple versions of the same name ink (very confusing)
  • How would we indicate it’s not available?
  • ideally we would mark it somehow as discontinued, but that would require either altering the image and re-uploading it or having custom code on the site to overlay something on the image
  • our Swab Shop code is old, and updating is really cumbersome, unfortunately
  • we have a project to redo it, which got kicked out to early 2020 due to time and resource constraints
  • bottom line, it’s a whole big thing, and we’d have to really have a lot of good solutions to some of these challenges to have it live in the Swab Shop tool and not confuse everyone so it’s much cleaner and easier to just not have that stuff in there
  • we have done a number of blog posts and things for older inks, that’s a potential compromise

6) gerreigka- Instagram (39:56)

I accidentally stabbed my hand with my fountain pen. Will I get a tattoo from the ink?

  • possibly! But that could really be any pen, not just a fountain pen
  • I’m not a tattoo expert, so take everything I say as conjecture and light Google research
  • apparently 20% of US adults have tattoos, women slightly more than men
  • it’s my understanding that basically any ink you put into the dermis has the potential to stay there a long time
  • I don’t know exactly what difference there is between tattoo ink and pen ink (fountain or otherwise), but I know it isn’t regulated
  • thinner ink is used for outlining, thicker for shading
  • dye-based fountain pen ink isn’t as lightfast or permanent as tattoo ink from my understanding, so I think it’d fade over time…though I wouldn’t recommend you try to find out!

QOTW: If you were to get a tattoo with any fountain pen ink, what color(s) would you choose? (47:26)

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Fountain Pen Gift Guide: $100-$500

Surprise someone with the grail pen of their dreams! This gift guide takes a look at 7 amazing pens with unique features, classic designs, and vibrant colors; all in the $100 to $500 price range. Check out our recommendations:

LAMY 2000 Makrolon – $175.20

An iconic design that has stood the test time for over 50 years, the LAMY 2000 is everything you want in a pen for under $200. The hooded nib is a rhodium plated 14kt gold nib that offers a super smooth writing experience. The durable combination of Makrolon and brushed stainless steel means this pen is built to last. A piston-filling mechanism and understated ink window round out the design for this awesome luxury writing instrument.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza – $398.40

From the creative mind of Dante Del Vecchio, the Pineider La Grande Bellezza is a marvel of Italian design. The Gemstones collection offers 5 beautiful hand-blended resin and marble bodies. Each pen features a quill-shaped clip, soft touch magnetic capping, and soft and flexible 14kt gold nib. Each pen also comes with a free 30ml bottle of Monteverde ink through the holidays.

Stipula Ventidue Gold Touch – $180

Stipula Ventidue Gold Touch

Designed by Rachel Goulet in collaboration with Stipula, the Stipula Ventidue Gold Touch is ready to dazzle in any pen collection. This Goulet-exclusive fountain pen is individually numbered out of 300 pieces and is made out of a custom clear resin embedded throughout with gold flakes. It’s even complemented by gold-plated trim, grip section, and nib.

Pilot Custom 823 – $288

One of our most popular fountain pens, the Pilot Custom 823 is in a league of its own. Available in either Amber or Smoke, each fountain pen features a 14kt gold nib, matching trim, and a vacuum filling system. A great gift, each pen is packaged in a silver sateen lined Pilot gift box that comes with a 70ml bottle of Pilot Blue ink.

Visconti Van Gogh Gift Set – $239.20

For the art history major in your life, the Visconti Van Gogh celebrates and is inspired by iconic works from the famous artist. Made of a natural resin mixed to resemble oil paintings, the Wheatfield with Crows features a new nib design and comes in a special gift box. Each box includes a matching bottle of never before seen Visconti ink.

Pelikan M600 Violet-White – $440

The classic design you know and love from Pelikan is back in this 2019 special edition! The M600 Violet-White features vibrant stripes of white and violet that are carefully crafted to produce the beautiful barrel. The 14kt two-tone gold nib stands out with an iconic design. Every collection should have a Pelikan in it, why not this one?

Diplomat Aero Turquoise – $156 to $280

Go bold with your gift and check out the Diplomat Aero Turquoise. This Goulet-exclusive fountain pen is available in either steel or two-tone 14kt gold nib; both offering a smooth writing experience. Zeppelin-inspired, the design features an aluminum body with groove-like depressions in the cap and barrel.

Whether buying for someone or treating yourself to an amazing pen, these are great options. Have your eye on another pen in this price range? Let us know your choice in the comments below.

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