Conklin Endura Abalone Pen

We’re excited to announce the new arrival of the Conklin Endura Abalone. It’s crafted with real Abalone shell from New Zealand, covered in a clear round resin. The inner shell of the abalone is a whirl of intense colors, ranging from dark blue and bright green to purples, creams, and pinks. Hand-turned and hand-polished, the barrel brilliantly reflects shimmering light off of its surface, enhancing the stunning colors of the abalone shell. It comes available in two trim colors, with the rose gold trim available worldwide and the chrome trim available exclusively at Goulet Pens.

Your choice of luminous rose gold or silver plating adorns the traditional clip, band, and trim, enhancing the elegance of each pen.

Each Endura is offered with your choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 silver steel or black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the new JoWo rose-plated or silver Omniflex flexible steel nib for variation in line width.

Each Conklin Endura comes in a gift box with two standard international short ink cartridges, 1 blue and 1 black, a standard international converter, and is warrantied for life by Conklin’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Both of the pens are limited editions and individually numbered, in each trim, out of 1898 worldwide.

Our note about the JoWo Omniflex nib: This flex nib will allow you to experience more bounce and softness than writing with conventional nibs. You can achieve some line variation with a little additional downward pressure, to a point. We recommend flexing the nib to about twice the line width that you would see without using any pressure. Please take care to avoid pressing too hard on the nib, as over-flexing could prevent the tines from returning fully to their original position and decrease or stop your ink flow.


For more detailed specs, additional pictures, and reviews, be sure to visit Conklin Endura Abalone on our website.

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Introducing the Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen

Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen Light Blue

The new Stipula collection comes from the praise of the slowness that in great music takes its name “Adagio.” A slow and relaxed time that reconciles with reflection and calmness. This pen comes in 4 colors with a unique faceted resin body, the Purple being a Goulet-exclusive. The pen body and cap have eight facets, with resin materials rich in unexpected opalescence and nuances with translucent and discreetly luminescent features in the dark: Light Blue, Purple, Amber, and Seagreen.

Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen Purple

Each pen has a metal grip, a threaded cap, and silver trim. It fills via built-in piston mechanism, and utilizes a #6 steel nib.

Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen Amber

The reliable high performance steel nib is available in fine, medium, and 1.1mm stub. This fountain pen has a fixed piston operated by the rotating knob, firm and solid in the hands of its user. Due to the threaded cap and the faceted body, we do not recommend posting this pen.

Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen Seagreen

Which Stipula Adagio Fountain Pen will you add to your collection?

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Welcome the Conklin All American Courage Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Conklin All American Courage Fountain Pens

The limited edition Conklin All American Courage collection consists of three distinctive fountain pens in Red, White, and Graphite resins, and each pen is individually numbered out of 1898. The collection is paying tribute to courageous front line responders.

Conklin All American Courage Black

A unique middle ring adorns a color-filled engraving of a heartbeat, and the trademark Rocker Clip allows you to easily secure the pen to a shirt or coat pocket. Don’t miss the new clip design that features the very famous rod of Asclepius, and the symbol of Hippocrates’ oath plated in rose gold trim on the Conklin All American Courage Graphite (Black), gunmetal trim on the Conklin All American Courage White, and silver trim on the Conklin All American Courage Red.

Conklin All American Courage White

Conklin All American Courage Red

Each pen is offered with your choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the black Omniflex flexible steel nib for variation in line width. A customized ink bottle will be included with each fountain pen and every purchase will include a commemorative lapel pin in the shape of the Hippocrates’ oath.

Conklin All American Courage Black

You will also receive the pen in a specifically designed deluxe luxury gift box. Wear it with pride and display your gratitude for all courageous front line responders.

Will you add the Conklin All American Courage pen to your collection?

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The New Sailor Compass 1911 Fountain Pen

Sailor Compass 1911 Fountain Pens

The new Sailor Compass 1911, previously available in Japan under the name “Profit Jr.,” is an excellent entry level fountain pen to the Sailor brand for under $50. Lightweight resin, and comfortable in hand, the Compass has a classic cigar shape that comes in 9 different colors: Transparent Olive, Transparent Brown, Transparent Green, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue, Transparent Pink, Transparent Purple, Transparent Clear, and Transparent Yellow. Each pen includes a converter with a piston knob that matches the color of the pen. This pen has been available previously in Japan under the name “Profit Jr.,” but is now available in the U.S. as the Compass 1911.

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Olive

The demonstrator style showcases a clear feed that allows you to watch the ink as it pushes to the proprietary stainless steel nib (only available in Medium Fine) that is manufactured in Japan. The medium fine nib will write comparably to most European fine nibs from brands like LAMY, and you can compare our writing sample of the Compass to other pens in our Nib Nook comparison tool. The polished silver trim ring is proudly engraved with Sailor Made in Japan, and the clip shape is comparable to the 1911.

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Purple

Each pen comes with two black proprietary ink cartridges that make it easy and convenient to refill as needed. The stainless steel nib is firm, and is smooth, but with some feedback when you write. The ink flows consistently but writes a bit on the dry side, which will be perfect for writing on everyday paper. It’s not a gusher, so it’s not likely to show off your high shading or shimmering inks as well as wetter-writing pens, but this is a very solid everyday carry pen. Please note, the Compass cannot be eyedropper filled and will leak from the end of the barrel if you try!

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Brown

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Yellow

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Blue

The Sailor Compass 1911 is a worthwhile consideration for entry to the Sailor brand or a fountain pen newbie. For under $50, you get a total package that includes your pen color of choice, the proprietary stainless steel nib, a matching color converter, and a set of 2 ink cartridges presented in a gift box.

What is your favorite thing about this pen?

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Welcome the Visconti Opera Master Polynesia

Visconti Opera Master Fountain Pen

The Visconti Limited Edition Opera Master Polynesia features a gorgeous swirling translucent turquoise and green resin, complemented by palladium trim. This Opera Master Polynesia is limited to only 888 total fountain pens, each individually numbered. The Polynesia is an exceptional fountain pen featuring the many patented innovations favored and sought out by Visconti collectors: Double Reservoir Power Filler, Hook Safe Lock, and semi-transparent demonstrator.

Double Reservoir’ Power Filler

The Double Reservoir Power Filler is a vacuum filling system that is easy to use and has considerable benefits. Patented in 1998, this is arguably the most advanced filling system ever developed in fountain pen history. The user is able to fill the pen with the equivalent of 10 cartridges of ink, or specifically 3.4ml of ink, and thanks to the two reservoirs, prevents ink from leaking during air travel.

After more than 30 years of continuous research to perfect the design and engineering of writing instruments, Visconti is proudly announcing a new nib designed in-house. This means the production of the entire nib unit: the feed, the nib housing and the nib itself. The Polynesia is the first pen featuring this newly designed 18kt white gold nib.

The Polynesia features a semi-transparent resin cap and body with beautiful swirls of blues, white, cream, and brown inspired by the paradise islands’ luminous blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, swaying palm trees, and powdery beaches.

The Hook Safe Lock is the revolutionary closing system that was created to lock the pen body into the cap to prevent the possibility of the pen accidentally unscrewing and leaking inside a pocket or bag.

The Opera Master Polynesia will be the first collection to be presented in the new Visconti packaging featuring the classic ‘V’ logo in luxurious silver and platinum colors creating a unique watermark design around the exterior of the box. The interior features a soft gray fabric and has a pull out drawer to store warranty information and extra refills. Visconti is also excited to announce that in continuation with their efforts to create environmentally friendly products, the new packaging is plastic free and recyclable.

Would you add this pen to your collection?

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Write Time at 9 with Brian and Rachel – 8/19

Brian and Rachel Goulet were back this week to show of some of the best of the 97 Sailor Ink Studio colors, and answer a slew of other fountain pen and ink questions live. Enjoy!

“Write Time at 9” live broadcast on YouTube each Wednesday night at 9pm EDT. We’d love you to join in, or take a look at all of our videos YouTube!

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