The New Pineider Full Metal Jacket Collection

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket Fountain Pens

The 2020 Edition of La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) – Full Metal Jacket

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza fountain pen is back with a new collection: Full Metal Jacket! Dante del Vecchio, Pineider’s top pen maker, created a metallic variant of Ultra Resin (UR) dubbed “Full Metal Jacket”, both as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s memorable film and because it alludes to the metallic effect of the pen’s surface. Each version is available in six new virtually unbreakable UR metallic colors: three solid and three marbled (pictured below).

Choose from six colors: Coal Grey, Ash Grey, Midnight Black Steel, Army Red, Sugar Paper, and Lightning Blue.

Each fountain pen features a quill-shaped clip, and Pineider’s “soft touch magnetic lock” cap system. And, now at a lower price than ever before in two versions: a cartridge/converter with a steel nib, and a piston filler with a 14kt soft gold nib.

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket - Army Red (14kt Piston)

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket – Army Red (14kt Piston)

You can also take advantage of the Pineider Pen Filler for easy filling and transporting ink on the go, as well as a new Easy Filler tool which attaches to the piston knob to make it easier to turn.

Lighting Blue (Steel C/C) with Easy Filler tool

Diameter – Body
Diameter – Cap (without clip) 15.5mm/0.61in
Diameter – Cap (with clip) 18.3mm/0.72in
Diameter – Grip 10.3mm/0.41in
Length – Body 134.3mm/5.29in
Length – Cap 66.8mm/2.63in
Length – Nib 23.0mm/0.91in
Weight – Body 16.0g/0.56oz
Weight – Cap 15.0g/0.53oz
Weight – Overall 31.0g/1.09oz
Max Ink Capacity – Piston Vac 1.52ml

Do you find beauty in the new Pineider Full Metal Jacket collection?

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Aurora 88 Limited Edition History

Over the last several years, Italian pen maker, Aurora, has released pens in their Aurora 88 Stellar collection, inspired by the splendor of the planets. The 88 is their flagship pen model that features an 18kt gold nib and Aurora’s Hidden Reservoir piston filling mechanism with a built in ink reserve so you won’t run out of ink when you might need it most! These pens are made entirely in Torino, Italy. Take a look at how Aurora pens are made in this behind-the-scenes tour of their factory.




Mercurio (No longer available) 

Nettuno (No longer available) 

Saturno (No longer available) 

Urano (No longer available) 

Marte (No longer available) 

Nebulosa (No longer available) 

Sole (No longer available) 

Which release has been your favorite?

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New Pens Added to the Edison Menlo Fountain Line

Edison Menlo Fountain Pen

Edison Menlo – Sweet Honey, Fingerpaints, and Blue Grotto

The previous Menlo pen (Signature Line) was designed with a Draw Filler, and was a very popular choice with fountain pen fans and enthusiasts. This inspired the Edison Pen Company in late June 2020 to release a re-engineered Menlo pen featuring a Converter Filler. They added the new pens to the Production Line. We are excited to carry these and have them available in three beautifully crafted materials: Sweet Honey, Blue Grotto, and Fingerpaints.

Edison Menlo – Sweet Honey

The Sweet Honey pen is made of a swirly golden amber resin.  This never used before material comes from the same supplier as the Edison Collier – Rock Candy pen, so it has that nice “near-celluloid” feel. The Sweet Honey is accented with a gold-plated clip and centerband, and a #6 two-tone steel nib engraved with the Edison logo.

Menlo in Sweet Honey Acrylic

Sweet Honey: Swirly Golden Amber Resin with Gold-Plated Clip and Centerband (above), and a #6 Two-Tone Steel Nib Engraved with Edison logo (below).

Edison Menlo Sweet Honey Two-Toned Steel Nib

Edison Menlo – Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto pen is made of a swirly turquoise and black resin (the same never used before material as the Sweet Honey), with a silver clip and centerband. The silver finish sets the Blue Grotto apart from the golden touches of Sweet Honey.

Menlo in Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto: swirly turquoise and black resin, with silver clip and centerband (above) and a #6 polished steel nib engraved with Edison logo (below).

Edison Menlo – Fingerpaints

The Fingerpaints pen is made of a swirly rainbow resin. The material is the same as the Edison Menlo – Pearlette, and was re-used because of its popularity. It features the same silver finish as the Blue Grotto and the polished engraved steel nib.

Menlo in Fingerpaints

Fingerpaints: swirly rainbow resin, with silver clip and centerband (above) and a #6 polished steel nib engraved with Edison logo (below).

Edison Menlo - Fingerpaints

Each pen accepts a standard international converter (included) or short standard international cartridges, or can be converted to eyedropper fill. Click here to shop all compatible short standard international ink cartridges.

Weight 18.5 grams/.652 oz
Capped Length 143mm/5.620”
Posted Length to Nib Tip 165mm / 6.490”
Body Length to Nib Tip 128mm / 5.030”
Body Diameter 13.1mm / .515”
Cap Diameter 14.4mm / .560”
Section Diameter at Narrowest 9.6mm / .38”
Section Length 17.1mm / .670”

All Edison pens are handmade in Milan, Ohio by Brian Gray.

Which is your favorite?

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Write Now Ep. 201

Brian and Drew are BACK for the first time in 4 months for this informal catch-up video on all the next products that have been launching since Write Now went on hiatus. Shooting from Brian’s home, they talk about COVID-19 and what they’ve been up to, and show a slew of new products and give their opinions on them. They have no idea if they’ll keep doing Write Now after this, but at least here’s one for you to enjoy!


0:00 Introduction/banter

7:00 Goulet Pens update

7:40 Sailor Pro Gear Slim Blue Dwarf/Fairy Tales

9:00 Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini

10:00 Traveler’s Factory Green Brass Pen SE

11:10 Sailor Pro Gear Realo

12:40 Platinum Curidas

13:30 Monteverde Regatta Rosewood

14:40 TWSBI 580 Smoke/Rose Gold II

15:45 TWSBI Eco White/Rose Gold

16:40 TWSBI 580 ALR Prussian Blue

17:45 Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream

19:45 Visconti Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon LE

20:35 Pelikan m1000 Green Ray LE

22:00 Sailor’s Sailor LE ink

22:35 Sailor Wicked Witch of the West SE

27:00 Outro/banter


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Visconti Homo Sapiens Limited Edition History

The Homo Sapiens is one of Visconti’s most popular pen models using the Visconti ‘Hook Safe Lock’, a revolutionary capping system so you can cap a pen without worrying about the cap accidentally unscrewing in your pocket and leaking. The fountain pen features Visconti’s patented Double Reservoir Power Filler, a unique filling system that allows a greater ink capacity. All of these limited editions colors come numbered. Here is a visual look back at all of the limited edition colors of the Visconti Homo Sapiens.

2020: Blue Lagoon

2019: Midnight in Florence

2018: Jade & Bronze Swirl

2017: Chiantishire

2016: London Fog

2014: Florentine Hills & Crystal Swirl 


Which edition is your favorite?

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Introducing the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Fountain Pen

Six colors available

Compact, pocket-sized, cartridge-only fountain pen with a 14kt gold nib.

Sailor has maintained over 100 years of quality, technical excellence, and perfection. The solid writing performance stems from skilled craftsmen who have perfected the original nib technology since 1911.

Sailor Pro Slim Mini Nib Detail

Nib Detail: 14-karat Gold Pro Gear Slim Mini

Sailor has built a reputation for having the best quality nibs and the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini fountain pen is no different. The Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini fountain pen comes in six muted colors, and features a resin barrel, cap, and finials, a navy blue resin grip section, and is complemented by gold-plated accents. The flat top cap features the Sailor anchor logo inset into the top finial. This pocket-sized compact fountain pen comes equipped with Sailor’s legendary 14kt yellow gold nib in medium fine. The cap screws to open/close and can screw to post onto the back of the barrel when writing. The Professional Gear Slim Mini fountain pen comes with a Sailor proprietary cartridge; it does not accept a converter.

The Pro Gear Slim Mini is compact in size, smaller than the Professional Gear Slim, and makes it easy to carry.

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Compared to Pro Gear Slim

Pro Gear Slim Mini Compared to Pro Gear Slim

You can also check out all compatible Sailor ink cartridges. Current available colors are Rose Taupe, Slate Green, Stellar Blue, Mustard Yellow, Blush Pink, and Taupe.

See more of the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Fountain Pens. Do you own a Pro Slim Mini or Pro Gear Slim Mini? Which size do you like better?

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