2019 Holiday Order Deadlines

The holiday sesason is here! Here are our order deadlines to help you receive your holiday orders in plenty of time. While we are not able to guarantee delivery dates, everyone here at Goulet Pens is working as hard as we can to make sure things are out the door and on the way to you as quickly as possible. Our office will be closed on December 24th and 25th this year to spend time with our families.


Shipping within the United States:

  • Order by Wednesday, December 18th if you are shipping via USPS 1st Class USPS Priority.
  • Order by Thursday, December 19th if you are shipping via FedEx 2-Day.
  • Order by Sunday, December 22nd if you are shipping via FedEx Overnight.

Shipping Internationally:

  • Order by Wednesday December 5th if you are shipping via Standard International or USPS Priority International. We want to let you know that these shipping methods may be a stretch depending on your location – we really can’t guarantee on-time delivery with these methods, and tracking isn’t very reliable. We really recommend the USPS Express or FedEx instead.
  • Order by Wednesday December 11th if you are shipping via FedEx International USPS Express International.

The sooner, the better when it comes to ordering your holiday gifts! We’d love to help you as you shop so feel free to send us an email (info@gouletpens.com) or give us a call (804-368-0482) if we can help!

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Fountain Pen Gift Guide: $35-$100

Is that fountain pen fanatic in your life ready to take the next step? After collecting the Pilot Metropolitans of the world, what’s next? This gift guide offers a few different pen, ink, and accessory options that will upgrade their writing collection without breaking the bank. Take a look:

TWSBI 580AL Emerald – $60-$65

Introduced earlier in 2019, the TWSBI 580AL Emerald is a special edition color that makes a perfect holiday addition. Featuring a green aluminum grip section and piston filling mechanism, this pens clear demonstrator barrel allows you to see your ink color/level as you write. At under $70, this pen compares well to others twice the price!

LAMY Studio Aquamarine – $79.20

Fallen in love with the Safari or AL-Star from LAMY? The LAMY Studio Aquamarine could be the next perfect pen. This 2019 special edition has a matte aquamarine lacquer finish with a glossy chrome grip. The propeller shaped clip stands out and flashes in this classic design. You can even swap on another LAMY nib easily if you want to change the writing experience.

Galen Leather 10 Pen Case – $58

Even if they have all the pens they could ever need, there’s still an amazing gift to give! The Galen Leather 10 Pen Case is here to keep all their favorite pens safe & secure when on-the-go. Available in Brown, Crazy Horse Brown, and Crazy Horse Forest Green, each case is handmade in Turkey and features a velvet lined interior and sturdy YKK zipper.

Visconti Breeze – $96

Get a taste of Italian fountain pen design with the Visconti Breeze. Visconti’s most affordable pen yet, the Breeze is available in a rainbow of colors and is made entirely in Florence, Italy. Make a bold statement with this innovative and stylish luxury writing instrument with a magnetic cap closure and beautifully engraved band.

Monteverde Noir 10 Ink Set – $81

Solve all their ink needs with one easy purchase. The Monteverde Noir 10 Ink Set features a collection of ten 30ml glass bottles. Showcasing more subdued colors in this set, it has every color you may need from a classic Smoke Noir to the shady Copper Noir.

Retro 51 P-51 Mustang Fountain Pen – $63.20

Designed to honor the iconic WWII fighter plan, the Retro 51 P-51 Mustang can appeal to both fountain pen fans and history buffs alike. This fountain pen features an acid-etched design and smooth-writing #6 JoWo nib. It even comes with a matching decorative tube.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite gift idea not featured here? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Fountain Pen Gift Guide: $0-$35

If you plan to get your friend, coworker, or significant other into fountain pens, we’ve got you covered and you don’t have to have a large budget to share the joy of writing with someone else. Below, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite gifts priced under $35 and you can shop all of our best gift deals under $35 here.

Platinum Preppy – $4.50-$5

The Platinum Preppy is a great place to start when gifting fountain pens. The same price as a latte, this is easy to gift to anyone in your life. It’s available in several colors and it comes with an ink cartridge so your recipient is ready to start writing as soon as they open your gift!

Diplomat Magnum – $21.60

This is a favorite around the Goulet Pens office. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and it comes in multiple nib options. It would make the perfect first gift. The Prismatic Purple color is one of our favorites, and it’s only available at Goulet Pens.

Monteverde Monza Sets – $24

If you’re unsure what kind of writing experience to choose for someone else, consider getting them a set with multiple options! This Monza set comes with three different nibs – fine, medium, and Omniflex – each with their own nib unit, grip, and converter for ease of swapping!

TWSBI ECO – $28.99

If you like showing off your ink, get your friend a pen that will let them see their ink too! The TWSBI ECO is a favorite among fountain pen users for its smoothing writing experience and fun color options.

Endless Works Notebooks – $22.95

High quality paper makes writing with a fountain pen even more enjoyable. These notebooks feature dot grid Tomoe River paper and with virtually zero bleed-through, the Recorder ensures your ideas stay only on the page you use. These are the perfect companion to a new fountain pen.

What’s your go-to entry-level fountain pen gift? See all of our favorites from $0-$35 in our gift guide.

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Goulet Q&A Episode 274: 10 Questions for Goulet Pens’ 10th Anniversary

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian answers 10 questions for our 10th anniversary, which we count from the day we listed our first fountain pen related products on November 17th, 2009. Enjoy!

1) Allen T- Facebook (1:33)

What is one hurdle that seemed overwhelmingly daunting, but in fact turned out to be very simple?

  • hiring, for sure
  • Rachel and I did NOT set out to build a big company, hiring wasn’t even on our radar
  • it was terrifying, and we resisted it, had to hard shift to accept that we needed to do it
  • Leading people is not complicated, it’s just hard, and we’ve been learning and are still learning that every day
  • Dave Ramsey: Every leader has a pile of mistakes they’ve made, you just want to be on top of that pile instead of under it!

2) Gary L- Facebook (4:17)

What is the most surprising thing that happened during ten years of growth that you never would have thought of, or foresaw happening?

  • our strong company culture
  • it definitely hasn’t happened by accident, we have been very intentional about our focus on it
  • awards in our local city and now nationally for being a great place to work
  • it was honestly not something we had any awareness of when we started out, we just thought we’d be a mom and pop working out of our house
  • we largely have just done things we thought were right, very much of a servant leadership mentality
  • we had no perspective on the fact that this wasn’t how most businesses operated
  • we’ve now come to understand why, because it’s a TON of time, intention, and work to build (and keep) a strong, healthy culture
  • the benefits are so worth it, it’s amazing to get to enjoy coming to work each day, being surrounded by others who enjoy (and appreciate) the work environment, I feel so fortunate

3) bradthebear1- Instagram (7:28)

What’s a business/owner activity that you fear that you’ll have to give up as Goulet Pens expands?

  • fear is a strong word, I personally really work to avoid making decisions out of fear
  • but something I certainly realize and acknowledge has to go away are the 1-on-1 personal touches, by me or others as we grow
  • we strive to be able to grow but never feel like we’ve grown, in your eyes
  • there are only 24 hours in a day, and I could easily drown in 1-on-1 interactions to the detriment of the most impactful things I can do as a leader of this company
  • I end up saying no more than I say yes, just because of limitations of time
  • handwritten notes are good example of this, we did them for over 9 years, and they evolved to be simpler and spread across our whole team before we ultimately stopped them
  • to sum it up, it’s the personal touches…we’re not going to give them up in principle, but we will have to evolve what they look like so that they’re still meaningful yet practical

4) Arjan D- Facebook (11:36)

After 10 years, have you seen it all or are there still things that can keep you awake at night

  • we definitely haven’t seen it all, I barely feel like we’ve seen anything
  • there is so much that’s changing in the e-commerce/retail landscape, we have a lot to keep up with
  • Economic nexus (sales tax) is a perfect example, that’s a major tax regulation change that happened last year that’s greatly impacted our business/your costs
  • there will be another recession, that will have unforeseen impacts that we’ll have to navigate since we founded in the wake of the last one, we haven’t had to ride through one start-to-finish yet
  • there will continue to be new challenges, always
  • if I was losing sleep over this, I’d probably have gotten out of this by now, it’d just be too much stress
  • I love it though, and don’t ever lose a night’s sleep because I’m worried about the business, thankfully
  • I handle the stress well naturally, and take each challenge as it comes

5) Elizabeth K- Facebook (20:36)

What are the biggest changes in the market in the last 10 years? In pens or inks?

  • Dept of Education not requiring cursive in schools, sure to have an impact long-term on writing interest
  • the rise of mobile, in terms of people’s lives, shopping habits, use of pens, surely has had an impact
  • Social media, huge impact on the pen world!
  • 10 years ago it was a couple of forums and message boards, some blogs
  • Now it’s more of those, plus all major social media platforms with many sub-communities around pens and writing, it’s wonderful!
  • videos, game changer for education
  • inks have exploded in color and property offering
  • pens have gone much more the way of special editions and seasonals, more small batch/limited runs
  • more youth and diversity in the pen world now than 10 years ago, which makes sense due to more accessibility to all

6) Kent P- Facebook (37:54)

If you could offer advice to the fountain pen manufacturers of the world, what would it be?

  • I have the utmost respect for pen manufacturers, it’s NOT an easy job for any of them
  • I definitely don’t think I know best, I’m humbled when I see the complexity of what they do
  • my advice to them would be to lean in to the accessibility and engagement of the pen community
  • there are more tools than ever to be in touch, create a loyal and engaged following, and learn from your customers directly
  • this has been a huge, expensive barrier in the past and largely has come crashing down with social media
  • if manufacturers posted content, asked for feedback, told their stories and shared their passions, they’d have a very receptive audience
  • the first pen manufacturer that really does this really well, showing the human side of the business (and not just using it as another “broadcasting” platform) will dominate the industry, and no one’s yet to do this well
  • it’s nuanced, it would require vision, thoughtfulness, risk, and dedication, but it’s there for anyone who wants it

7) Carol V- Facebook (45:32)

What has been the key to keeping your business feeling so personalized and customer friendly… as familiar as if were a brick and mortar at the end of the street. I think it is the Goulet Pen video content that contributes to the feeling of “inviting a friend named Brian, to stop by several times a week, and talk fountain pens”.

  • It’s all in the approach and methodology/principle behind it, less about the mechanics
  • our purpose is “To prove that business can be personal.”
  • this can look and has looked like a lot of different things over 10 years
  • our approach will change and evolve, just as customer sentiment and buying/shopping/service needs evolve
  • our approach has been from early on to be authentic to who we are, show that we’re human, and let that humanness lead what we do
  • it’s evolved into strong company culture, superb vendor relations, exemplary customer service
  • when we care, show that, and connect with others in ways that make sense and are practical given the resources available today, we’re living out this purpose

8) ayesha_0222- Instagram (51:24)

We know the backstory of Goulet Pens, but why pens? Why not… wood candle stands?

  • my original vision was wood stuff, no question
  • I made wood pens, wine bottle stoppers, keychains, VT licensed products, you name it, even considered writing boxes
  • I wanted to do a bunch of different things out of wood, but there was definitely just something about pens that jumped out at me
  • my parents bought a laser engraver around the time I was getting into pen making, which worked out to be pretty symbiotic
  • we brainstormed all kinds of random ideas personalizing wood items
  • Rachel jokes about one particular session where we just brain dumped the most random wood/engraved stuff
  • we really jumped the shark when we thought of personalized wood pet urns, so candle sticks certainly would have been on the table
  • largely it came down to serendipity, I felt called/drawn to pens
  • they were fast enough to make where I really felt like I was producing something tangible
  • I used pens, and loved the tactile nature of them
  • Really I just felt a calling, and in hindsight it was just meant to be for me…had I felt that with candle stick holders, I may have done them!

9) verooo1- Instagram (59:11)

How did you manage to stand out from all the other fountain pen retailer companies?

  • I had little perspective on the pen industry as a whole when I started out, mainly because I was new to it all
  • Not knowing anything, everything I learned was from online, talking to the pen community
  • I couldn’t find a single human, a single face of pretty much anyone in the pen industry online
  • it was much more common for people to use their website almost as a mask, with a company name, logo, avatar or whatever with a lot of “we” language (even if they were just a one person operation!)
  • certainly no one was producing educational content regularly, showing themselves and connecting as a human
  • I wanted this so bad as someone new to it all, and saw that creating this would be truly unique
  • I emulated what I saw in another industry, Gary Vaynerchuk with WineLibrary.com
  • And the rest is history, we’ve produced thousands of pieces of content on pens, and that’s been one of the things that have made us stand out the most
  • but ultimately, it’s us as people…even if everyone else was doing similar tactics, no one can ever clone the people we have here at our company, and we were intentional about showing ourselves and who we are as humans

10) @RadioDawson- Twitter (1:07:40)

How have your ideas about running a business (all aspects, including company culture, etc) changed or evolved over the last 10 years? -After seeing the fountain pen world evolve through the digital revolution, what are your predictions for the next decade? How will pens change?

  • I’ve changed SO much about what running a business means over ten years, almost everything
  • basically, everything except our core values, purpose and mission can and likely will change
  • even these can change, with a lot, lot of intentionality and thoughtfulness
  • basically we’ve just gotten smarter, more aware, more experienced…we were 25 when we started, very much diving in with both feet, we had everything to learn
  • it’s not unlike a family…when you date vs marriage vs kids, navigating health issues, crises, job changes etc, how you operate your family can change wildly and you’re figuring things out as you grow, but your values are what you lean on through it all
  • I have no idea how reliably I could predict what will happen in the next decade in the pen world
  • 10 years ago, everyone thought the pen industry was going to shrivel up and die, and they had every reason to
  • I think there will be a recession that will tumble some companies, others will grow and thrive as passion continues to build for niche, analog tools like pens
  • fundamentally I don’t foresee any obvious changes, but I do see more bespoke, boutique, and small batch continuing as a trend
  • I for one am not planning to go anywhere, I will continue to do my part to grow this industry

QOTW: What’s been the most meaningful or memorable thing Goulet Pens has done for you in our 10 years? (1:16:12)

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Brian and Rachel React to 10 Years of Goulet Videos

With over 1500 videos published, over the course of 10 years, there’s a lot of fountain pen content on our YouTube channel. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we wanted to show Brian and Rachel some of the videos that may have been forgotten and hear their thoughts! From paper reviews to wacky internet trends and everything in between, each video has a special place in the collection. Watch the video above to see how Brian and Rachel react to each and take a trip down memory lane yourself below:

Do you have a favorite Goulet video from the past ten years? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Milestone Products for 10 Years of Goulet

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary here at Goulet Pens and we’re reminiscing about the 10 most impactful and meaningful products in the life at Goulet Pens. There are a lot of different reasons as to why these are significant, so watch the video to learn to find out why:

Do you have a favorite product we’ve carried over the last 10 years? Thanks for a decade of support!

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