Goulet Q&A Episode 237, Platinum’s 100th Anniversary, Price Matching, How to Look For A Job

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about Platinum’s 100th anniversary, price matching, and what Goulet Pens looks for when we hire!

This week:


1) jm_jeongmin- Instagram 

Platinum has a 100th anniversary coming up, would you expect something amazing like pilot? or maybe not because I read on the website that the 3776 century was supposed to be somewhat of a representation of it

  • Plaitinum has announced 2 100th anniversary pens
  • Platinum Platinum” inspired, from 1967
  • Founder Shunichi Nakata created the first all-platinum nib
  • Platinum Century “The Prime”, made of solid platinum (including the nib)
  • Obviously very expensive, $14k list price, limited to 100 worldwide
  • There will be a more affordable one made of sterling silver with a gold nib for $1400 list
  • Very different style of pen than what Pilot created, but each speaks to the history of the two companies
  • Platinum has a much smaller presence here in the US than Pilot/Namiki, so their anniversary will make less of a splash
  • I haven’t heard anything yet of lower-priced anniversary pens, but then I only heard about these ones this week! So more info could be coming


2) Marie H- Facebook

What is one ink you tried and was surprised that you liked it? What ink did you surprisingly dislike after waiting to try it?

3) Gregory D- Facebook 

How important is it to have lubricating or “eel” properties to an ink in a piston filler over time?

  • it’s not that critical, especially on modern pens
  • Nathan Tardif designed the eel inks for (mainly vintage) piston pens that were complicated or impossible to disassemble, and needed to have a smoother operating piston
  • the increased lubrication does affect the way the pen write, the lubricant is even somewhat controversial though Nathan disputes the controversy
  • I don’t have a whole lot of objective proof that it makes a world of difference, I think some people just like the ink that happens to be “eel”
  • other inks have increased lubricant (like Monteverde) but don’t draw as much attention to it
  • Noodler’s Eel and Monteverde are the only ones I know that have any lubricant designation
  • your guess is as good as much how much of a difference it makes! I’d love to hear those with experience using them over long periods


4) Samantha K- Facebook 

Brian, I’m soon to be a transitioning service member. As I complete my service to our country, I’m having to get myself ready to enter the civilian work force again. As a business owner, what are some key things you look for in your future employees? Does it come more from their resumes or their interviews?

  • Thank you so much for your service!
  • Fit fit fit fit fit fit fit fit fit
  • I hate resumes, they’re a necessary evil but they really don’t tell you much beyond if someone has the absolute bare minimum requirements
  • it’s so easy to lie, embellish, fudge a resume, and it tells you nothing of culture and fit, which is what matters most in a company like ours
  • interviews matter more, and we do them progressively to get to a deeper and deeper understanding of fit
  • Here are some tips:
    • Do your homework, give a crap about the company you’re applying for, read the dang job description and look at their website
    • self-awareness is key, if you say things in your interview that aren’t really you but you just think that’s what they want to hear, you’re fooling yourself as much as them that you’ll be happy there
    • if someone won’t hire you because of who you actually are, then good, you wouldn’t have been successful/enjoyed it there anyway
    • you should still bring the best version of yourself, putting your best foot forward
    • if someone only wants to hear the things they want and doesn’t want you to actually be who you are, you probably won’t love it there much anyway
    • the interview process is as much you interviewing them as them interviewing you, so do your homework, study them, and be very articulate about your qualifications, goals, and why you and the company are a good fit together
    • Obviously you’d be more successful at a place that loves veterans, so look for that as a part of their culture
    • there may be programs available to you to help place, train, or otherwise help you find work (though I don’t know any specifically)
    • Reach out to your personal network, who you know definitely matters and can make a huge difference in your finding work you enjoy

5) Josh R- Facebook

Would you ever price match with other pen sites? I really like Goulet’s website, selection, shipping etc. But sometimes there is a rather huge price difference that I just cannot justify

  • this is the whole thing with retail, right? Price especially seems so commoditized, but there’s a lot behind our website, selection, shipping etc that has real costs tied to it
  • We try to be very fair and competitive, not even charging full list price on most things (particularly pens), and staying competitive within the US market
  • I think I’m aware of what you’re referring to, which is mainly overseas sellers, gray market retailers and that’s sort of its own issue because they’re sourcing those products from different methods than we are, and in some instances we’d actually lose money on every pen if we matched prices so it’d be insane to match them
  • fundamentally, as a business owner, I have to set the vision for our company and what our core values are, our “why”
  • I want to prove that business can be personal, and carry on fountain pens to the next generation
  • we use these values to determine how we should operate, and what that looks like
  • Think of Simon  Sinek’s Golden Circle
  • “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it”- Simon Sinek
  • Walmart, Target, Amazon, all built their companies on a low-cost model, low cost is part of their “why”, so it informs everything else they do
  • we don’t have low cost in our “why”, it’s not at the core of what we do
  • Business being personal requires us to have more humans and less automation, we take time to do personal touches like our slightly ridiculous amount of care, and handwritten thank you notes
  • We take really good care of our team so they’ll stick around, care a lot, learn deeper knowledge of pens and be a tremendous resource to our company, you, and the pen community
  • we spend an insane amount of time on education and engagement, which has a huge financial as well as opportunity cost, because it is part of our “why”
  • lowering cost, that’s a reaction to something others are doing, and it detracts from our ability to live out how we seek to operate
  • we’d rather lose some business due to undercutting than have all the lowest-price business and have to cut out all of the things that make us, us
  • the short answer is that price-matching isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not us and not central to our mission
  • “The problem with the race to the bottom is you just might win.” -Seth Godin

6) Shilo M- Facebook 

Do you ever wonder if Goulet Pens could get so big that it would lose its ‘Gouletness’?

  • oh I don’t wonder, I think about this very intentionally, it naturally will happen that way unless I plan otherwise
  • size is definitely a factor, and could certainly contribute to a company losing their sense of who they are
  • Building upon Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle concept, it’s really like a cone shape instead of just a circle
  • as the founder/CEO, it’s my responsibility to be the voice of the megaphone, which means I have to be very clear, very consistent, but I’m not the loudest voice at all
  • lots of companies lose their sense of who they are when the founder flounders or leaves, and that absolutely could happen here, especially a company so tied to its founders
  • BUT, the fact I recognize this and think about it a lot puts me way ahead of it, though there’s a lot of work to be done
  • the kind of leadership required in order for a company/brand to transcend its founder and carry on is pretty much pinnacle-level leadership, and that’s my goal
  • my one metric that matters as a founder is will my company carry on without me, if yes, I succeed, if no, I fail
  • Speaking more about the interim, growing but me still being here, it’s my goal to ensure that as we grow, we keep our soul
  • The “why” needs to stay consistent, the “how” and the “what” can change and evolve over time and we still keep our “Gouletness”
  • we face challenges with this, like our handwritten thank you notes as an example, that get difficult to scale as we grow
  • We aren’t Goulet Pens because we do handwritten thank you notes, any company could do that and it isn’t unique
  • WHY we do thank you notes, proving business can be personal, is what makes us Goulet
  • The thank you notes reinforce our why, which is what makes it feel like us
  • HOW we do them can change, and has, but that’s okay as long as you still connect with our “why”

QOTW: What’s the worst interview question you’ve ever been asked?

Writing Prompt: Write out 5 things you love about your job (or current situation).

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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The Goulet Nation’s 7 Favorite Words to Write with Fountain Pens


Are their certain words you just love writing more than any other? We polled the community on our Facebook group, Goulet Nation, and asked them to share their favorite words to write with their pens. We chose the 7 most popular words and had some of our team members take turns writing them with their favorite pens and inks.

The words chosen by many of you were:

  • Always
  • Dear
  • Giggle
  • Hello
  • Minimum
  • Serendipity
  • Yesterday

Thanks to our team members who participated. Check out the list below to see who they were and what pen and ink combo they used.

Adrianne: TWSBI Eco – 1.1 Stub – Diamine Arctic Blue
Drew: LAMY AL-Star – 1.5 Stub – Noodler’s Nightshade
Jenn: Diplomat Aero- BroadOrganics Studio Alanine
Jen: Visconti Rembrandt Dark Forest – 1.5mm Stub – 3 Oysters Black Moss
Katie: Noodler’s Ahab Flex PequotDiamine Mystique
Lydia: Jinhao x 750 Shimmering SandsGoulet Fine NibDiamine Starlit Sea
Margaret: TWSBI Eco – Medium Nib – Robert Oster Red Gold
Micah: Visconti Mirage – Broad Nib – Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris
Sarah: Visconti Mirage Emerald – Fine Nib – 3 Oysters Jade
Susan: TWSBI 580AL – 1.1mm Stub – Noodler’s Ottoman Rose

What are your favorite words to write? Let us know in the comments below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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Goulet Q&A Episode 236: Hard Starting Pens, Featherweight Pens, and Toddler-Proof Pens!

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about fixing hard starting pens, lightweight pens, and toddler-proof pens!

This week:


1) thesnoopylane- Instagram (14:41)

Which pens can fill from the tip of the feed like the Pilot 823? I think the new Procyon can, but are there others? This seems like a great feature–why isn’t it more common?

  • Pilot Custom 823
  • Pilot Custom 74
  • most other Pilot Customs, I would guess
  • Hooded nibs:
  • Platinum Procyon
  • Platinum Cool?
  • It requires a little more engineering, custom development
  • I don’t know particularly why it isn’t more universal, my guess is it hasn’t really been a dealbreaker for most pens
  • It’s certainly a nice-to-have, and it’s something I’d love to get more feedback on as it’s honestly pretty rare that I hear about it as something that’s really sought out as a feature on pens
  • if it stands out as a great feature, I can communicate that to more manufacturers

2) @ViragCsillagh- Twitter (19:37)

You’ve recently talked about “levels” of FP users. So what to do/how to “level up” if you’re a stingy minimalist and can’t/don’t want to acquire many more pens? Thx, keep up the good work!

  • you’re asking the wrong guy!!
  • I’m definitely not a pen minimalist, for sure
  • I do know those that are, however
  • there are basically three approaches as I see it:
    • either research/borrow/try before buying to minimize potential dissatisfaction (retailer sites, Goulet Nation, Reddit, whatever)
    • buy and return/exchange which is inconvenient especially online but an option, or
    • do one-in-one out, pare down your collection as you find your holy grails
  • #1 and #3 are usually what I see minimalists do with some pretty good success

3) gregoryveizades- Instagram (25:28)

Over time it appears that all my pens developed a hard starting issue. I’m not sure why. Could it have anything to do be being a left handed person who underwrites?

  • if this is something that’s developed over time, a thorough cleaning almost always is in order
  • depends on how long you’re talking about here, if it’s been 1-2+ months, yeah clean it
  • if you’re not cleaning in between ink changing, that’d be an explanation
  • sometimes paper fibers/dirt/junk gets clogged up in the feed over time
  • lefties may see more of this as the push motion is encouraging paper fibers to jam up into the pen
  • brass sheet for flossing wouldn’t hurt, may not be necessary but might be worth investing in if it’s happening consistently on all your pens
  • could be the ink you have is drying up, check that it’s sealed well, don’t leave it uncapped for long periods of time (so the water evaporates)
  • ink with water evaporated can be reconstituted with distilled water
  • ink could be evaporating in your pens as they sit there, depending on your environment, refill them
  • if could be your writing style has opened up or misaligned the tines causing flow to break, which would be a little tougher to fix (especially if it’s a habit of pressing really hard or whatever)
  • nib can usually be adjusted, but might require a pro, do this as a last resort, try to get pro troubleshooting help before sending it away anywhere

4) brutalhonestreviews- Instagram (33:43)

Is there a toddler-proof fountain pen? Like, one they won’t be able to open if they get their hands on it?

  • haha, none that I’m aware of, unfortunately! There are no child-prevention locks on pens that I know
  • Some screw-cap pens have longer threads than others and require more rotations, they could buy you a little time (Opus 88 Demo for example)
  • I raised two toddlers of my own with pens everywhere, the best protection was never allowing them to get their hands on them in the first place!
  • I was fortunate, no notable events with my kids and pens
  • sticking with screw-cap threads helps, lower ink capacities is usually good
  • I would say pens where you can lock off the ink reservoir like vac fillers, etc, but they’re usually more expensive and not often the ones you’d want around your kids anyway
  • I found keeping them in a pen case that required a zipper or some other strap that required some level of dexterity to open was the best

5) thesilverpumpkin- Instagram (38:18)

I love a light pen but they are usually inexpensive. What’s a good quality light pen (around 12 grams would be nice).

6) snuff_knight- Instagram (42:20)

Is a pilot vanishing point fountain pen worth it for a college student who is addicted to fountain pens?

  • it depends
  • it’s certainly a popular pen, and is very convenient
  • for me as a college student, it wouldn’t have been practical bc it was out of my price range and I would’ve probably wanted more ink capacity for long notes
  • I find TWSBI to be sort of an unbeatable brand for college students, especially for the value/ink capacity
  • if you love pens, take care of them well, and are attentive to maintenance and ink level, heck yeah it’s a great pen as a student
  • it’ll just be up to you if you want that level of responsibility with a pen or not, so it comes down to personal choice


7) calio4- Instagram (45:45)

Why won’t my Emerald of Chivor sample sheen? If I buy a bottle and shake it properly will it sheen? Everyone raves about it but my sample is just a nice green ink with a little bit of sparkle here and there. Did I get a dud sample? (don’t worry Goulet Pens, the sample wasn’t from you!)

  • it’s possible the sample didn’t have a lot of sheen, it’s easy for that to happen
  • we have to almost shake it as we’re dispensing it to keep the shimmer in suspension and distributed equally
  • it’s certainly worth asking who you bought it from what their process is, they will want to learn from you if there’s a way they can improve their internal process, that’s been our approach
  • let’s assume you got a fair sample though, you’ll want to shake it well (not hard) before you ink it, as the stuff will settle down and maybe not pull the shimmer from the bottom if it sat there a while
  • Let’s assume further that you got a fair sample, inked it well, and you have the proper ink in your pen, it still varies
  • paper is the biggest factor, and usually the more absorbent the paper the less shimmer/sheen there is
  • nib size and pen flow play a part too, the more ink goes down, the better
  • Try to eliminate these variables step by step and figure out what’s going on, and I think you’ll find your culprit

QOTW: What was the strangest gift you’ve ever been given? (52:10)

Writing Prompt: None! Take a week off 😉 (52:37)

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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Easy Last Minute Fountain Pen Gifts To Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping

Easy Last Minute Fountain Pen Gifts To Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping

The holidays have arrived and it may feel like the gift shopping is never-ending. The Goulet Pens team has been humming along to get your orders out the door in time to make it under the tree. If you still have a few more names to cross off on that gift list, we’ve got some wonderful ideas to share. Below you will find 7 easy gifts to give any fountain pen fan in your life.

Monteverde Monza 3 Fountain Pen Gift Set

Three nibs and converters, one body, three different writing experiences. The Monteverde Monza 3 sets have taken the guesswork out of buying a pen. For $24, you receive one pen body and three nibs and converters so you can test them all and find what works for you or just frequently change up your writing style. Perfect for any fountain pen fan, brand new or seasoned! Check out the Monteverde Monza 3 Fountain Pen Gift Set!

Pilot Enso Sets

Give the gift of calligraphy skills this holiday. Within the Pilot Enso gift sets, they’ll find everything they need to start on a journey to beautiful handwriting, including pens, ink cartridges, and an instructional booklet. Choose from 5 different sets ranging in price from $27- $36.

LAMY Gift Set

All they need to get started in one gift box! The LAMY Al-Star Vibrant Pink gift set ($54) includes a fountain pen, 50ml bottle of ink, a pack of cartridges, and a Z28 converter, so your recipient can start writing right away!

Pilot Prera Gift Set

Not available anywhere else, this solid blue Pilot Prera is a ready to write, reliable pen for writers of all ages and levels of experience. Get 3 bottles of our most popular Pilot Iroshizuku ink colors, a converter, and this stunning pen for $87.95! Don’t miss the Pilot Prera gift set, this limited edition set won’t be around forever!

Fountain Pen First Timer Set

Everything you need to get started on a long and joyous journey into the fountain pen world. The Fountain Pen First Timers package set includes a trusty Pilot Metropolitan, a pack of Pilot black ink cartridges, and the beloved Rhodia No. 16 DotPad. Armed with these tried and true tools of the trade, your loved one can tackle any writing tasks with ease. This set comes in at a reasonable $27.50.

Buy One of These Pens, Get a FREE 90ml Bottle of Monteverde Ink!

What a great deal! Through the end of the year, buy select pens pen, like the ONLINE Switch shown above, and receive a free 90ml bottle of Monteverde ink. Many of these pens even come with an included converter so writing can begin immediately. See a full list of included pens for this deal here and snag one (or more!) today! Hurry, this deal ends 12/31/2018!

Monteverde Ink Sets

SO many inks! Score a 10 piece selection of luscious inks to jumpstart any ink collection for under $75. Monteverde inks provide a smooth writing expereince with their lubricated formula. Choose from the Emotions, Gemstone, Noir, or Core sets, each with ten 30ml bottles of ink in a collector’s box for $72.

If you’re looking for more inspiration to wrap up your holiday shopping, check out all of our package sets here! What is your favorite fountain pen gift that you’ve given or received?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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Goulet Q&A Episode 235: Pen Fan Lifestages, Goulet Nation, and Black Friday Recap

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about what makes someone a beginner, Goulet Nation, and Black Friday recap!

This week:


1) Jocklynn S.- Facebook (15:52)

What constitutes a beginner fountain pen versus an intermediate or advanced? And how do I know if I’ve successfully graduated to the next level??

  • This is totally, 100% subjective and there’s no strict rules around it
  • beginners- exploratory phase, first 6-12 months of pen use
    • often are just looking to understand what fountain pens even are, how they work
    • spend a ton of time watching videos, reading blogs, browsing retail sites getting your head around it all
    • you have more questions than answers!
    • price, reliability, and simplicity/ease of use are often motivators
    • sticking with steel nib pens, usually in the sub-$50 range
    • loading up on ink samples, maybe a couple of bottles
  • intermediate- refinement phase, 6mo-5 years+ of pen use
    • when you start getting into a variety of different nib sizes (maybe buying the same of pens you like with different colors or nibs)
    • you start to have a preference for certain inks in certain pens, can tell the difference
    • you can differentiate the tooth, spring, and flow of different nibs even among same nibs sizes and materials
    • different materials, preference for the feel of the material itself
    • might do some breakdown/cleaning, swapping nibs, eyedropper conversions, etc
    • you have more of an understanding of different models, styles, and functions of pens and start to develop a preference towards the ones you like, discerning your pen palate
  • advanced- benevolence phase, 5-10+ years of pen use
    • you get into collecting LE’s
    • nib customization, you know who does what nib work and what their specialty is
    • deep knowledge of pen brands, their histories
    • handwriting scripts
    • have maybe gone to pen shows or meetups and are usually the one people gather around because of the rare or interesting collection you have
    • perhaps you have a social media channel or two devoted to your pen passion with a loyal followership
    • you still enjoy learning  about pens, but it’s often more about the meaning, people, history behind them and you enjoy the knowledge-sharing  aspect of the hobby as much as the pens themselves
  • These are completely made up from me, don’t take them too seriously
  • important thing is not to get hung up on titles, the important thing is that you enjoy the journey, wherever you are!


2) Brandon G.- Facebook (23:17)

What is the one accessory (traveling ink wells, cases, rest, etc.) that has made your fountain pen experience more pleasurable over the years? And what are your top five (if you have five) list you would recommend to others?

  • #1 is easy, it’s the bulb syringe! I’ve cleaned thousands of pens over the years and saves who knows how many hours
  • cases are pretty important, I’ve used many of them and it’s less about which specific case, but having something that works for you and your pens is pretty crucial
  • silicone grease
  • loupe, not required at the beginning but crucial for me now
  • micromesh (again, not for everyone but I use it a lot when tuning my own nibs)


3) Renee O.- Facebook (28:11)

What happened to the Pilot 100th Anniversary mega expensive pen set? I was really more interested in the process used; I’m sure there were more than one interested parties.

  • it’s found a home with it’s new owner
  • this was a unique set, even for us
  • by far most expensive pen/set we ever sold, so we wanted to be thoughtful about it
  • sets like these are rare, and not usually an impulse buy, so we weren’t trying to get rid of it right away
  • this was a more “hands on” sales process than most of our other pens
  • we listed it, shot the video, gathered all info from email notification list, anyone who emailed, called, etc into one place
  • once we had given several weeks for word to get out about it, we contacted everyone who’d expressed any serious interest
  • we let them know our terms of the sale, which we worked out based on how we thought best to sell a set of this amount
  • I won’t go into detail about how we chose who got it, but it really came down to two people who were seriously interested
  • super expensive or rare pens get into a very interesting place, and are often more about personal connections and relationships than defined processes, so it really is just playing each one by ear
  • but this set went to someone who was really thrilled to get it, and is greatly enjoying it!

4) Odette B.- Facebook (32:42)

What do you think about the success of the Facebook group? And does it bother you that people show off pens they’ve bought from other retailers?

  • Goulet Nation! Approaching 10k members now
  • Engagement is INSANE, better than I could have even thought
  • What’s cool to see is that it’s not just pen super fans (Penablers as they call themselves), which is cool
  • But they also really have made a community out of the group
  • sending each other pens out of charity
  • creating name, logo, bingo cards, advent calendars, other swag
  • supporting each other through loss, tragedy, amazing to see
  • it’s obviously our private group, but we wanted it to be more than just a Goulet superfan club that we heavily moderated
  • we understand that even the most hardcore Goulet fans will own things we don’t sell, and it’s okay to “spread it around” when it makes sense
  • we have rules in the group about self-promotion, blatant pointing of people away from us to other retailers, selling their own stuff
  • we want people to have “real talk” in there, we’re not just trying to be big brother
  • part of what we love though is getting insights into your pen worlds, so even if you’re posting about things we don’t sell or elsewhere that you buy it, you’re still helping to educate us and learn where we could improve, potentially
  • it’s really just all about continuing  that feedback loop that we’ve appreciated from the founding of our company, it helps us to be in touch, grassroots, and serve you best!

5) n_munos- Instagram (40:27)

It appears there are many bridges to cross within the fountain pen industry from lack of accessibility to convenience. I love fountain pens and just deal with the challenges but in your opinion what issues whether expensive paper to marketing or manufacturing do you think need to improve to keep from deterring less enthusiastic individuals in overcoming certain challenges.

  • fountain pens inherently have a lot of challenges, there’s a learning curve
  • education is actually one of the biggest barriers, and we’re working hard to bridge that, constantly
  • we’re dealing with thinking about how to curate all our content now, because we have SO much of it and are putting out more daily
  • I think in the big big big picture the biggest challenge we’ll have is kids not necessarily being taught how to write with pens in school, so as a society we may move away from the practicality of using a pen at all
  • manufacturers are in this interesting place where they are caught between the old and new world, and some just might not “get it”, others will and will grow a lot
  • We’re working to try to 1) educate the pen community and anyone interested in pen knowledge and use, and 2) working with distributors and manufacturers to help them innovate, stay relevant, and grow
  • marketing is always a challenge, because the world is changing fast and we have to keep up with it
  • these are all really fun challenges though! I love it and plan to make some ripples as time goes on

6) @LucyHoneychurch- Twitter (47:34)

If I remember it correctly you didn’t have a Black Friday sale before this year, would you like to talk about why you changed this?

  • we’ve done other things in the past, but this was definitely the most intentionally we’ve ever leaned into it
  • in the past, I was always very prideful about rarely running sales, not paying for any advertising, etc
  • I may have overcorrected, never wanting to devalue our customer service, shipping, any of our brands or products, or pushing anything on anyone that they didn’t expressly want
  • I wanted any sale things we did to come from a good place in our hearts, so we have waited years to get into the BFCM scene
  • I’m actually a terrible salesman, everything we’ve focused on building with Goulet Pens has been very heavy into branding, not sales per se
  • This year we just had better foresight, better planning, a team that had their hands around what we were doing, and we were able to strike what we felt was a healthy balance of exciting sales and deals with our ability to support during those sales, promote products that our brands supported, clear out some of our overstock on things that would keep our company healthy, and be really exciting for you at a time when you can be served well with some good deals leading into the holidays
  • it just felt like time to lean into it a little bit more, especially based on customer expectations/encouragement
  • the most important thing to realize is our heart behind it all, we really want to serve you well, serve our team well, keep our company healthy and brands strong

QOTW: What do you consider yourself to be in your pen journey, a beginner, intermediate, or advanced? (56:35)

Writing Prompt: Write a thank you card to someone you know. (56:59)

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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Fountain Pen Presents At Any Price

The gift of pen, paper, and ink can be the perfect present. Whether you have a family member who wants to start journaling or a friend who is always envious of your fountain pens, these gift ideas are a great way to give the gift of writing to everyone on your list. We’ve curated these seven different pen, ink, and paper combinations at a variety of price points to help make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Under $10

Under $20

Under $25

Under $30

Under $40

Under $50

Under $100

Which pen, ink, and paper set is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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