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In this episode, Brian and Rachel Goulet give an update on what it’s been like working remotely during COVID-19, answer a live Q&A, and cover some of this summer’s new arrivals: Montegrappa Elmo Sea at Dusk, LAMY Studio Glacier, and Field Notes Notebooks Heavy Duty.

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July 31st, 2020|Write Time|0 Comments

Limited Edition Conklin All American Wood Fountain Pens

Conklin All American Golden Walnut with Rose Gold or Gunmetal Trim

We are excited to introduce the The Conklin All American Limited Edition pen in three new wood options: Golden Walnut/Rose Gold, Golden Walnut/Gunmetal and Ebony Wood (Goulet-exclusive). The Conklin All American is impressively large in size, yet not so big as to be uncomfortable in the hand. This collection brings a vibrant, contemporary style to a classic, oversize streamlined design. The screw cap and barrel are carefully tapered to provide a nice balance. The trademark Rocker Clip allows users to easily secure the pen to a shirt or coat pocket. These pens come with a threaded, standard international converter and also use reliable short standard international cartridges.

Conklin All American Golden Walnut Rose Gold

All American Golden Walnut/Rose Gold

You have the choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the Omniflex flexible black steel nib for variation in line width.

All American Golden Walnut/Gunmetal

All American Golden Walnut/Gunmetal

The Golden Walnut/Rose Gold and Golden Walnut/Gunmetal pen are individually numbered out of 1898 worldwide. The All American Ebony Wood is individually numbered out of 398 total.

All American Ebony Wood

All American – Ebony Wood

The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 and is still regarded as one of the most significant and innovative manufacturers from what is today known as the Golden Era of fountain pens.

What do you think of wood fountain pens?

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Pineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)

Pineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen

Pineider’s Back to the Future Limited Edition is more than just a pen, it is a journey into the past, capturing the the significance of Pineider’s history that began in 1774 and was reborn after WWII in 1949. The inspiration for design was drawn from the quill, an ancient writing tool, made out of bamboo cane, that has allowed mankind to hand down knowledge, wisdom and his own history generation after generation. The pen also captures the glamour of Italy in 1949, when it became the go-to destination for Hollywood movie stars, artists, politicians and scientists, in other words the ‘crème de la crème’ of the international jet set. The pens are beautifully presented in a book published by Pineider in 1949 – a book that captures the glitz and glamour of the times.

The clip, a further variant of the goose-feather quill, has a technical sophistication for its design motif and the mechanism is miniaturized and concealed in its interior.

The cap and barrel are in carboiridium, a carbographite cane with a special finish in spiralled carboiridium lending it a moiré effect whenever it is exposed to direct light.

Pineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen

The fountain pen has a soft 14kt gold nib that is endowed with excellent memory. The designers sought to achieve a flexible nib for writing rather than a nib for calligraphy, which performs in a somewhat different manner.

Dante Del Vecchio is the amazing designer behind this limited edition pen; 949 fountain pens or roller pens with a single world numbering system.

What do you think of Pineider’s Back to the Future?

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Introducing Penlux and the Masterpiece Grande Collection

Penlux Masterpiece Grande Fountain Pens

We’re excited to announce that PenLux is now available at Goulet Pens! These pens are made in Taiwan, and created with top quality materials including beautiful resins and original piston fillers. The collection we’re now carrying is the Penlux Masterpiece Grande that comes in several different patterns and colors: Black, Blue Swirl, Daybreak, Cloudy Bay, Deep Sea, Koi Black & White, Koi Blue & White, and Rainforest.

They are designed as an oversized fountain pen complemented with smooth-writing #6 German-made JoWo steel nibs. The clip features a roller for ease of use. The cap screws onto the barrel for closing, and pushes to post onto the back when writing (see below).

Penlux Masterpiece Grande Fountain Pen - Daybreak

Masterpiece Grande – Daybreak

The Masterpiece Grande fills via internal piston mechanism for use with bottled fountain pen ink.

Penlux Masterpiece Grande - Cloudy Bay

Masterpiece Grande – Cloudy Bay

The nib options on the Penlux Masterpiece Grande are Fine, Medium, and a 1.1mm Stub.

Masterpiece Grande – Koi Black & White

What questions do you have about this new brand and collection?

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Conklin Endura Verawood

The Endura is back, this time in our exclusive limited run Verawood material! Made of real wood, it is complemented by gunmetal accents and a black JoWo #6 steel nib. It is outfitted with a smooth-writing #6 JoWo black steel nib, and comes with both a standard international converter and cartridge. The cap screws to open/close and pushes to post.

Each Conklin Endura comes in a gift box with two standard international short ink cartridges (1 blue and 1 black), a standard international converter, and is warrantied for life by Conklin’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Conklin Endura Fountain Pen - Verawood

Weight 18.0 grams/.63 oz
Capped Length 59.4mm/2.34”
Posted Length to Nib Tip 22.2mm/0.87”
Body Length to Nib Tip 120.8mm/4.76in
Body Diameter 13.8mm/0.54″
Cap Diameter without Clip 15.8mm/0.62″
Cap Diameter with Clip 20.7mm/0.81in”
Max Ink Capacity – Cartridge 1.10ml
Max Ink Capacity – Converter 1.15ml

Click to shop all compatible short standard international ink cartridges.

Will you add the Conklin Endura Verawood to your collection?

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The New Pineider Full Metal Jacket Collection

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket Fountain Pens

The 2020 Edition of La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) – Full Metal Jacket

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza fountain pen is back with a new collection: Full Metal Jacket! Dante del Vecchio, Pineider’s top pen maker, created a metallic variant of Ultra Resin (UR) dubbed “Full Metal Jacket”, both as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s memorable film and because it alludes to the metallic effect of the pen’s surface. Each version is available in six new virtually unbreakable UR metallic colors: three solid and three marbled (pictured below).

Choose from six colors: Coal Grey, Ash Grey, Midnight Black Steel, Army Red, Sugar Paper, and Lightning Blue.

Each fountain pen features a quill-shaped clip, and Pineider’s “soft touch magnetic lock” cap system. And, now at a lower price than ever before in two versions: a cartridge/converter with a steel nib, and a piston filler with a 14kt soft gold nib.

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket - Army Red (14kt Piston)

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket – Army Red (14kt Piston)

You can also take advantage of the Pineider Pen Filler for easy filling and transporting ink on the go, as well as a new Easy Filler tool which attaches to the piston knob to make it easier to turn.

Lighting Blue (Steel C/C) with Easy Filler tool

Diameter – Body
Diameter – Cap (without clip) 15.5mm/0.61in
Diameter – Cap (with clip) 18.3mm/0.72in
Diameter – Grip 10.3mm/0.41in
Length – Body 134.3mm/5.29in
Length – Cap 66.8mm/2.63in
Length – Nib 23.0mm/0.91in
Weight – Body 16.0g/0.56oz
Weight – Cap 15.0g/0.53oz
Weight – Overall 31.0g/1.09oz
Max Ink Capacity – Piston Vac 1.52ml

Do you find beauty in the new Pineider Full Metal Jacket collection?

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July 8th, 2020|Pen News, Pen Reviews|0 Comments
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