Pelikan has come out with a whole new line of inks called their ‘Edelstein’ collection. They are premium-priced boutique inks in fantastic packaging with an amazing looking bottle.

Everyone has been curious about the Pelikan Edelstein inks because there were no scans, swabs, or writing samples shown prior to the release of the full line of ink! Onyx is especially mysterious, because it still hasn’t arrived in the US as of 10/14/10, the exception being that there is one bottle of it in the 8-bottle ‘set’ (if you happened to order one of those full sets).

Pelikan definitely nailed the packaging, that’s undeniable. Hefty 50ml flawless glass bottle with silkscreen logo, really nice satin gloss outer box with silver embossing. Classy all the way.

I was able to get my hands on this bottle thanks to the webmaster from Chartpak (the US importer of Pelikan), hence, this review.

It’s not the most water resistant ink out there, for sure, but then it doesn’t claim to be. Here’s a drip test on a Rhodia dotpad (not so hot), and a faucet test, with running water going over the bottom of the page for 10 seconds. It lost a lot of its color, but it’s still readable!

It’s a nice, dark ink, on the darker end of most black inks (of course, these all kind of look the same, don’t they?). Computer monitors aren’t quite capable of distinguishing the subtle differences between all of these blacks:

Comparable colors to Edelstein Onyx:
Pelikan Brilliant Black
Diamine Onyx Black
Waterman Encre Noir
Noodler’s Polar Black
Platinum Black
Mont-Blanc Black

Nice dark black ink
Dries quickly (great for lefties)
Nice shading
Awesome bottle
Easy to clean

It’s pricey ($20 list)
You can’t find it (yet!)
Little water resistance (if that matters to you)

You’re going to want to use this ink, probably more than you care to, given the price! It’s a great daily ink, and would be perfect for use at work with it’s great performance on cheap paper and the fast dry time.

All in all, great ink. I would say if you really want at least one Edelstein color (y’know, for the bottle), then give this one a look. I will have 2ml samples of them available for $1.75, as well as full bottles (whenever they come in) for $19.

***Though I’m not paid to review anything, I do sell this ink, so full disclosure, affiliation, and all that stuff.