At we don’t currently stock pens like the Pelikan m600 regularly, but we often do special orders. We had a customer order one of the brand new m600 White Tortoises, and I jumped at the opportunity to take some pretty pictures and shoot this video. The White Tortoise was available as a limited run a few years back in the m400 size, and now it’s the m600’s turn for it ;) These pens aren’t numbered LE pens, but they will be instead just made for a certain length of time, how long I don’t know.

One of the things I get asked a lot is how the Pelikan pens compare in size to each other, and since I happen to have an m200, m600, and m800 on hand, I thought I’d show it:

Top to bottom: Pelikan m800, m600, m200 capped


Top to bottom: Pelikan m800, m600, m200, posted

Here are the detailed dimensions of the three pen models:

I don’t have an m400 on me, so I can’t include that in this measurement comparison right. I’m told that the m400 is pretty close in size to the m600, that the m400 to m600 isn’t as big of a jump from an m600 to an m800. This is what I’ve heard, I’m open to any feedback from m400 owners on this one!

Okay, so now just a bunch of pretty pictures of the m600 White Tortoise. Enjoy!

Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, as presented in its box


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise with the included leather-like pen case


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, posted


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, showing the 14k nib and gold-on-gold logo on the finial


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, reads “Pelikan Souvrän Germany” around the centerband


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, macro shot showing off the two-tone 14k nib details


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, gold-on-gold finial


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, more detail shots


Pelikan m600 White Tortoise, nib unit is removable like most other Pelikan pens

So what do you think of the new m600 White Tortoise?